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  1. [U]St. Patrick's Day Throwback Special[/U] Maureen O'Hara: My (Irish) wife is in there right now watching "The Quiet Man". With a 6 of Smithwick's. Of course.
  2. Has anyone here ever tried Belgian lambic? It's an old and highly respected style of beer which is often (but not always) re-fermented with fruit. Even purists - like a lot of you guys seem to be ;-) - will at least give a nod of respect to this classic brew, fruit and all :beer:
  3. I was surprised when I took up golf at how many skills I learned as a fencer crossed over and allowed me to get some of the basics of the swing down quickly. Think about it: fencers have to hit a tiny target at the end of a long stick while keeping their head still as their body is in motion. It's not an exact parallel of course (you don't rotate your body and swing at your opponent in fencing) but there were enough similarities that I felt comfortable swiping at a ball from the very first time I held a club in my hands. I know there's no Professional Fencing League, but if there were, I bet t
  4. I [U]knew[/U] someone would finally understand it.
  5. That wasn't a stupid joke. It was as stupid riddle. I stand by my stupid joke. :-P
  6. I tried to warn you in the title, dude.
  7. Thangyu, thangyu. Goodnight, and don't forget to tip your waitress. Try the veal. :-D
  8. But everyone I've told it to, laughs: A high school boy is getting ready to take his girlfriend to the prom. First he goes to rent a tux, but there's a long tux line at the shop and it takes forever. Next he has to get some flowers, so he heads over to the florist and there's a huge flower line there. He waits forever again but eventually gets the flowers. Then he heads out to rent a limo. Unfortunately, there's a large limo line at the rental office, but he's patient and gets the job done. Finally the day of the prom comes. The two are dancing happily and his girlfriend is having a great tim
  9. My two favorite quotes are from the "The Powerpuff Girls Movie", which I'm not ashamed to admit (here) is second only to "The Strike Witches Movie" on my list of Greatest Movies In All Human History. Mojo Jojo, holding his Chemical-X enhanced enormously large protruding brain while despairing his fate: "Nothing in this grey matters." and Mojo again, exhorting his simian minions to rise up: "For too long have the humans had us under their thumb. It is now time to oppose the thumb!" And don't call me Shirley.
  10. You're only fooling yourself, you know. " No use wishing now for any other sin ...." (Elvis Costello)
  11. Speaking of aesthetically gifted athletes, has anyone posted pics yet of Sabina Altynbekova? You may have seen the story about her being kicked off the Kazakh national team because her beauty was "a distraction". Judge for yourself:
  12. You don't have to be a girl to find this funny. Although it probably helps. [VIDEO]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEcZmT0fiNM[/VIDEO]
  13. If you're of a certain age and watched "Strawberry Shortcake" as a child and now wonder what the series would have been like had it been produced and directed by Quentin Tarantino, wonder no more. The (latest) adventure of Bitch Pudding, in 3 parts: Part 1: [VIDEO]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoEnvMvkkJE[/VIDEO] Part 2: [VIDEO]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjRxVxquOrY[/VIDEO] Part 3: [VIDEO]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htHRXlXsvUc[/VIDEO]
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