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  1. Tiger will get there by default, but that still doesn't mean he could have been as successful under the same conditions Jack had to go through! Jack had to deal with taking down the Tiger Woods of that time, "Arnie's Army"!
  2. Tommy Twelve Gloves has way more game than I gave him credit for. I was so not impressed with his swing and attitude on the show. His short game must be even better than I thought it was, because his long game swing can't be whats keeping him in it! The cut just went to +3 so he needs to play this last 9 holes either even or -1 to be completely safe. OK, Tommy Six Gloves, Tommy Two Tone, or whatever your name is, this is where the rubber hits the road, will he prevail and make the cut, or will he faulter and fail?
  3. In 1960 Arnold Palmer was the "Tiger Woods" of that day! Then along comes this hefty kid from Ohio and steals his glory. Anyone who knows golf history knows that Palmer hated Jack, and was relentless at wanting to beat him. Palmer was the man back then with the Tiger like galleries, Jack was the fat kid that Palmer disrespected and jeered him every chance he got. Kind of funny how Palmer likes to be buddies with Tiger. There's no doubt he wants Tiger to surpass his old enemy Jack! Now lets look at what the world of golf looked like when Tiger turned pro in 1997. The most dominant players at
  4. Last week on the show Tommy got up and down 3 times in a row in the elemination challenge. That was by no means luck, the kid has a short game! I don't like his long game, his swing looks like a goofy Peter Jacobsen imitation of Arnold Palmer but as Harvey Penick said, A player with a good short game is a match for anyone. Congrats To Tommy for making the big dance this week at Wackovia!
  5. GOAL 1) COMPLETE SHORT GAME OVERHAUL - This actually started at the end of last season and has been a work in progress over the winter. I ran across an older DVD "Digital Golf" by Simon Holmes. I really like his chipping method and so far I've seen a significant improvement. As for putting, I've always been a streaky putter, but my most consistant weakness has been lag putting. So I'll be working hard to get that under control. GOAL 2) BREAK 70 - It's been a while since I've done this with family and job commitments taking up most of my time in the past 8 years. Now with the kids a littl
  6. First off a big positive is you have very nice tempo. I'm sure this helps you strike the ball solidly. Your 4 handicap represents that you are an accomplished player but now if you want to get to that next scoring level you will need to polish your swing. So that being said here are my observations of what I would work on if I had your swing. At address you seem to be standing just a bit to far away from the ball and it gives the appearance that you are slightly reaching for the ball. Your backswing is a bit flat and it seems to restrict your turn. First off I would work on standing a li
  7. The best thing I can tell you is be patient and enjoy the ride. Don't go to the course thinking you have to improve, save that for your practice time. Work hard, take some lessons, and study the game. Then just relax and let it happen! Good Luck!
  8. First off your trying to compare 2 players from different era's, which is near impossible to do. Sometimes I watch Tiger play average golf at best but still be in the lead because all of a sudden the rest of the field can't find the fairway or green. For this reason I know that Jack had to win against much stronger competition. When you look at Palmer, Player, Trevino, Watson, Jack had to beat all those guy's and had a lot of 2nd place finishes because they were great players that didn't lay down when the going got tough! One reason why those guy's didn't lay down was because the money payout
  9. Bag: Sun Mountain Cart Bag Pullcart: Bagboy 2 wheel Driver: Taylormade TiBubble2 3Wood: Taylormade Burner Irons: 3-PW Mizuno MP-37 Gap Wedge: Mizuno 52degree Sand Wedge: Mizuno T-Zoid Lob Wedge: Mizuno Nick Faldo Putter: Ping Anser (circa 1994) Ball: Taylormade Black Yes my woods and putter are old but I refuse to give them up because I'm still more consistant with them than other newer models I've played. I love my Mizuno forged blades, hands down the best irons I've ever hit in my +30 years of playing.
  10. 36 40, 76 Played a near flawless round on the front 9 hitting all 9 greens in regulation. Had one 3 putt on the front and one birdie. The back nine started very poorly on #10 with a double bogey on a birdie hole. From there I bogeyed the next 3 holes. I was still swinging very solid and just kept telling myself to keep doing what I was doing and it would work out. Well on #14 I missed the green to the left and the ball ended up behind a tree. I had to pitch onto the green away from the pin but I drained a 20 footer to save par. That righted the ship and I played the final 4 holes -1 under par.
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