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  1. Hey guys, Im a newbie. Im 21 and have been playing for 8 years or so, competitively in HS and then fell off a bit as college started. When i was 15, I bought some Cleveland TA3s R-flex. Ive got a wilson fairway wood in stiff flex and then last year i bought a used 983e graffaloy blue-R. I decided after playing around that I've 'outgrown my clubs'. I hit 15+ sets of irons and decided that 695.CB's are the ones for me. So then I was playing today with a friend who knows more of the technical stuff about clubs and he started analyzing my swing, equipment, etc. So I went to a simulator and found I was hitting the 983E 8.5* at a 17* launch angle + a cut---theres where all my distance is! My swing was 98-102 mph. So I need a new driver + irons. A lot more money than I wanted to spend, but on the simulator it was evident that I'm handicapping myself. 1) With a 100 mph swing, would S300 shafts in the irons be right for me? (just double checking) 2) I need a mid-high kickpoint shaft for the driver. What should I get? The main problem is that I've been out of golf equipment for ~5 years. It was just last year that I moved up from a 975D with a USP proforce 65, which is positively ancient. I appreciate the help, Michael K
  2. Your Home Course Website.

    Champion Trace Golf Club http://www.championtrace.com/
  3. mp60's vs. mp30's

    Im in that market right now. I hit the MP 30,32,60 and 67(by accident), and the titleist 695 CB, 704, 735, 755, 775 and 804 yesterday. I narrowed it down to the 60s and the 695 CBs. I hit my irons pretty high, not very far. 100 mph driver speed. I hit the clubs at two different places, one indoor and then one on a range. Inside, the MP60s were the best feeling ones i hit, they felt like butter. I didnt like the ball flight and was more impressed with the titleist's and will be going with the 695 CB. If i was hitting blindfolded, id go with the 60, but i guess the trajectory on the 695 was better suited for my game. The 30's felt nice too, but I like to punish myself for bad shots. I dont think you could go wrong with either. Just go demo them!
  4. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I am an undergrad-hopeful med student next year.