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  1. Sergio Spitting in the Cup!!

    Exactly. Euro-Trash all think they were born with a better cup to spit in. This is a gentleman's game, and he has never showed any respect for it. His peers need to start putting the smack down on him.
  2. Tiger's Driving..??

    He's been changing his swing for the past two years to become more consistent. Unlearning 20 years of what his father taught him, and trying to learn something new doesn't just happen overnight. That's why he's been so inconsistent (for him anyway) for so long. He should have it sorted out by the end of this season, if not next season. Sure, the Nike clubs are not the best out there, but the pro's can play with anything. The clubs they get are a lot more advanced than what we can buy in the store. His "Nike's" are not even Nike clubs going by the standards used for the clubs available to the public.
  3. Pitching Wedge

    Yes. Also, moving the ball closer to his front foot will only lower the trajectory. Doing that will force him to top the ball and send it superman'ing over the green, and possibly into some old ladies on the next tee. He can try opening up the club face, and aiming a little to the left to compensate for the opened up face. That works for a lot of people. Lefty does something, albeit more extreme, called the flop-shot. He has a video of it posted on callawaygolftv.com. Is your "friend" Spider-Man?
  4. Help for a disgruntled golfer!!

    Hey, a fairway is a fairway is a fairway! As long as it's on a fairway, you're good. $2, I really feel your pain on this. I too am off to a bad start this year, except in the complete opposite direction. So far, I haven't hit a good shot off my driver, so I just take a long Iron from the tee if it's a long hole. I live in michigan so I don't play year-round. I warmed up exceptionally well at the range last month, but we all know that the range, and the course are two totally different beats. Anyways, how long have you been playing? I think that you're mentally beating yourself up too much. So, just stop that, and you will stop playing like crap. Once that beating starts, you tense up, then your swing suffers, and you play like crap. Just take a week off, and when you go back, start slow. Slow down your swing and just concentrate on making good contact. Once you make that good contact, keep going with the positive energy. I know I sound like a hippie, but it works. Golf is 90% mental, and 40% physical. If you sound like this out on the course: "You little son of a bitch ball! Why you don't you just go home? That's your HOME! Are you too good for your home? ANSWER ME! SUCK MY WHITE ASS BALL! " Then you are not in good shape.
  5. Callaway irons?

    Ugh, my irons are on backorder for three more weeks. Something about callaway not having the rifle shafts in stock.
  6. High Ball Flight?

    Aren't your clubs designed for a higher launch trajectory?
  7. Callaway irons?

    The one thing really limiting your improvement is your swing. Clubs only do so much. You need consistency in your swing before you get consistency on the course. But, a good set of clubs will also help a lot. Mostly, they will help mentally, and we all know how much of a mental game this is. If you hit better, you feel better. Sometimes all an average player needs (average as in all of us non-pros) is a confidence boost, which a good set of clubs will definitely give you. Once you start hitting a little better, you relax, loosen up, and you swing better, and score better. When you hit bad, you start down that downhill road of beating yourself up...and that road leads directly to a cliff if you keep going down it. Golf is one of the most ridiculous sports ever conceived. But damn is it fun if youre good at it. Because of your handicap, I would say go with the wide soles. Once you get your handicap down, and more consistency in your swing, then you can move up to some performance irons. With your frequency of play, you could iron out your swing within the end of this year. It will take a lot of perseverance, and patience, but it pays off like a million dollar sex deal.
  8. You're absolutely right. What the OP is doing is hitting from the outside in. In your downswing, the club is not in the same plane as when you pull the club back. You're coming down too steep on the ball, which is forcing you to hit from the outside in on the ball. Stand up straight with the club. Start making your swing, while keeping the club horizontal to the ground. Now do that at address. Keep the club in the same plane. Two other things: extend further through on your drives. Think of it as though you're pushing the ball out away from you (forward) along the ground, using the driver head to do so. This leads to the other: you're not extending enough on your follow-through. Correcting these will get rid of your slice and help your game immensely, and you will be able to stop aiming so far to the left.
  9. Which Driver Should I Go With?

    That's good advice for anyone, and deserves repeating. If you look enough, you can find a steal. Like new R7 Irons for $499. My brother caled dibs before I could. He's older and beats me up. He got the brawn, and I got the brains, so I plan to psychologically demoralize, dominate, and defeat him on the course until he sells them to me...cheap.
  10. I interpreted your post as sarcastic. So, disregard my last post. Yes, they are the club that fit me best. I like the soft feel, the flex of the shaft, the feedback, etc. It's what I was looking for. Some of the other clubs I tried felt like I was hitting rocks, and my right wrist (I'm a leftie) was really fatigued after a while of hitting non-callaway clubs (except the pings). I went to carl's golfland, and they let you take three clubs at a time. I demoed a lot of clubs, and I once I had it narrowed down to the rac, r7, i5, and X-20 Tour. I hit a ton with the R7, and rac...and I almost regret not getting them. They Taylor Made makes some great equipment, even though I disagree with the idea of weights correcting my swing for me. But that's just my opinion and really shouldn't be any concern to you guys. For whatever reason, I didn't have as much control with the TM's. Whether it be my swing, or the clubs, the X20 had much superior feel and control when it came to drawing and fading the ball.
  11. Callaway irons?

    How do you hit the ball? What are your biggest problems on the course? Slice, Draw, Lack of Control? I guess, what exactly are you looking to improve? The Fusion, and Fusion Wide-Sole are "all-around" game improvers. Nothing improves your game like a good swing, but you're probably not looking to completely overhaul yours. I would say, if you're looking to drop a few strokes, while gaining some distance and ridding yourself of a bad slice/draw then go with the wide-sole. Some people may say to stay away from the composite shaft, but even the stock callaway composite shaft is like butter, and has a really low amount of torque (for a composite shaft) so it's not as difficult to square the clubhead at impact. Players with a 12 handicap, and playing these are either lying about their handicap, or are oblivious to the fact that they should be moving into a more performance orientated iron. Anyway, answering the first questions will make the decision for you. Spend a lot of time demoing (is that a word?) the clubs and then make your decision.
  12. I just ordered my 1 degree up tours this past sunday. Pretty much everybody told me "no offset = less forgiving." But being an engineer, I need specifics, and need to quantify just what this "less forgiving" means. The X-20 Tours are designed to be just as "forgiving" as the the regular X-20's. However, though the ball feels just as soft, the tours are a lot different. I can actually control how much fade or draw with the tours, but with the normal X-20 it just feels like...well, it just feels like I hit the ball. With the tours, I can tell from the feel through the clubhead just how much draw or fade I got, or exactly where I hit the ball. The offset realy only means that you had better have that clubhead face square when you strike the ball. So I discovered that the tours were not as forgiving in ball fade/draw, but forgiving just the same when it came to distance. I like the Taylor Made Irons because I could hit close to 200 yds with the 6-Iron, but I didn't have as much control as I did with the callaway x-20 tours. That control is really going to help me drop some important shots here and there. I hope that helps.