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  1. Normally I would have called each course and inquired about specific rates for walking only rates, etc. but being it is prime season there at that time I figured it wasn't really worth the effort. The site does allow you to choose certain times of day to acquire better rates. Calling them is probably the bast idea for your specific need. They are very helpful. This is the first time I have used their service. We are staying at Orange Lake (just southwest of Epcot) because we are timeshare owners elsewhere but traded a week for a stay here. First trip to Orlando to golf. Will be making other trips as our son starts at UCF (playing for golf team) next year. Will probably get a large dose of FL golf over the next few years.
  2. Properly matched conditions and design. I've seen plenty of courses try to become something they are not and many that couldn't sustain what they were intended to be. Either way, it destroys the experience.
  3. Going there the week before you. Playing Orange Lake (Palmer course), Southern Dunes (just south in Haines), Victoria Hills and Redtail (north by Sanford), Orange County Panther Lake, and Sugarloaf Mountain. Six rounds, five days. Total for two players is $1,100. Did a lot of research on TeeTimesUSA and then booked through them - pretty easy.
  4. DON'T BUY A CALLAWAY FT TOUR DRIVER!!!!!!! Emailed Callaway yesterday just because. It'll be interesting to see what sort of excuses I get this time. Too bad I am not sure how the driver will react when I hit it this weekend in Orlando. I know it rattles but since I've only hit it in a dome I don't know if the performance is also affected on this one yet. What also p***es me off is that even though Callaway sends me a knew driver everytime it takes a crap it doesn't mean I'm getting the same driver - frequencies are probably way different on each one of them. So, the one I hit well three months ago in winning a tourney probably is not going to perform the same as the sixth one they send. It's amazing they wash their hands of the real problem just because they send out a new one. Nobody is accountable. Four hundred bucks is a lot of money to an 18 yr old. It's not like I am able to go out and just invest in something else - wish I could. Fortunately, next year when I get to college the golf program will be able to supply me with something different at little or no cost. Can't wait.
  5. Callaway obviously hasn't taken care of the problem. I am currently waiting for my fifth - count em, FIVE - driver due to a rattling and/or internally damaged head on a FT iz Tour. Needless to say, the club has been in transit more than in my bag. Wish I could get it's frequent flyer miles. Sure, Callaway keeps sending me new ones but WTF I can't even trust it to get me through a round. Spoke to them by phone and they acted like it had never happened before and treated me like s***! I don't want another f***ing driver. I want out.