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  1. I like doughnuts with chocolate frosting and those little sprinkles. I think Krispy Kreme makes the best! Sorry if it sounds off topic but that's about what I was actually thinking about trying to read Kellzzy book( I mean post)! Keep swinging kid, you might get there some day!
  2. I've always found the color "Fuchsia" to be pretty darn scary!!!! Or any other bright pastel color, you could try those.
  3. Zach hit one hell of a ! @#$%^&*-ing shot! There's o bviously some luck on any ball that falls in from that distance but that shot was struck about as pure as you could hope for and fortunately for Zach, took the right bounces and went in!
  4. ~~~~Quote: Across golfers it is shown, somewhat surprisingly, that longer hitters tend to be straighter than shorter hitters. From my experience in the game I would rewrite that statement as "For amateur/club golfers, the lower the handicap, the longer and straighter the player tends to be over higher handicap players"! Better players have a better impact position, hit the ball more solidly, and the ball tends to go farther and straighter. Humh,,,ball striking must be pretty important then,,lol!
  5. I had three nice highlights to my season this year in golf. 1) I repeated as Men's Club Champion. I had a decent lead early in the back nine and made a stupid bogey on #12. I was pretty pissed with myself because I recognized that I was playing to not lose more than playing to win. I played the last 6 holes very aggressively and birdied 3 of the last 6 to run away with it! 2) My home course has an annual Ryder Cup event every 4th of July. You can sign up as a individual and get paired with a partner or you can sign up as a twosome. The format is match play foursomes just like in
  6. I should make you pay me for this advice but I'm going to give you a freebee! The guy is obviously a "fear monger" that tries to instill fear to those that are a threat to him. Perhaps he fears that you will consistently beat him unless he applies pressure to you. You should take that as a compliment and give him a big smile when he makes his comments knowing that he is afraid! You don't have to talk trash back to him, just give him a smile and blow him off! It's really not that hard and you are obviously a threat to him. That's how some weak people deal with fear, they trash others! Your bett
  7. Way to go Rory! What a great battle between two of the worlds best players going blow for blow! It was by far one of the most exciting tournaments of the year in golf. Not sure if Scott got a little too aggressive on his final approach or if it was just adrenaline but he wasn't far from hitting a great shot that just carried over the back. I didn't expect Rory to make the putt but he pulled it off. Good on him for facing down the 2nd best player in the world and winning a prestigious event won by most of the games best players. What a great battle from some of the games best over the Ho
  8. A lot of it depends on the course design and walking versus riding. At my home course due to a number of extremely long walks and huge elevation changes between tees it adds nearly 40 minutes to the round when walking. I've played numerous parkland style courses well under 3 hours because the next tee box is near the last green. So it may be easy for your club to enforce your rule but it may not apply in all situations!
  9. No you were actually pretty funny dude! Some people are so uptight with everything in life they can't see when it's beyond obvious someone is clowning around!
  10. True everyone has taken many different pathways to becoming a single digit handicap or 70's shooter. If anything I guess it shows there is no right or wrong way but it's a matter of finding the best way for you as an individual. My story is similar to others that started this game as a junior with the exception that no one in my immediate family played golf and I actually got my Dad into the game when he realized how golf obsessed I really was. I started at age 10 back in 1975 and broke 80 by age 13. By todays standards I definitely did it the hard way but there were nowhere near the to
  11. Looking back with trying to keep my son properly fitted with golf clubs, age 12-14 were tough. He had out grown most kids clubs but a men's set was just a bit too much. He ended up playing a women's set during that period and was able to handle a men's set by age 14. A lot depends on your size and strength and how fast your growing. I don't know how big you are or if your above average in size and strength you may be able to handle a men's set. The worst thing you can do for your golf game in the developmental stage as a junior player is start playing clubs that don't fit or are too hea
  12. I would not personally mind if they were banned. I've been walking yardages for 39 years so no big deal as far as I'm concerned. They are a nice tool to have for averaging your driving distance or on the range to dial in yardages but for myself not needed on the course. One thing that's greatly improved overall these days is that most courses are pretty well marked compared to when I started playing back in 1975. Back then just about every course I played only gave you three yardage markers per hole 100, 150, and 200. At least in my area it's rare to find a course that doesn't have yard
  13. I've never broken a window on a house surrounding a golf course but as a kid I was pretty rough on the windows in my parents house. I shattered a total of 4 growing up but only two of them were golf related. The worst one was on a hot summer day I was out doing yard work and decided to jump in our pool to cool off. I had no towel when I got out so I was air drying in the back yard and grabbed an old "slick gripped" wedge my brother and I left out in the yard to chip and pitch balls around. My hands were still a little wet and I was swinging towards our enclosed back porch with big bay w
  14. There's a lot of factors on who plays well where, when and why. I have seen many examples over the years of one course players that struggle when they leave home. My Father in law is the perfect example of the average golfer that struggles away from our home course. He's only been playing for 5 years and joined my home course when he started. His best score ever at home is 80 and his average score there is 86-89. Three or four times a year my son and I will take him to other courses in the area and you can bet on one thing for sure, he is not going to break 90 that day. You can literally smell
  15. Yes I would imagine that golf in Korea is still mostly played by the wealthy with high end equipment. I was stationed about 17 miles from the North Korean border and was lucky to have a place to play at all. I believe our course was the closest to the northern border at that time,(well within artillery range) lol! Although our 9 hole course wasn't much to look at it is one of my most fondest memories in golf. We had a certified PGA Pro running the course and he and I became good friends and would play money matches straight up against each other. He would always buy me a couple drinks in t
  16. I played a lot of golf in Korea when I was stationed there over 22 years ago so my experience was probably too long ago to apply to Korea today, But anyways back then I'm guessing there may have been more US military golf courses on bases than there were in the public sector, not sure but guessing that was the case. Being that we were technically only leasing the land from the Korean government they were allowed to come on base and play our courses. The kicker was what the Koreans paid to play our course at Camp Casey. For me I could play 18 holes for $5, for the Korean Civilians that pric
  17. Michigan, West Virginia, Washington, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, California, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Florida 11 total in order that I played them to the best of my memory, lol!
  18. United States, Canada, Germany, Jamaica, Korea. Probably not too many of you played in Korea unless you were stationed there in the military as I was. I was lucky enough that my wife let me play golf in Jamaica during our honeymoon!
  19. This is not necessarily odd or strange but a couple years back I was on vacation at Myrtle Beach at a Driving Range hitting balls with my son. When I got to the driver I was hitting them pretty solid down there about 275-280 yards. The range ended at 300 yards with a fence and there was a utility shed beyond the fence about 320 yards away. There was an older gentleman next to us and for whatever reason he stopped and watched me hit a few drives. He came over to talk and told me that there use to be a high school kid that practiced here on a regular basis and he would bounce balls off the utili
  20. I voted no for a few reasons. One is I have a number of friends and co-workers that played both baseball and hockey at the college and semi-pro ranks and they suck at golf! I think it's easier for a golfer with certain physical abilities to cross over and play other sports than it is for a pure athlete to jump into golf! But it's hard to put labels on everyone, not every football player is going to suck at golf, and not every golfer is going to be good at another sport! The question is really dependent upon the individual!
  21. Exactly, that's why I stated I don't play for money unless it's straight up. I was pretty clear about that! Playing in club matches and giving strokes is another thing and I don't have a problem with that! It's not about being macho by any means. It's about putting yourself on the line. I was pretty clear in that I only play accomplished players for money. If a 10 handicap asked me to play for money and give them strokes I would tell them to go put in the time and dedication that I have and come back when they are ready to play straight up!
  22. It would be fun! I would rather lose like a man than win like a bitch!
  23. I don't play for money unless were playing straight up! The handicap system is great for trying to match up players and it can level the playing field but when money is on the line your going to have to play me like a man or not play at all. That's probably why the majority of my money matches have been against local pro's and other scratch players. I will say that my club's Match Play event uses only 80% handicaps and that seems to work out really well in making things fair and exposes the sandbaggers as well. A few years back I had a match against a 12 handicap and I had to give him 1
  24. I agree with you 100% k-troop! Considering the rules and guidelines that I have to follow at my job which are exponentially more than the rules of golf, there is absolutely no excuse for these guy's that make a living in golf to not know the rule book inside out! But as crazy as it seems there are many that apparently do not. Like I said before, some of these calls are difficult to even see without slow motion camera's but as far as drops go, they should have that down cold!
  25. I agree with the penalty and to my eyes it definitely changes positions. I do not think in any way that Tiger is a cheater but he has had some interesting situations this year with the Masters Drop and now this. I'm not a Tiger fan so I found the whole Masters drop rather funny with Tiger throwing himself under the bus, and that was clearly a situation where he didn't know or remember the rule. On this situation I'll also give Tiger a pass(I must be feeling charitable today) because the ball did just barely move maybe 1cm or less and viewing it on camera is much easier than seein
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