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  1. If you were perfectly fine from 120-200 yards out you would be hitting greens and your index would be a lot lower. But, honestly man wait a few months, maybe even longer there is no point in rushing things with golf. Buying a new set of expensive irons won't help the chipping your frustrated about and if anything it might hurt your game because of how unforgiving the clubs really are. Learning how to have a consistent swing should be key for you not jumping into some hard clubs to hit. I mean com'n man do you really need a set of blades? I highly doubt your capable of shaping shots already and at the end of the day thats the main reason people play blades. However, it is your money, and your decision either way. You asked for peoples opinion on the matter and you got them. If you feel you actually do want to learn how to play golf with a set of blades then by all means go ahead, but try not to beat yourself up to much if you find out your game is getting worse because of your ball striking.
  2. It happended about 2 months ago on a 175 yard par 3. I set up swung and I skulled it right into the creek that was infront of the teabox about 100yards. I heard it hit a tree but thought nothing of it. Proceeded to hit my provisional, drove down the hill only to see my ball laying maybe 5 yards behind a bunker. Funny thing was it wasn't my provisional but my real ball. I chipped it up to maybe 3 feet from the pin and sunk it for par. Guess I got an amazing kick out of the creek lol. Im still not sure if that counts as a par since I hit my provisional, but it was memorable par none the less.
  3. Industry Hills golf club is a pretty challenging course. It is part of a hotel/resort with 36 holes. I remember the last time I played there they had a 620+yard par 5. Its located from where you live 15mins off the 210 going east get off on Azusa and go south, it would be on the right hand side a bit down the road. There are also other courses that are pretty challenging that would not be to far for you to drive. A few are Empire Lakes, Oak Valley, and Torrey Pines in la Jolla(i think its public).
  4. There should be a "does not matter to me" vote, because I honestly could care less how another man is dressed. As long as people are dressed appropriately the color should never be an issue imo.
  5. Lol yeah I agree with you on the barrier thing at the ranges with mats, boy those things bug the hell out of me even if I know there is more then enough room. Luckily the course I work at has only grass at their range so its good practice there. I usually hit balls 3-4 times a week at the range and play the course I work at 3-4 times a week aswell. These two things alone have helped me out drastically considering I have only been playing for about 9 months
  6. I have that shaft on my driver. It's pretty sweet actually.
  7. I played the Nike one platinum Tour Prototype 07's and they felt pretty nice. They were also durable as ****.
  8. Have or has anyone played The "Hammer" Driver from the infomercial on the golf channel? If so how did you like it, and dit it feel nice at impact? Because I want 50 yards added to my drives! POWW!
  9. I haven't played the 904f, but I just recently got a steal from my boss on both 906F2 the 3 wood and 5 wood for $150.00. I couldn't be happier with them to be honest they are a lower flying very solid wood. A clean shot with them feels soft and effortless.
  10. well the head pro where I work at has the R7 tour issued or w.e and he was telling me that the difference is in the face. It's not set in to fix the slice most people have with their drivers rather its set slightly out more for people who play more of a draw(which is not a bad thing, becuase draws add more yardage). So the tour model will be harder for an average person to hit, but for an experienced player they can play their draw, and it will be a straight shot with the added yardage. Im sure there is more to it, but thats kind of what i got out of what he was telling me.
  11. I always repair my ball marks, aswell as rake the sandtraps. I hate having some dead grass in my putting line or when my ball is in a damn footprint when im in the bunker.
  12. I watched a whole segment on the Bobby Jones hybrid, I was almost convinced on ordering one, they look amazing and seem to be very forgiving. I might have to demo one now since im hearing good things about it.
  13. I hear you man, some idiots do not respect the sport at all. Just the other day I was playing a round and in my bosses back swing I hear a blow horn. I mean I thought it was pretty funny and all, but they were doing it to almost everybody on the course... I had no idea where they were either, was thinking of calling the police, but I'm not sure if that is even a crime. As far as weed and drinking goes, beer is ok in my opinion. Brew atleast from my experience keeps me loose and relaxed, which is not a bad feeling when taking a golf swing. Weed on the other hand is a bit rude, I mean some people would prefer not to smell/inhale what others are smoking. I can't be a hypocrite because I smoke bud every once and a while, but honestly I keep the illegal substances off the course, there is a place and time for everything.