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  1. "The Johns Hopkins study found that those who hated losing the most choked when told that they stood to win the most , while those who cared more about winning choked when they stood to lose something significant. In other words, it's all about how you frame the incentive: as a loss or as a gain." I definitely fall into the "loss adverse" category! You never forget the first time you choke, it's like your first love, you just never forget. For me I was 13 and competing in my first real tournament. It was the biggest Junior tournament in our area in southern Mi
  2. Without going back through this thread Larry Nelson and Calvin Peete have already been there and done that so I don't think anyone would dispute that it couldn't be accomplished at all. It is extremely rare but not impossible, obviously. Then there's Robert Landers, a cattle farmer most his adult life took up the game at age 28 and made it through the Senior Tour Q-School in 1995 with no real prior Pro Tour experience. Perhaps not as amazing as Nelson or Peete but still quite a feat! I will say I do disagree with you that starting the game as an adult has advantages over starting
  3. I prefer to keep the ball as low as possible with a fair amount of spin, couple hops and stop from that 40-60 yard range. Of course that has to come from the fairway to get the ball cleanly to apply spin(and a decent premium ball). I like hitting the shot with my 52* gap wedge from the fairway and from the rough I'll usually change up to my 58* and go for a higher softer shot because it's just not going to spin as much. But it's all "shot dependent" that's required. If it's a super tight pin with no room to take a hop or two before slamming on the brakes I'll hit the 58* from both the r
  4. Kind of reminds me of the time many, many years ago my "non-golfing Army drinking buddies" wanted to go play golf for the first time ever when I was stationed in Korea. To begin with we had been out drinking til about 4:00am and around 10:00am they woke me up and wanted to go play golf. I was probably still just drunk enough to agree to that ridiculous idea so off we went. In my time in the military I introduced about 25-30 guy's to the game of golf. Someone would approach me and I would always start them out on the range for a few sessions before we ever hit the course. On this day we
  5. To me it seemed Phil wasn't happy with the Watson pick right from the beginning. I think what went down at this years Ryder Cup really exposes why we can't win. Too many big ego's among both captains and players on the American side that never get "checked at the door". I think most of our players do make a honest attempt to check their ego's but it only takes one clash between a Watson/Phil, or Phil/Tiger, or Sutton/Tiger, or Phil/Sutton, or whomever to cloud up the team room. Maybe Freddie Couples really is the answer to lead these primadonna's. He's so laid back and non-con
  6. Didn't read through the entire thread but I think it's great your attempting to use etiquette even when your buddies may not. Playing by the rules and etiquette becomes contagious so the more people do it the more others may come around as well. For instance taking your cap off to shake hands at the end of a round. Not a lot of people do it anymore but the second one person removes their hat on the 18th green all of a sudden everybody is pulling theirs off. Cell phones though,,,,a big No Go! Put it on vibrate and check it after every shot you hit while your waiting for others!
  7. BINGO!!!!!! Your spot on! Over the 40 years I've played I've had stretches where I was a serious gym-rat always working primarily on aerobic and core exercises because that's what my body type requires to stay trim, strong, and flexible for golf. Every time I was in one of my gym-rat modes I always gained distance,,,always! When I'd get lazy and take 6 months to a year off my mid section would start to grow, and I would start to lose flexibility, strength and of course distance. I do have a weighted club I bought a few years back but never really liked swinging it at full speed.
  8. Throw Parker0065 in as another signup. I'm sure I'll suck(tend to pick more with heart than head) but it sounds like fun. Merry Christmas!
  9. I am a firm believer in accuracy. I believe this way for the following reasons: 1. As a young boy, I played golf with two brothers who were 81 and 83 years old. Both of them were around 5'7", weighed around 160lbs. And drove the ball roughly 180 yards. Both of them shot in the middle to high 80's. Both of them focused their attention on keeping the ball in play, as well as on chipping and putting. 2. Also, as a young boy, my uncle played golf with me. He hit a banana ball on just about every shot. No kidding, his ball curved 20-30 yards on all of his long shot
  10. If you and Covert have walked Halfmoon I give you guy's a lot of credit. I've played out there a couple times in the fall when they have their lunch/cart specials. Yes that #15 is a real uphill monster! It's like your trying to hit a ball up Mt. Marcy, lol! I normally walk all season and I'm use to walking hilly courses like my home course at Airway. It's amazing when I play Saratoga State Park it literally is an easy walk in the park(no pun intended). That course is very walker friendly and my legs stay fresh all the way to the 18th hole. Maybe next season we could get a few Cap
  11. Welcome Covert. There are a few of us Capitol Area guy's around here. I'm up in Saratoga and play mostly up here, Airway Meadows, Saratoga State Park, Saratoga National(once or twice a year). My teenage son works at McGregor Links and gets to play there about anytime he wants but I'm not a member. I've played Pebble back in the 90's and you can't help but love that place. I was stationed in the Monterrey Peninsula then and got to play a lot of great courses in that area. Your never too old to take up the game and your never too old to set goals so keep pushing forward!
  12. Is distance really important to amateurs? If you ever want to play in tournaments or win anything outside of just beating your buddies, it sure is. I'll use my home course membership as a simple example. There is a group of us that I will call group "A" with handicaps ranging from 4 to 0, where everyone in that group drives the ball at a minimum of 275 yards,,,,minimum! The next group I will call group "B" with handicaps ranging from 5 to 8, where a really good drive for them maxes out at 250, and that's a best of the day, can't hit it any better, down wind, down hill 250! (Disc
  13. What a lot of people don't understand is that this is very mental as far as playing unfamiliar courses well. When I was a junior player in High School I learned this playing on a top ranked team in our State. There was absolutely "No Excuses" by our coach for a poor performance on a unfamiliar course. He ran the team and treated us like college players, no excuses allowed. This developed us into very solid "away" players. I like to use the example, a 7-iron, is a 7-iron, is a 7-iron, whether you hit it in Southern Michigan, Upstate NY, or Augusta National it's still a fricking 7-iron shot! Cli
  14. I think a lot of it comes down to what people think is good ball striking and how good or bad a players "misses" are. For an average golfer a miss can mean off the green from 10-20 yards. For a low to mid single digit handicap a miss might be 3-5 yards off the green. As a scratch player my misses are usually a couple feet off the green or on the fringe or edge of the green(40-50 ft birdie putt). For a Tour player their misses mean they have a 30 footer for birdie or they short sided themselves going after a tough pin which they're still going to get up and down a high percentage of the
  15. I'm not sure what a "All Out" swing is? I picture someone falling all over themselves after impact. How hard can you swing and stay in perfect balance would be my own personal definition of "normal"! This may be wrong to some but for myself I always strive to swing at the same speed or pace(club head speed will change with club length) . I change grip length if I want to hit shorter and I plan from the tee box on approach length to avoid putting myself into a weird distance. Doesn't always work out perfectly but it produces better results than just bashing it and leaving myself an uncom
  16. I think gloves are completely a "Personal Preference"! The grips they have nowadays lets you get away with it. I feel completely naked without a glove yet my son can't stand having one on. I tried a couple years ago to get him to play with one but he didn't like it and felt uncomfortable. So he has went gloveless all his golfing life.
  17. You hit your 5 and 9 woods more accurately for the same reason everybody hits their 8,9,PW more accurate than their 3,4,5 irons,,,,,LOFT(and shorter shaft)!!!!! Ball gets up in the air quicker and lands softer. Bad shots tend to not get in as much trouble. But you do bring up a good point on club length. I'm sure everyone here will disagree with me but I don't think the length they make today's Drivers at 46 - 45.5 does much good at all for the average player. Sure you may gain a couple extra yards when you finally nail it a few times a month but overall it creates more problems tha
  18. What constitutes a good day? Playing with my teenage son and his fellow high school buddies. I've played this game for so, so long and at this point in my golf life I really get the most enjoyment out of watching really good competitive junior players! I've been beyond fortunate that my son took to golf but I'm most proud that he has turned out to be a great kid. That's not my words, but the words of club members and other PGA Junior Tour parents and Pro's! He gets comments about his great looking swing and I get comments about him being a great kid! So going out with him and the
  19. No, Golfingdad hit the nail on the head. It is NOT a recognized format of play by the USGA/RA so in that essence it is not real "competitive" golf to begin with!!!! Maybe in your mind it is but I think the USGA/RA recognizes the fact that in any competition where the player(in this case team) is the sole determination of score on a particular hole is neither a healthy or fair format! For that I give them a lot of credit!
  20. Read the whole post, the risk of hitting driver may not warrant a 30 yard pitch. Looking at the google earth photo's is one thing, actually standing on the tee and seeing the terrain is another. I might stand on that tee in question and see that hitting driver is very inviting and go for it. There are many holes I play that I hit Driver (where others will not) because it actually takes trouble "out" of play so at my level(+30 years as a scratch) it's not so much a matter of 30 being easier than 90 as much as how am I going to birdie the hole with the least path of resistance. In this ca
  21. Pretty basic decision for me and my game. 3H to 90 yards and a 3/4 Gap wedge with my 90 yard swing that I practice every fricken time I'm at the range. Why would I play the hole this way: Because I practice my 90 yard Gap wedge shot every fricken time I'm at the range, lol! But also looking at risk/reward as far as hitting Driver, if I can't reach the green or at least the front fringe where I can putt it I don't see it as much of an advantage to have a 30 yard pitch. The same goes for hitting 3W and leaving a 60 yard pitch. Can I hit the 30 or 60 yard pitch, sure but I prefer to
  22. Interesting poll! I like the idea of comparing age and how or when people took up the game. I'll use my Father in law as an example because he like so many average golfers never played or took up golf until he retired which happened to be right at the height of Tiger's dominance. My Father in law is(not quite as much since the fire hydrant incident) a huge Tiger fan. He never watched or followed golf back in the 60's/70's and although he's plenty old enough, never watched Nicklaus play. So I'm not surprised to see a lot of votes for Tiger from the over 35 crowd, it's who was winning as
  23. We followed Sadena through the front nine. She got off to a great start with a birdie on #1 and #2 then drove it into the left hand green side bunker of the drivable par4 5th hole and nearly made eagle with a excellent bunker shot to about a foot. Her putting was very solid as she drained birdies on #6 and #7 from around the 15-18 foot range to get to -5 on the day. She made a bit of a mess on the easy par 5 8th making par but it turns out she didn't need birdie there, lol! Sadena pared #9 then we dropped back to watch Emily Talley. I gotta say BB does not do these girls justice in so m
  24. I agree it's never good to hear of people losing jobs. When the 2008 bubble burst I had a few neighbors lose their jobs and eventually a couple of them had to sell their homes, very sad to see people go through that. I'm the same as you as far as Dick's. I would buy balls in there when I was in a pinch and that's about it. We have a privately owned golf store that is unmatched in service, knowledge and fitting. The prices there are pretty much the same as the Big Box stores but the experience is like night and day. They have an outdoor range and a short game practice area with bunkers.
  25. A ton of bogies on #7 by most on the first page of the leaderboard. Rory's par putt was about as good as a birdie against his closest competitors. I don't know what hole is playing the toughest today but #7 has to be up there among the most difficult.
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