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  1. Indoor Golf Center/Bar

    I too have not read through the entire post, but I want to contribute too. Full disclosure, I am a partner in a business that sells, rents, and operates golf simulators. The money is in the winter months for sure, but you do not open a business based on golf simulators, you open a bar/restaurant that has golf simulators as a form of entertainment for your patrons. The key is not to overspend on the equipment, unless you are in NYC, then you can afford to overspend. Indoor golf business start ups should not invest in equipment that is over $30K, your lease payment will crush you, all it takes is one bad month. Secondly, the biggest mistake is going it alone. Piggy back, there are tons of businesses out there that would love to add sims, but are afraid. Capitalize on that fear. Make a deal to put some sims in 2-3, I recommend start with two have room for 3, and grow into it. No set rent amount, the business that you place them in, will get a small percentage of the pay per play money, plus negotiate for them to give you a refundable deposit. Do not set up an agreement to be there for a lifetime, only for 3-4 years, the time it takes to pay off the equipment. Let the deposit be the amount the lease company will ask to incept the lease. A good indoor golf business from November to Mid March should do about $1500 per sim every week. This is generated from an indoor golf league Monday - Thursday, slower days so it is okay. Then peak time is Friday - Sunday. Think about it, the place that you put the sims in, makes more money from food and beverage. While you make money from the pay per play. Plus, their employees oversee the use of the equipment, and it is on their utilities, and you only pay the location a small percentage of your net income after lease payment. No employees (except for paying the sim company to provide regular maintenance - so you do not have to worry about it, this should be part of the costs before figuring out your net profit that you share), rent (if you want to call it that) is based on what you make. Plus, you can tap their existing clientele, which is usually built in, especially if you propose this to a golf course near you, but it only really works if they have a bar/restaurant already. Why pay over $2500 - $5000 for rent, and at $12 per hour in NY, after payroll taxes, your employee can cost you up to $15 per hour or more. If you are open 45 hours, then that is $675 per week right there. Problem is that most indoor golf entrepreneurs want a place to call their own, it is about the image rather than the investment. Keep it all about the money. That is how November - March will make you approx. $30K net over 5 months. Heck shut down in the spring, they will be calling you to put them back up in May because of rain, night, and something to do while they eat their wings and drink their beer.
  2. Golf Sims under 20k

    Hey fdifence, Welcome to the forum. Great question! For the residential buyer of golf simulators, I like to recommend the TruGolf Technique line. It is a nice lower price point, performance is good to great. Company is outstanding with customer service, and they have the best golf simulator software in the industry as far as user experience for game improvement. The Tech Personal goes for just under $8K, but you have to buy a pretty charged up computer, probably will cost you about $1000. Still your investment will be around $9500 after shipping. Be sure you buy from one of their dealers that will help you sell it on the used market, because after a year or two new technologies come out and you need to be able to liquidate it to stay in step with the tech growth. Best of luck. The GC2 is good, but a bit pricey for what you are getting. Once you go to L and R handed playing together, it gets annoying. Plus, a lot of feedback about how when you hit down into the mat, the unit jostles around and causes shot reading errors. For the same price as the Tech Personal with computer, you will get a lot less golf simulator, and really a launch monitor that can double as a simulator. From what it sounds like you were looking at the $19,500 used sims on ebay. Call Full Swing and ask them if they will service it if you need it, they will say no. Do not make the mistake of buying a sim used that the manufacturer will not look at without you re-certifying it with them. If the person that sells it to you goes out of business or stops selling them and gets a job doing something else, there goes the guy that knows how to tinker with them, not worth the trouble. Only buy used that is acknowledged by the manufacturer, or just buy as a buyer beware. Good luck friend, and hope your daughter gets on the LPGA because her Dad cared about her.
  3. simulator/indoor golfing

    The Dancin Dogg goes for $400 for the analyzer, and it is EXTREMELY compatible with a simple laptop. If all you are looking to do is practice and play some courses, and look at it on your laptop screen, plus you already have the laptop, projector, and net, all you need to do is contact me and order the Dancin Dogg, you will have it in hand within 4 days. Plus, if you buy from us, you can always bring it back in (if it is in working condition), we give you full credit towards an upgrade to a more advanced system. GSA/ProTee, I sell that system too, but a lot of changes and updates A LOT. I rate it, 7 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best. For the cost, it is a good system, plus, great way to begin learning about indoor golf simulators. Buy it from us, for the full credit towards an upgrade. Thanks, hope this is helpful.
  4. Trugolf Newport Simulator

    Sorry about the delay in responding. I can finish a full 18 holes at a challenging course like Spanish Bay in just under an hour, and be only about 13 over par. We charge the people that did not chip in on the simulator, $15-$20 for a round of golf, each person. Loving the system. We have been enjoying a feature on the system call By The Book, it awards points for fairway shots, GIR, and Two Putt or less, as well as birdies, then it penalizes for 3 putts or more, 3 putts it will reset the hole score (the points that you have accumulated for that hole), more than 3 putts it resets your entire accumulated score up to that point of play. Really fun, and levels the playing field when playing with golfers of different ability. **Just had to throw that little tidbit in about By The Book**
  5. Golf Simulator

    Hello Davidson11: I work for a golf simulator dealer that sells 3 different types of golf simulators. They range all the way from $2500 full set up with screen that you hit into, all the way up to $45,000. My recommendation is the TruGolf Newport Golf Simulator, it is $19,950, and has all of the bells and whistles, it is portable, and easy to set up on your own. All other golf simulators usually require installation which is usually an additional $5000 on top of the cost of the simulator. Plus, it comes with 15 courses. If you would like more info, just send me a message.
  6. Trugolf Newport Simulator

    Hello, The TruGolf Newport Portable Golf Simulator is an outstanding golf simulator. For the price, and footprint, it is UNBELIEVABLE. Got one in my garage, and my wife and I, just got done playing a round at Firestone last night. Both of our golf games will be untouchable come spring. I highly recommend it. A few of my friends and I chipped in and bought one, we rent it to other guys that did not chip in, and it's paying itself off. Good Luck, anymore questions, just ask.