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  1. Draw = Not broke don't fix !!! ...usually more distance. (as long as were not talking a snap hook here)
  2. I like to take full swings ... not really the best at adjusting my stroke so I say get the 60 as well ... I have 2 Vokey's ... the 56 and the 60 (Used to use the 56 for everything and realized after making myself play the 60 that it is now also a go to club)
  3. From San Diego ... just joined!
  4. I have been riding a lot lately and love my new bag (Last seasons Ogio Chamber) The silencer keeps your clubs from banging together and you can even hold it upsaide down and the clubs stay put (Why would you? But hey you could!)
  5. 30 min on the bike (appx 9 miles) ... weights (Shoulders & abs day) ... 20 min eliptical (I went on it ... doesnt mean I can spell it? Or maybe I can?)
  6. Boo ... I hope he stays with Oakley ... what happened to making something for yourself? If he is as good as some think then he should easily grow any brand he is with. With this thinking I wouldn't mind if he left for a smaller operation that he has a piece of and then he can make it something great. Don't follow Tiger, be yourself. I guess I am just not on the whole Nike makes everything boat. (Skateboarding, Road Bikes etc) Anyway ... one mans opinion
  7. All I was getting at was that if you do 30 push ups a day you are not going to see any real results. It's just not enough exercise for a day.
  8. CR13


    Great to see the results of the Poll....lots of young golfer out there!!!!
  9. 30 a day isn't going to do much..... Now if you do 5 sets of 15-30 push ups a day you will feel an increase in strength. Pull ups and dips are great exercises as well.
  10. I don't think that's a good idea....just one guys opinion. Golf seems to have a karma attached to it as well. Cheaters are punished with missed putts and shanks...
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