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  1. My personal goal for golf is to qualify and play in a U.S. Open Going to be hard but definitely achievable
  2. fukin golf, I play 3 times a week, hit balls every day, hit the ball great at the range and on the course. Played a match today and shoot an 84, 3 putts, lost drives. All I have right now is my golf game to make me happy and that can't even happen... what the hell =/ nothin a glass of vodka and a cohiba can't fix but I feel like a piece of shit
  3. I went to see this with my mom and we were LAUGHING OUT LOUD, through the entire movie. The acting was horrible and whoever wrote the script is a complete moron.. Movie really is a good laugh simply because it is so bad Some of the golf scenes were cool though
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by grantc79 Honestly, I disagree. If you have a swing that is so erratic that you hit a 50 yard duff then there is no freakin' way that you have the swing speed, swing mechanics, much less the lag pressure required to hit a 300 yard drive with no wind and flat ground. There is simply no way, I'm sorry but until I meet a 20 handicapper that can hit the ball that far I will assume they are all full of shit. I'm 6'5 295 and very muscular, 12 handicapper, and I can't hit the ball near 300 and I hit
  5. It's really annoying playing with someone who rages like that on the golf course...Since i'm a complete dick and I hate people like this, I'd make sure to whoop his ass up and down the golf course and watch his steam come out of his head
  6. I'm thinking about picking these up..anyone try them out? http://promentalcoach.com/golf/golf.php?lang=ENGLISH&country;=USA®ion;=CA
  7. Slow down, and take one shot at a time
  8. shortening your back swing could help but without a video of your swing, there is no possible way to tell what you are doing wrong. Go spend the 50$ and get a lesson, you'll be glad you did
  9. If you aren't playing consistent golf, 9 times outa 10 it is due to poor fundamentals. There could be many many reasons you are constantly hitting the ball fat
  10. it's all in your head bro Take slow deep breaths, get a pre-shot routine that is nice and slow. All this fast play nonsense is for golfers who are on there 7th stroke on a par 3 or the pro's that take 5 minutes to hit a putt. Try to get your swing good enough that only 1 main swing thought is needed. I just try to almost, become one with the ball, turn back and turn through. On the range it is a different story, though
  11. my 8 iron and I make sweet love every night... putter is more of a love/hate
  12. Visualize the shot you want to hit, whether a low running chip or more of a flop...become one with the ball and let er rip
  13. Don't sweat it...our brains are computers and sometimes computers malfuncion and blue screen or freeze up
  14. Eh for the first 12-14 holes I am fine....butttt towards the end I start to get pretty worn out
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