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  1. Check your grip, make sure your grip isn't too strong.
  2. awmgolfer


  3. I try to mix it up, sometimes I'll do a good warmup-up with stretches but sometimes I'll go straight out to the first tee and do a quick stretch and even just step up to the tee without stretching and just go. I mainly do it because I've been in situations where I missed my alarm and had to go straight from my car to the first tee and go.
  4. It's a special course that I'm glad to have ended up in the town that it sits, and even better I only live about a mile and a half from the course
  5. This is near and dear to my heart as I am an instrumental music teacher and also our high school golf coach. I have played trumpet for a long time and play currently in a number of groups ranging from orchestral, band, commercial, and jazz. Most of the kids over the past 10 years I've had on the team have been current or former band students, though a lot of that is more related to having a good relationship with the kids. I can say being a musician in golf really helps because musicians can only count to 4 so it helps the scorecard, many songs are in 3 or even in two, but rarely in 6 :)
  6. I think for most it depends on what you shoot, when I was just starting out I didn't care, just wrote down the score and moved on because it was high as it was and a little harder to track those higher numbers...lol. As I moved into being a single digit handicap I just knew where I was an now I'm a low single digit and generally right around par, without even paying attention I know where I am, I just don't put any stock into and play each hole one at a time. In regards to tracking handicap, the recent change has been really hard for me, I don't play rounds with others very often and the
  7. I have about 6 months off from playing due to our winters so the simulator has become an essential part of my practice. I have an Optishot I keep at school and go in on the weekends to use. I play the rounds for fun and have customized my yardages to match my actual yardages but sometimes it just doesn't pick it up well but overall it does a good job. What I use it strictly for is swing path and face angle which it does a really good job of picking up. The previous couple of years I used it a lot and when the season started outside I was pretty much starting out with my normal scores right awa
  8. This is something I am going through right now, though we have 3 feet of snow outside so all I am going on is my Optishot. I have lost 70lbs since this past October and will probably be down another 20lbs before our season even begins. All I've done is just counting calories, keeping my nutrition in a healthy place, and spinning. The swing overall doesn't feel unusual, the biggest change is readjusting my setup position because my hands being in the same spot as before puts them a lot further away from me now. The biggest feeling difference is chipping and putting because of the reduction of t
  9. I really like the feel of the XR 3 wood and I would like to have a 3 wood that matches my driver setup for consistency in feel, just something I like to have. I also would like a little lower degree 3 wood along with a shaft adjustment which would give me a few extra yards as the 3 wood I have goes a bit too high for my liking. A few shots on my home course my current 3 wood puts me in some funky positions and driver just isn't the right club for those holes. The extra 7-10 yards puts me right in the sweet spot which is what I was hitting the XR 3 wood compared to my current older Ping 3 wood.
  10. When I didn't really understand the swing at all and had a wicked slice, one tip I read was belt buckle should be pointing away from target on the backswing and towards target on the follow through. I finally learned how to fix it but that tip has given me a terrible overswing that I have been trying to break for a while.
  11. I live in far Northern Maine and teach in a small k-12 school, 450 students in total and I also coach the varsity golf team. I keep my clubs over the winter in my elementary office as I use an OptiShot over the winter with the kids not he golf team and also keep clubs in my high school office. When kids come to my room for band lessons or tech help they see the clubs so they are exposed through me pretty early on and it stays all the way through high school. We don't have a huge team but many of the kids I work with that don't play I see out at the course shortly after graduating and they kick
  12. I don't have too many limits as our season is short enough in Northern Maine but if it's in the 20's and windy I won't play. My main limit is when the greens get covered I'm done which is based on the temp average so when they are cold enough to cover it's usually too cold for me which should be anytime now, though it's been a bit more mild then normal which I don't mind!
  13. I tried out a bunch of drivers this past season and the Callaway XR-16 was the one I settled on, I love it. I am also playing Callaway wedges now, the PM grinds for the 56 and 60 and just a standard 52 and love them. I have been very impressed with their feel and the results I get with them too. I am going to be picking up the XR 3 wood this winter as I need a 15* instead of my 17* 3 wood. I know when the time for new irons come where I'll be starting my search, love the feel!
  14. He is in 7th grade right now and just started playing 6 months ago and is shooting in the 90's. He will be establishing a handicap next year along with starting to compete in junior tournaments. Our season is done for now but I'm going to get him on a small simulator we have at the school so at least he can keep swinging through the winter. I am having him focus hard on the short game and putting as he has a really nice full swing. Thanks again for replying, really cool to actually be talking with an active PGA tour player!!
  15. Thanks for joining and being willing to share and answer questions! I coach high school golf in a small school in Northern Maine and I have a young kid coming up that his dream is to make it on the PGA tour, he has the work ethic and the basics. Any advice from someone that is there already and on the inside that I could pass along to aide him in reaching that goal?
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