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  1. Bought one the other day off of ebay. Great club, low spin bomber, very nice cosmetics, nice set up, deep face, great feel, very forgiving. Way less spin on misshits compared to my other 2 drivers, 9.5 Callaway FT tour 430, Diamana Red Board 73g stiff, Bridgestone J33P 8.5, 380cc, Voodoo 60g stiff
  2. If your looking for unique, high quality golf clubs Bridgestone is your brand. frequency matched shafts, and precise swing weights etc. I have 3 sets, 1 set of Precept Forged cavity's from the 90's and 2 sets of j33B's, along with 2- j33P 380cc drivers, 8.5 and 9.5. Just ordered a new 715 driver, can't wait for it to arrive. They make outstanding clubs the only problem is finding them and getting some demo's to hit. The majority of their forged iron heads used to be made by Endo in Japan, don't know if they still are. I will never play another brand of irons
  3. played the 20xi-s this summer and really liked it, long and strong off the tee, lots of spin off the irons very good for shaping your shots, good stopping power, great around the greens. My only complaint is they sound like a rock off the driver, feel is fine but the sound makes you cringe. Not as noticeable off the irons, again a little harsh sounding but great feel, I play Bridgestone J33 blades and no complaints
  4. theres always the what if in every round, that's why were amateurs, but!!! Even the pros miss-hit, mis-chip, mis-putt, its part of the game. I used to dwell on the missed strokes after a round. As I am now older, I am more calm, and see the up-side a little more. Be happy you hit 12-14 fairways, and 11-18 greens, set your goals the same for the next round and know your putting will improve, or maybe that is the next step in lowering your scores. I used to hit 12 fairways and 12-14 greens per round and was a low single, if you can get your fairways and greens consistently at, or near your last round your well on your way!!
  5. I play Nike one tours and love them, if I could still buy Titleist 100 or Bridgestone Rextar balata's I would, love the soft feel with tons of spin. Picked up 4 dozen of these at auction for $100.00 can't wait for summer to roll around so I can give them a try
  6. I agree with lefty, almost anything will do at least up here in the Pacific Northwest, so cold and wet anyway, just fun to get out and play. ball flights and distances are greatly reduced
  7. anyone have one of these rare birds and want to sell it, would love to get one!!!
  8. I bought one last year after a long 12 year lay off. I would never be without one now, takes all the guess work out of club selection. Best features are how far to carry obstacles, and exact yardage to pin placements
  9. I broke my Callaway FT last year in the winter as well. Hitting those cold rock flite balls are hard on drivers, I only hit irons this time of year
  10. Best Balata Ball ever made Bridgestone Rexstar 100, liquid center, grafite wound, balata cover = Crazy spin, I could suck those babies back 15 feet! The Titleist 100's were as good but not as durable
  11. It all depends what you want out of your game, if your happy with your swing and can maintain it through minimal range time great. Bet for me its 3-4 times at the range, 1-3 rounds per week depending on the weather. I don't like playing off of a double digit cap, I don't enjoy myself, so I work at my game. Just started playing last fall after a 12 year lay off and have it down to 6.9, I am now hitting 10-12 fairways per round and 10-14 greens per round, so I am pretty happy with my ball striking. Now I have to start working on the short game to shave those final few strokes, but they can be the toughest
  12. I only enter 18 hole scores or I'd be scratch, shoot even par on a lot of 9's
  13. Go play Chambers Bay in Washington State, NO CART's, and its a tough walk!!!
  14. I'm 50 and almost always walk, I don't care if its up the side of a mountain. I walk a lot of courses people say are impossible, I just pace myself going up hill. It absolutely amazes me how many young guys cart, see it all the time. I enjoy the stroll, gives me time to contemplate my next shot, or just contemplate life, better yet have a chat with your playing partners. One thing most people don't realize, stay active, fit and alive! Your legs are the bodies 2 biggest blood pumps next to your heart, you loose the use of your legs, your more than one foot closer to the grave! not kidding!
  15. Ebay is great, just make sure you know exactly what you want. Picked up a back up set of Bridegstone Irons exactly the same as the ones I am currently using, bought my original set brand new for $1200.00. bought the back up set for $60.00. Had to change the shafts but no big deal, picked up a new set of NS Pros on Ebay for under $100.00. Just bought a Callaway FT Tour with Diamana Redboard shaft for $140.00. The shaft is worth $250.00 new, can't go too far wrong.
  16. the downhill shot from around the green or out of the bunker gives me fits too, its just plain difficult to master and takes a lot of nerve, most important thing for me is to accelerate through the ball, and practice, practice, practice
  17. if your a Callaway lover, try the FT, you can also get neutral, open/fade or closed/draw face option. I use the neutral and love it
  18. I don't understand the big problem, yes the ranger should have asked you more appropriately, but it should not have been a big deal. I often play as a single, if you don't like the person, don't talk to him, if he has poor etiquette, just correct him, ask him to stop moving, stop talking, please don't walk in your line etc. believe me it is no picnic going out as a single, take your problem of one stranger and multiply it by 3. I have had some rounds where I get paired up with 3 idiot's I just ignore them and playe my round. On the other hand you never know who you will meet and become friends with, I met one of my best lifelong friends joining up on the course and that was over 20 years ago, he was also an ex NCAA university player and taught me how to really play the game to a high standard, it would have been very difficult to reach a 4 handicap without his help. I have also been paired up with famous actors, professional athletes and top professionals in their field, last year I played with the head of Mitsubishi Corp. Canada and a UN Economist who had traveled and lived all over the world. 99% of the people you meet on the course are worth meeting, keep an open mind
  19. Just purchased a FT Tour with a Diamana Red 73 stiff, anyone using this combo? How will it compare to a stock VooDoo SVS6? I was hoping to get a little higher launch
  20. Sweep!!!! hit it off a really low tee till you get used to it, then hit it off the deck, use the same swing. Whenever I hit a hybrid or fairway wood I really concentrate on keeping my head still, don't slide or dip, you'll be headed for disaster.
  21. my first move is to start to rotate the left shoulder back to the address position, this keeps my swing compact and doesn't let my left hip get too far in front of my body. If I start with the left hip or legs driving first I tend to clear the left side too quickly resulting in a pull hook. I only practice this on the range, when I am on course, I don't have any swing thoughts, as far as swing mechanics goes, I just make 2 nice smooth regular tempo practice swings, line it up, then its just backswing, swing, best not to clutter up your mind on the course, it should be automatic as far as I am concerned. I do log a lot of range time to achieve this
  22. Hey tour Your more like me than I thought. I too am a practice junkee, I go to the range 2-3 times per week, and play 1-2 rounds per week, haven't got a good chipping or putting green to work at, just have to track one down. Keep on working, sounds like it is really paying off for you.
  23. Hey Gerald, I'll trade you, you can have my natural draw, you can give me your natural fade. When the draw is going south its a nasty snap hook! Fore left Look out 2 fairways over! look what happened to McIlroy at the Masters, ouch!!! I am currently working on the push fade especially with the driver, the irons i can control pretty well but the driver is killing me sometimes. As far as the back spin discussion, I can back up my 8 - wedge with a draw, it does this funky hop straight left and then makes an S pattern backing up, 9 and wedges sometimes 10-15 feet its crazy to see, makes my playing partners laugh
  24. WOW Tour, I thought I was OCD, your a maniac!! your story sounds a lot like my own, good thing we don't live in the same city, I would probably be divorced. It is a lot of fun when your love of the game has been renewed, I took a 12 year hiatus and just started playing again last fall. My lowest handi was 4.6 but am probably hovering around a 8-10 rite now, I too am trying to get it back down to a 5 but have been struggling lately with making some big numbers on a few holes every round, kind of frustrating, but I now it will come. Great read, keep up the hard work. If you are open to a couple of tips that worked for my putting here they are, my biggest putting improvement was going cross handed, got rid of the yips! another one my friend (a former NCAA U golfer) gave me was probably the best tip for putting I ever got, when I practice my putting I rarely practice outside 5 feet, I make sure I can make it inside 5 feet every time, before a round start 1 foot from the hole, then 2 then 3,4,5 I usually use 5 balls and do this repeatedly, use different green slopes and breaks, when I am on the course I am bullet proof from inside 5 feet, maybe miss 1 per round. Funny thing when you have the speed from inside 5 feet is your distance control on the long ones seems to get better as well, go figure? Good luck on your quest, If you ever come to Vancouver B.C. Canada shoot me a PM, we'll get out for a round.
  25. I have to agree with Martus, play from the tees that your handicap suites, if you are trying to improve and want to try something new that is one thing but guys that have to play the tips just because someone else in their group is, is not the wisest decision to make. When I was playing a lot and go out as a single, I would let everyone else tee off first and then walk back to the rear tee's, it would personally drive me crazy to have some high handicapper making double bogie or worse on every hole, be slamming his clubs into the ground and acting like an idiot thinking he can play from back there. I used to play under a 5 handi, hit 10-12 fairways and 10-14 greens per round, driver was consistent 250-270, and that was 12 years ago. I just started playing again last year, and do not even attempt to play off the tournament tees because my game is not there yet. I am off to Chambers Bay tomorrow, it was the site of the US Amateur last year and the site of the 2015 US Open, and am playing with 3 ex NCAA U golfers, they can play from the tips if they want to, I for sure am playing from the shorter tees, under 7000 yards, another thing, the guy's I am playing with will appreciate I know my limitations and will not slow up or distract them from their game. To Answer WMiller's question, yes you will probably experience close to a 2 club difference, sea level I carry 8 iron 150-155 yards, Rocky Mountains I carry 48* Pitching wedge that far, 8 iron carries 170-175, if you are going to play at sea level, don't try to overpower it you'll be spraying it every where, takes me a round to get used to the higher elevations and I have experienced it lots of times, it's hard to get your head around, the first round, i usually blow it over 3-4 greens
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