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  1. Who doesn't love Arnie. I haven't watched the special yet, probably will DVR it next time it's on. I've read a few books on him and his life story so I figured I've probably read a lot of what's on the show but I will eventually get around to it. Growing up in golf back in the 1970's I was a big Nicklaus fan and Arnie was on the downward trend at that point but you still had to respect the man and what he has done for golf. A couple years ago my son, father in law, and I took a golf trip to Myrtle Beach and played at one of Arnie's and one of Jack's courses. At the entrance wa
  2. At my home course we had a young assistant pro named Jordan who was a big kid at 6'4" and a very good player. He shot our course record(63) back in 2003 that still stands today. I've been a member there since 2005 and unfortunately my first year there was Jordan's last. I got to know him in the clubhouse we would have some good chats and he was just a nice humble kid doing his job. We talked about going out to play together but never made it out that season and he left to work at another course out of our area the following year. Now here's the funny part: Since I never got to see J
  3. Been crazy at work this week so I took Friday off and slept in and had a lazy relaxed morning. Made it out to the course around 1:30 for some practice and 9 holes. I hit balls then chipped and putted listening to some Pink Floyd before I went out. Birdied the first hole making a nice 18 footer. From there didn't really hit the ball all that great. Pared 2 and 3 but had a uncalled for 3 putt from the fringe on 4 to fall back to even. Made a nice 2 putt from 50 feet on 5 then hit my best shot of the day on 6, a 3/4 wedge from 115 uphill and into the wind to 2 feet. Tapped that in a
  4. I didn't vote because I'm neither when it comes to Bubba. I don't cheer for him or against him. When watching golf as a fan I have four categories of players: Those I'm pulling for and hope they win. Those I don't care for and hope they don't win. Those that I really don't care one way or another but they are exciting to watch.(Bubba) Those that I really don't care one way or the other and they are not exciting to watch. For me Bubba is just fun to watch! I'd rather see one of my favorites win but I'm not upset or going to bash him or the players that I don't care
  5. I agree DZ, if a kid has the desire and talent they are going to succeed or at least have that opportunity without specializing or making it their whole world. I think it's great that there are so many more opportunities for kids to play and practice sports these days compared to when I was younger but playing different sports or activities helps make a more rounded person for sure! I was a one sport golf nut back in high school. I guess because I was good at it and not much else but hindsight I should have put more effort into playing something else in the off season. That's why I was
  6. I wouldn't necessarily say I ever really "started" my son in golf. But I'll let you in on a little secret about parenting. As toddlers grow up they are watching you and they want to do what your doing in many cases when it comes to sports and other fun activities. As a crazed golfer I always had clubs laying around in my home office and a golf net in the back yard. When he was about 18 months old he decided it would be cool to get my old 1-iron from the corner of my office and drag it around the house. My wife got a picture of him standing with it and it's still my all time favorite picture fr
  7. I agree with everything accept that Kylee doesn't have enough game. I think she does and I would like to see her win but it is going to be an uphill battle because of Mary's click. I would imagine they are going to be picking her for elimination over the next few shows. If she survives that she may be dangerous in the finals. Sedena and Jackie are easily the two best players left if you look at tournament scores but I just have a feeling that Kylee is going to hang in there, I hope anyways, lol! Funny, I haven't looked at all her tournament scores but if any of them should be humble and
  8. It's nothing more than "Style Points" much like the club twirlers. I was a big fan of Greg Norman's swing back in the 80's and he would whip it back down many times after a big drive. I guess I watched him do it too much because I noticed I started doing it myself and still do it today. When I was junior player in the late 70's I went through a club twirling phase watching Lee Trevino do it. Luckily I grew out of that one! Either way it has nothing to do with injury or club speed, it's all about the style points, Holmes!
  9. Ummm,,,yeah,,, I would say the thread was mis-named. Should be more along the lines of : Hacker(12.2) complains about not letting to get to play through!!!!!!!
  10. I'm strangling you right now dude, can you feel it? I'm choking the life out of you for complaining about a little rain while there is nearly 3 feet of snow piled up in my yard and it's 20* outside!!!! Phhhheeeewww! OK, I'm calming down now!!!!! I live in Upstate NY because that is where my beautiful wife is from and she begged me to live here so you do what you do for the ones that you love the most. March is always a tough month because winter is coming to an end but it's still a few weeks away. Thankfully we have a golf dome in my area and I hit balls twice a week so the golf
  11. I gotta dig way back in the archives to remember high school golf tryouts about 35 years ago. It's easy to sit hear now and say no big deal don't let it get to you, but I do remember that there was a ton of pressure. My school wasn't your typical "show up and make the team" program by any stretch! Our golf team was one of the best in the State during my time in high school so you had to "bring it" just to get on the team and had to actually have some real (D1/D2 potential) game to get on Varsity. I will just say enjoy the experience and work hard if golf is your desire.
  12. I've played and prefered black gloves since the 1980's! Black Glove, Belt, Shoes, match perfectly!!!!!!
  13. I agree with you 100%! Maybe I'm just lucky where I live but there are so many options for beginners in my area with par3 and executive courses. I often wonder why some people drag their beginner kids/wives/buddies out to a regulation course when there are so many other options available,(again, at least in my area)! My son started out on these short courses at age 5 and played on them for 3 years before he was able to hit the ball far enough to comfortably handle a regulation course. Maybe there are some that don't want to play these pitch and putt courses with their beginner assoc
  14. 100% Addicted, I definitely started out that way for the first 10 years or so. I started my addiction as a 9 year old kid and spent too much time drawing golf course designs in class. The worst was my high school sophomore math class. My high school bordered our city muni golf course and from my math class you could clearly watch players hit approaches to the 17th green and then tee off on #18. September through June was pure torture sitting in there watching those old retired guy's getting to play everyday while I was stuck in school. Marriage, career, kids, home, it all changes your
  15. I think he will make a 10 footer on the last hole to just barely break 80! Crazy game, huh!
  16. Um yes!!!!!! My hand is raised high in the air!!!!!
  17. Having played for nearly 40 years and lived in a number of different States in a number of different areas, the definition of upper class and availability of golf is all over the map. I grew up in Michigan in a relatively small blue collar industrial town of about 100,000 when I started playing as a child in the 1970's. There were over 25 golf courses in our county and only two of those were private. Most of them were very affordable public family owned courses. We also had one State Park course and one city muni that was also very cheap to play. Because the public courses outnumbered
  18. Amazing, Gary Player with that impact position at his age! A thing of beauty!
  19. Yeah,,,pretty much what Buckeye said!!! Either way you have to factor in tolerance when your talking about drinking. A couple drinks to relax a heavy drinker may get a light drinker pretty buzzed and not thinking clearly. If you can't relax or play well on the golf course without a drink then you might want to "find a meeting" if you know what I mean! Personally, I enjoy a couple cold drafts on the 19th hole after I have played.
  20. I would be more concerned with what I'm putting in my body and what the long term effects might be! Vitamins at a normal dose are a good thing, but a healthy diet and routine exercise is a much better way to gain stamina back over pills, in my opinion.
  21. Back in my 20's and 30's I use to be able to jump out of the car, hit a few balls on the range and go. Not so much anymore, and now that I'm approaching 50 I wouldn't even think of hitting a golf ball on the course or range without stretching out for a good 10-15 minutes. The better I stretch out the quicker I feel warmed up and the farther I hit the ball that day. It sucks getting old but you can still get the ole body in a decent golf swing position by doing some good pre-round, or pre-range stretching As far as hitting balls on the range I like to hit about 12-15 balls and mos
  22. Ok, so you may not like doughnuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles but here is some constructive criticism for Kelzzy! This statement is 100% incorrect. I couldn't care less what my buddies or anyone else thinks of my score, my swing, or my game. The only one I have to impress or please in golf is myself. I'm there to focus on my game only, not what others are thinking about me and your statement says a lot about why you struggle under the gun! Mostly for you it is pure immaturity due to your age so as you grow up hopefully you will mature enough to get over your fixation of w
  23. As far as drama/serious golf movies I guess it's a tie for me between Greatest Game and Bagger Vance. I never read the Bagger Vance book so that's probably why I like the movie. I use to read a lot of Steven King and whenever a movie of his came out it would absolutely suck compared to the book. For comedy/chick flicks the original Caddy Shack is about a million miles ahead of anything else for me. I tried to like Tin Cup but Costner turned it into more or less a chick flick and the ending was written by a 3rd grader in my opinion. Happy Gilmour had some funny scenes but overall just th
  24. I have to give a shout out for an older gentleman at my home course who at 75 is a physical specimen! He was a pilot in Vietnam and ran full marathons up into his late 60's. Our home course is extremely hilly and only about 10 out of the 100 or so of us members walk and carry our bags and he's one of them. I'm 48 and in half ass decent shape running 3 days a week but I don't think I could do what he does. He plays 3-4 times a week and walks/carries 36 holes every day he plays on this crazy hilly terrain you could train Army Rangers on. The first time I met him my son and I were making t
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