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  1. Haven't seen any courses posted in Southwest Michigan, so I will add my 2 cents worth. There are many great tracks there, including the Ravines (an Arnold Palmer course), Hawkshead, Heritage Glen, Thousand Oaks, Pilgrims Run, St. Ives, and Tulleymore. My favorite up north is in Petosky called Bay Harbor...which you see some of the scenic holes in the T.V. commercial for Michigan.org
  2. I will be in Palm Springs next November for a week, but I have never been there before and don't know much about the courses other than the few I've seen on television. I'm looking for advice on where to play, including "don't miss" courses. I can handle tougher courses if they are the favorites and since I will be on vacation, price really doesn't come into play. However, I did hear about a company there which offers last minute tee time specials..but don't know their name. Can anyone share their thoughts on what the best tracks are in Palm springs? I'm looking for advice to help make it a gr
  3. I'm looking for input on software programs to run a golf league. I have searched the internet and found many available...so many that it's hard to choose from. Can anyone offer advice on programs that they use...or their league uses...that can help me locate the best program? I am in a 64 man league/16 golfers per flight that plays 9 holes of match play per week. Our current system is out dated and doesn't work very well. Your help is appreciated.
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