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  1. Don't you know that golf balls learn very quickly. Once they get lost or into water they remember it an will try to duplicate it again. Never, never play an educated ball.
  2. Yes. And if God didn't want us to eat animals He would not have made them taste like meat
  3. The only things missing at Wispering straits is a windmill and a clowns head on the 18th green
  4. After watching this tourney for 4 days, I think the only thing lacking at Wispering Straits is a windmill and clowns head on the 18th green
  5. Did you hear about the plastic surgeon who hung himself?
  6. Sooners 62, Red raiders 21 Tells me something
  7. Please nothing. There is so much golf junk on the market. My family thinks I want this stuff. I have a closet full of useless "gadgets" someone thought were cute and useful. So just leave all golf stuff off my gift list.
  8. Depends on th temperature. Water at 200deg would weigh less than ice. water can be water at 700 deg if the pressure is high enough. And we have to consider the triple point.
  9. It's all about the SEC. Winner of SEC championship (Alabama or Florida) will be BCS champion.
  10. I don't know but I heard an Obama spokeslady say the middle class is 45,000 to 50,000. You can expect that to be the next number to be the cutoff. Poverty level is currently around 20,000. The liberals will try to tax us all down to that level. Actually, I believe there will be no tax cut. A tax on all people making more than poverty level is my best guess. These are liberals. The plan is for all of us to be dependant of the federal government for everything. I rue the day we get "universal health care".
  11. Step one: "Distribute the wealth" BHO Step two: " I will appoint judges that do not hold to the letter of the constitution." BHO
  12. With which part do you have trouble ? The push back part came from OB's mouth. The tax increase part comes from Democrat history (See W. J. Clinton) Took him 3 months to decide that we needed the tax increases he said were not coming. Like I said, check the history. BTY George the elder did it too. That was after his "Read my lips" statement.
  13. I don't think you people are listening. There will be no tax cut. All taxes will go up . BO has already started to tell you the economy is so bad things will have to be pushed back. His social agenda will be so expensive, massive tax increases will be necessary. With a Democrat controlled house and senate that will be no problem. Jobs will go away making further tax increases necessary. Economist pretty much agree, any tax increase in a bad economy will make matters worse. Current thinking is that Roosevelt's tax increase on the "rich" prolonged the depression by several years.
  14. That's just MSNBC and Keith Overbearing trashing anything that is not up Obama,s arse. They are so biased I want to puke. How can they turn that into a racial thing? Well, it's not a problem for them. If your only source for facts is the mainstream media, you are badly misinformed.
  15. You have to know, Fox News critics either have never watched it or are so biased in their thinking, any non MSNBC story is considered biased.
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