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  1. winner!!!
  2. This place looks legit
  3. I have to read Frankenstein and the Kite Runner... by September 1st
  4. That would be awesome!
  5. Ben you seem to be really injury prone lol
  6. You won't be saving too much money between the shafts, the heads, the grips, and the materials you'll need to put them together or the labor
  7. Buying tons of clubs will help you recover faster...
  8. Well as a 16 year old I've noticed that more and more parents are trying to create "mini-Tigers" or "LeBrons". To me my main sport has become a little more important in the fact that I could go to college for a lot less if I can elevate myself above others and swim for a D-II or D-I school
  9. People who tell me that I should play with the hammer instead of my real driver and people that try to tell me there component clubs are better than my clubs without ever seeing my bag... the trials of working in a sports store I guess
  10. I want a lite bag that's durable and cool looking... I'll be buying a Sun Mountain Three.5 later this week
  11. I haven't been on a honeymoon just FYI but I loved the Outer Banks. My family had rented a small house about a block from a sweet beach. We were right next to the Wright Museum and close to any small beach convience store for food needs. The golf is top notch (though I didn't get to play any on account of a broken thumb ) It was great, such a laid back attitude. We did a ton of stuff there too: kayak, windsurfing, fishing, boating, probably the best vacation ever
  12. Game 7 for the Sens now