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  1. I'm not looking for a putter, but I have tried out those Clevelands while stopping by the golf store, and I agree with your assessment that they are solid. I've always liked Cleveland's products.
  2. Same here. No preference on the tee, but I prefer no markings visible while putting.
  3. Great post, and spot on with the European Tour coverage. Less (talking) is more. I do enjoy the occasional shot tracer though.
  4. That's a great club. Used mine for about 10 years, then got bored one winter and ordered the Classic XL for a great price, and it won the battle. Gave the Laucher to a friend who still uses it, so I still have visitation privileges.
  5. Gotta agree with those that said Snell. Both models are great (bought the trial pack) the GET SUM fits my game better, so I requested 6 dozen for Christmas. Awesome quality and price.
  6. I used to play the AD333, and I really liked it. Unfortunately I don't think it's available here in the US any more (either regular or tour), so I only have about a dozen left. Next up is the Snell Get Sum. I bought a mixed trial box of Snells in the fall, preferred the Get Sum, and received 6 dozen for Christmas.
  7. Slow rounds are annoying, but the only time I've quit (other than the issues listed in OP) is because a ridiculously slow round would cause me to be late to an important meeting or event.
  8. I just love golf, pretty much every aspect of it and I enjoy reading about it.
  9. I agree, I do miss the sound of steel spikes on concrete/asphalt. That's it though. In fact, most of my shoes are spikeless now. I remember the first time I played a course that required soft spikes. I didn't have any, so I had to play in my Tevas. Shot 2 over for nine holes, and played in those sandals for the next two seasons.
  10. Just got an email and Rock bottom golf has the xgc7 irons you were thinking about for $125 today only during their clearance sale.
  11. I'm still having an issue picking up where I left off reading when I click on posts. Seems to either take me to the very beginning of the thread, or to the end.
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