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  1. Course strategy plays a huge roll in how you attack the golf course for a lower handicapped player. I played a round this summer with some 20 handicap co-workers at a nice resort course I had never been on before. We only get together once or twice a year to golf and they wanted to play the regular men's tees. From those set of tees there were a number of short par4's that I could nearly drive so not really caring what I shot that day I went into "bomb and gouge" mode hitting Driver on those holes(probably showing off a little). I easily birdied #2 but short sided myself on the next few holes
  2. Congrats to your son and I can appreciate your feeling as a proud Father. I've spent the last 10 years watching my son develop as a player from age 5 to 15. He also plays basketball in the winter but his main sport has always been golf. I was proud of him when he made our very competitive H.S. JV team as an 8th grader, and last year as a freshman he went out for JV but was moved to Varsity after tryouts. In the summer we play 3-4 times a week and for me this is the Golden Age of having a child in golf. I know in a few years he will go off to college and we will still play but probab
  3. A wise man once said "Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all"! Sounds cheesy but is so true. Go out for the team and do your best. If it's not good enough then work on your game and try again next year. I lettered in golf but as a freshman my best buddy who was a fantastic baseball pitcher talked me into trying out for the baseball team. I played one year of little league when I was 7 years old and absolutely sucked at baseball. He kept bugging me and said just try out as an outfielder and you'll make the team easy. Well, I went out and tried really hard b
  4. Sorry if you misunderstood me but the guy I played was a full grown man in his mid-twenties and as I stated a pretty good size at 6'3". I only called him a kid because I'm pushing 50,,lol!
  5. I had an interesting match today in my clubs match play championship. I was pitted against a young mid twenties kid about 6'3" and could crush it pretty good. The kid was a 10 handicap so he was a bit better than the examples in this thread but I thought it would be interesting to map out his drives from our match. We use 80% handicaps so as a scratch player I had to spot him 8 shots for the match. These are only the holes where we both hit Driver on. Hole #1: OK, my driving average is around 275 so I'll hit some drives in the 290 range as well as the 260's throughout the course
  6. To me Ben Hogan was an amazing guy! I've read two biographies on him and various other articles and his life was a true adventure. You can easily argue that he was the best and most feared player in the world from 1940 to 1955 which is an impressive 15 year run. Unfortunately for Ben it took him a little too long to figure out his game and swing. If he would have had that knowledge, skill, and ability starting in the early 1930's there's a good chance he might have put up Tiger/Jack numbers in the Majors. He also had a World War and a near fatal car wreck in the time period that he was
  7. I take this thread as tongue in cheek, but I will just add one last comment then I'm done with it. To say that there is no way a high handicapper could hit a 300 yard drive in play would be wrong but it is so very, very rare. So rare that in 38 years of playing as a single paired with others and in countless tournaments I've never seen it. I say it's possible only because the odds are the big strong young high handicapper that swings hard statistically can't hit them all O.B. or three fairways over. Eventually once a week, once a month or once a year they catch one really solid and o
  8. The entire post was in jest to some degree! But I see a lot of young strong guy's who think they kill it, hit some pretty wild drives, and a very small percentage of fairways! All joking aside if you add up playable fairway drives versus wild ass sprayed shots my equation's probably aren't that far off. But hey who am I to judge, most 20 handicappers that claim to drive it 300 yards think they hit playable awesome drives right down the middle every time!
  9. So I've been doing a lot of research and mathematical evaluation of "Claimed Internet Distances" versus "Handicap Level" and although my major in college was not mathematics I think I've come up with a relatively accurate equation on how to estimate one's true consistent distance versus their claimed "Internet Distance" So here go's! {(Claimed Internet Distance)(.90)} x {(100 - Claimed Handicap)(0.01)} So, A 20 handicap that claims they hammer it down the middle 300 yards works out to: {(300)(.90)} x {(100 - 20)(0.01)} = 216 yards. OK so maybe there wasn't a
  10. My own personal feeling is when it comes to golf never give advice anywhere either on the range or the course unless you are asked. I will help anyone who asks but my mission in life is not to spread the gospel on how to swing a golf club or fix every 10-25 handicapper. Not many people like a "Swing Crusader" when it comes to soliciting advice to a stranger! I had a guy I got paired with a couple weeks ago who asked me for advice. We finished the front nine and on the 10th tee he asks me if I think his swing is "too armsy". He said all his golfing buddies tell him that. I told him to be
  11. I'll make my choice purely on aesthetics since it's been proven over and over there's more than one way to swing a club and win in golf. If I had to choose one I would have to go with Greg Norman. The guy just had that swashbuckling style which may have hurt him at times but I enjoyed watching his swing back in his prime.
  12. I grew up in Michigan and know that the humidity would get very high in the summer months surrounded by all those lakes which effect carry and how long the ball stays in the air. A few weeks back here in NY we had 90 degree temps with high humidity and I was hitting 1/2 a club less into the greens than normal. Another factor with distance versus thin air is the higher you naturally hit the ball the more you benefit from playing in higher altitudes. So a low ball hitter that plays in high altitudes will not see too much of a drop in distance when they play at lower altitudes. The combina
  13. I would say your doing a nice job with your game looking at your tournament scores. Nothing earth shattering but a solid start to a good golf game. I started as a junior at age 10 and was scratch by 17. Which for a junior novice versus an adult novice the strength and size factor come into play until about age 15-16. The nice thing about starting as a junior is you automatically gain yards every year as you grow! Your definitely on track to reach the club pro level and with a little more practice and improvement should be able to pass the PAT ability test for the PGA of America. If your
  14. In any tournament setting you have to protect the field and not calling them out is as bad as cheating yourself. As far as casual rounds or playing with friends or coworkers, I could care less what they do if were not playing for money. When I first started my job 15 years ago I did have an interesting round with a coworker that was a boss and was considered the supreme golfer of our company. We had a chat one day and golf came up and he asked what I shot. I had just graduated from college and was getting back to playing and practicing consistently shooting in the 73-78 range.
  15. Yes, there are even times I get a little frustrated with my Father in law when we play outside our home course. He will say I'm going to play the regular tees today and I know he's going to struggle. I tell my son when I turn 65 I'll be on the Senior tees and I'll be kicking his butt,,lol! I agree it is a macho/hormonal thing!
  16. No not condescending at all!! Reading your reply I took it that you did not understand my entire post and perhaps you have never been in that same situation! Your right that it takes a certain skill set that includes both accuracy and distance when it comes to playing back tees. There are many situations to slow play and golfers playing from the wrong set of tees. There are those that spray the ball and spend too much time in the woods, as well as those like I mentioned that do not or have not acquired the skill of accurate distance. The example I gave was pretty obvious in that
  17. He added an hour to our normal 3 some time, about 35-40 minutes additional to what it would have been if he had played from the correct tees. You obviously missed the point that having a player play from the wrong tee forces the group as a whole to stop an additional time in the fairway adding time to the round!!! If your out of position from a distance stand point to the rest of the group I don't care how fast you think you are your adding time to the round! I guess if the old guy would have sprinted out ahead of us and hit his additional shots he needed then he may have been able to
  18. I have to say that the idea that anyone can play from the back tees as long as they play fast is completely incorrect. I have the perfect example that happened last year when my normal threesome of myself, my son, and my father in law were paired with a single. As a threesome I played from the blue(back) tees, my 15 year old son was on the white(regular mens) tees and my 70 year old father in law was on the gold(senior) tees. The single that was grouped with us was somewhere in his late 50's early 60's age range and as we warmed up appeared to be about a 15-20 handicap. As we get to the fi
  19. Reading through some of the posts I wasn't sure if this thread was about 100 yard approach shots or about high handicappers imagining they consistently pound 300 yard drives center cut down the middle? Anyways, from 100 yards in the fairway I use my 52 degree gap wedge. I grip down to about the middle of the grip with a 3/4 swing. I like to keep the ball as low as possible from 100 yards and in. Basically controlling trajectory helps control distance and I like the Steve Stricker approach to pitching the ball from 100 yards and in. Just enough spin on the ball to take a couple hop
  20. Reading through all the posts it's obvious that golf is very different in availability, cost and popularity from area to area. I've been fortunate that I have always lived in areas where finding decent courses at a reasonable price was not an issue. I grew up in a small town Jackson, MI that was very favorable to junior golf back in the 70's/80's. It is the home of Mike and Dave Hill, PGA Tour players from the 60's/70's. I don't know if that was the only reason golf was so popular in my small town but I'm sure it had a hand in it. Today I live in upstate NY where there are excellent jun
  21. And you can say the exact same thing about Tiger in that context! If there was anything that Tiger and Jack share it is the ability to take a long time on the greens when in contention in a major. I understand your younger than me Erik and you don't have the knowledge of actually watching pro golf from the 1970's into the present. Neither Jack or Tiger were slow in the respect of "putting them on the clock" but what usually played out for both of them was their playing partner would be so far out of it they would rush to get out of the way and let them have the stage. What I've
  22. I had a similar incident to the OP's a couple years ago while on vacation at the Outer Banks. For years we've been going down and staying across the street from the Currituck Club. A very nice Fazio resort course. On this particular day my son and I were practice putting on their massive two tiered putting green when a father with two young sons, around ages 5 and 7 came to also putt. My son and I moved up to the upper level to continue our putting match we had started leaving them with the lower section to themselves. I wasn't paying attention to the father and son below but after a while
  23. When it comes to tournament play when strokes are involved it's irrefutable that sandbagging is most damaging to the integrity of the game. Vanity handicappers are idiots that only hurt themselves and no one else!!! Classic example: A couple years ago I made it to the Championship match of our club's match play as a scratch golfer. My opponent was a 13 handicap and they took 80% of that so I had to give him 10 shots for the round. I played mediocre and shot even par on the front nine and I was 4 down at the turn. The match ended on #15 and my opponent was only +2 on the day.
  24. If Tiger, or anyone else for that matter, can get OWGR points for their little 16 man end of year get together, then there's no issue at all giving Snead a victory for a two man "PGA Tour Sanctioned" event from the 1940's!!! People need to stop trying to rewrite the history books to suit their own opinion and just let history play out. Those shared victories by Snead were official PGA Tour wins and part of the official money earned for that year. Actually it would be great to see a two man event like that on the PGA Tour today, much like the Legends on the Senior Tour.
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