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  1. I think anytime someone without any Tour status gets into a "Major" be they a pro or amateur is something special. They all have a unique story and pathway into the tournament!
  2. I voted neither because I think it's more a matter of what type you play most. I have a lot of experience playing in the wind but very little on links golf. I guess I've only played two seaside/links type courses, Pebble Beach, and The Currituck Club in Outer Banks N.C. Neither of them exactly look or play like what you see on TV in the "The Open Championship" but one thing is for sure, wind is their biggest defense! When I played Pebble Beach years ago the weather was a bit of a fluke. It was a beautiful late summer day in August with virtually no wind . Holes 8,9,10, and 18 pla
  3. Awesome and Good Luck! Capitol Hills is one of my favorite courses in our area and my son and I will be out there in the gallery on Saturday or Sunday. I always enjoy watching the ladies play!
  4. From the USGA website: A scramble is not played under the principles of The Rules of Golf For me, that pretty much sums it up! But, unfortunately scrambles have become deeply embedded into the world of amateur/club golf. When I was in my 20's(30 years ago) you could play locally sponsored amateur medal and match play events all summer long. They're still out there but only a handful compared to yesteryear. Scrambles, you can easily play in two or three a week all summer long they have become so prevalent. I think the golf course
  5. Pong, got it for X-Mas sometime back in the 1970's. Thankfully I just missed the whole Video Game boom of the 1980's! By then I was only interested in Golf, Girls, and Booze!
  6. 3 Dozen Slazenger Raw Distance for $25,,,lol! When my Father in law first took up the game he had this idea in his head that if he hit a ball in the woods or water he couldn't move on until he at least fished another ball out of the hazard area. So over the course of a few birthdays and Holidays I filled his garage with 3 dozen deals of Slazenger's and Rock-Flights. The corner of his garage looks like a Dick's Sporting Goods ball display but I finally got him to just "drop and go" and stop fishing around. Beginners and high handicaps, buy the dirt cheap ammo and burn it up!!!! Sh
  7. You can bash me for this but personally I like the direction the USGA has gone in the last few years. I support the groove change 100% and although it didn't change a lot due to the ball manufactures went to work on coming up with different compounds to counteract the rule I think it was a step in the right direction. Same thing with anchoring! I'm a big Adam Scott fan and I hope(and I think he will,,,,too much talent) he comes up with a different putter/method to continue his great play. The USGA waited too long to make these changes and sent everyone in an uproar but better late than never!
  8. Yep, as I approach 50 I've definitely noticed if I get lazy in my workouts, practice routines, and swinging a weighted club my distance starts to go down. Sucks but it does keep me somewhat motivated to keep at it. I'm not ready to start going the other way yet on the distance scale but either way father time catches up to us all eventually. Physical conditioning, and a lot of stretching definitely helps keep my distance in tact. Man 20 years ago it was nothing to jump out of the car, run to the first tee and fire away. I try that know and I feel like it takes 3 or 4 holes just to get stre
  9. If you started playing this game seriously at a young age say 9-12 or less then you automatically know just how distance makes the game much easier. I started at age 9 and each year as I grew and improved I was gaining at least 1 less club per year hitting into the greens until I was about 16, then it started to slow down. Subsequently my stroke average was dropping 10+ shots per year initially, but as you get older approaching the end of puberty those strokes dropped per year also start to slow down as your distance increases slow. At that point breaking 80 on a regular basis and trying t
  10. It was a joy to watch and listen to some of the old commentators, and hair styles, lol. It was the year before I got into golf so it was a little bit of a journey back in time. I'd love to see the full broadcast of the 1975 Masters again. That was the one that hooked me into golf for life! But I will say thank God for HDTV!
  11. 80% seems to work best in match play(which most clubs do) while I would gather 100% would be more fair in stroke play. The reason for match play is that losing a hole has a value of "1" no matter what your score on the hole, while in stroke play if the higher handicap has a blow up hole it could mean 2,3,4,5,,,,,,ect!
  12. I agree 100%! But it's just not the contestants. It sure seems like as time has went on they've gotten farther and farther away from playing any real golf. I'm perfectly OK with the goofy challenges to win immunity but in the elimination challenge you've got to play at least 3 holes every show at a minimum. I couldn't believe they didn't get to play 9 holes in the semi finals! Just seems like they're weeding out too much actual golf. I'm actually surprised they're letting them play a full 18 hole match tonight.
  13. Kudos Philly for putting yourself out there! The last US Open Qualifier I played in was 2011. I have not attempted it in the last few years because with wife, kids and career I just haven't had the time in the spring to properly prepare. In 2011 I had a equal but opposite round as you described. I hit the ball like crap that day but putted my ass off. My home course also has greens that normally run around 8-9 and the qualifier was at 11-12 on a Donald Ross course. They were fast but extremely smooth which is how I really like them. As far as putting goes I didn't really do any spec
  14. I usually am !!! But yes, I should have put that is my opinion that there were fewer but better opponents in Jack's era! My highlighted statement trumps all that either way so I guess I should have just deleted the first part, lol!
  15. Jack played fewer but tougher competitors! Tiger has played somewhat less tougher, but a higher volume of competitors! What does that mean in the end, a dead even tie when it comes to "difficulty to win" in their individual era's in my opinion! Comparing era's is not only a complete waste of time but not fair to each era. Ben Hogan was presented with the standards of excellence for his time and he rose to the occasion. Jack Nicklaus was presented with the standards of excellence for his time and he rose to the occasion. Tiger Woods was presented with the standard
  16. I agree 100% with that and to be honest as a better player that normally plays farther back there is nothing more frustrating for me than playing with a higher handicap that "feels" like they have to come back a tee box or two then they struggle all day long and it can effect the entire groups enjoyment. I would just be honest with your friend and the other two right up front and tell them that your just not comfortable playing back there at your handicap. If these guys are as good as you say they will likely be thinking "Thank God he's moving up a tee box or two"! The last thing a good
  17. First off big time congrats on your weight loss! You probably just added +20 years to your life man!!!!! I've had a couple 50 lbs weight swings in my adulthood. When I went back to college after the military I blew up. I started running and lost that then blew up again after a few years in my current career, started running again and got most of it off. For me I just have to keep running or I get lazy and the weight comes back. In those couple weight transitions it definitely has effected my swing, always for the good when I lost weight adding more speed and flexibility! Get some
  18. The guy I like to envision or channel as I warm up is Payne Stewart. My swing looks nothing like his but his tempo was immaculate in my opinion and having his silky smooth swing in my mind helps set my tempo for the day. I do own and wear a few Ivy caps in his honor from time to time(no +4's though, I'm not cool enough to pull that off). What do I think my swing looks like: Picture Jordan Spieth at age 50,,,,,yeah right, in my dreams!!! Reality probably more like Daniel Summerhays, at least that was the example Mvmac used when I was taking video lessons with him a
  19. Depends on the area and terrain I play on. When I lived in Washington state the area I was in had some of the tallest fricking pine trees I've ever seen in my life. It was like trying to hit over a skyscraper. I learned quickly to hit the low burning runner to the green when I got into the woods there. Back in the Northeast where most our trees are more "normal sized" it's a matter of risk/reward. It's a good idea to practice the shot on the range from time to time. To get a wedge up really high very quickly and carry a significant distance you really need some club head speed. I like to p
  20. I have introduced a number of adult friends to the game over the years and I've always tried to start them out at the range for as many sessions as they are willing to do(usually 2-4 times) before they hit the course for the first time. Without the option of a par 3 or executive course I would attempt to persuade the beginner to perhaps tee off from the 200 yard marker or at a minimum play from the most forward tees. If they agreed to play from the forward tees I would also play there with them just so they don't feel belittled being the only one up there. With my son it was easy. He st
  21. When my son was around 7 and started playing on full size courses with me one of the first things I taught him was when he heard someone yell "FORE" you immediately get down and cover your head with your arms. No looking around or trying to figure out where it came from, just "drop and cover", period! I've been hit in the ankle many years ago(couldn't walk for 3 days) and worse twice I've seen an ambulance drive onto the course to pick up someone who was hit in the head and knocked out! I take "FORE" very seriously and I'll yell it freely if I or a playing partner hits anywhere near the
  22. This season for me has been a lesson in "be careful what you ask for". Since the inception of BB I've always wanted to see a gathering of Symetra/Nationwide Tour players fighting it out for money and exemptions. In this case it was mostly all Symetra and Cactus Tour players and I was expecting the overall play to be better. Some of that is the BB format and how they just refuse to let them play 5 to 9 holes of real golf for each and every elimination. I would rather see them have one single immunity challenge and the bottom two players go straight to elimination and battle it out for 9 holes o
  23. Kudos for not beating the guy in the face until blood is spraying everywhere with a 6-iron!!!! I'm not sure I could have handled it as well in your scenario if someone tagged my son when the playing area was clearly not open!!!!!! My son is a very good player and he's been hit once many years ago when he was 12 at Myrtle Beach grouped with a husband and wife. On one particular hole my son drove it past the woman about 30 yards in the left rough. I pulled up to his ball and the woman from the fairway hit this skull pull shank that hops like three times on the ground and barely taps my so
  24. You were in the wrong and should have yelled FORE!!!! Anything even close or in the direction of another hole or golfer I yell FORE at the top of my lungs. Looking at the pics you definitely hit the ball in their general direction. Nobody got hurt or hit so in this case no biggie but next time yell it out! It's not like a marshal is going to come out and get on you for yelling fore for no good reason. I don't know why people don't use it more often just to be on the safe side!
  25. In many ways that was a big part of my improvement when I first took up the game as a kid. I played and practiced a great amount at the golf course but when I got home it didn't stop there. I was fortunate to have a big enough yard where I could hit up to 75 yard pitch shots. Actually my brother and I built a green in the far back corner and we played to that thing for years all through high school. So if your going to have a green then by all means you've got to have a bunker right, lol! I love hearing my Dad tell the story how he came home from work one day and the boys had dug a hole in the
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