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  1. Looking good!!! The drill gives you room to swing your arms properly and holds your tush line from coming out closer to the ball on the down swing. Your on the right path! Good Luck with the changes!!!
  2. Wow, a lot of "IGNORANCE" on this topic. Tiger most definitely brought golf to the main stream. Not because he was some kind of Gandi type figure for sure, but primarily because of mainstream liberal media. They found a non-white golfer that could actually play at a high level and exploded that niche. The rest of the industry jumped in and took advantage of that angle(purely to make money). Look, I honestly think it's a cool thing that the media could find a way to promote the game to the minorities, but the way they did it is a little suspect in my opinion. Along with that
  3. Hey Bud, just so you know, your front(left) knee is extremely "internally rotated" which is wicked bad, s far as promoting ROTATION in the golf swing. The truth is very few that swing a golf club really understand or practice enough rotation. Its all about cause and effect. If you do anything to hinder rotation, you "HAVE TO THROW YOUR ANGLES AWAY" through impact. And if and when you ever fix your lack of rotation you will likely hit it mostly fat(unless other compensations are made) Practice 3/4 shots with a alignment rod in your grip and rotate, rotate, rotate!!!!!!
  4. My honest opinion based on actual experience is the better player you become the less par becomes relevant. But I think even higher handicaps could adopt that attitude and improve their focus and scores on the course. Making par irrelevant means putting a single minded purpose/focus on each individual shot as your task, not actually "trying" to make par on a certain hole to keep a round going. For most golfers "Par" is the Holy Grail and their Gold Standard to becoming a good consistent player. That just adds pressure to the task of stringing good solid golf shots together in a row. Your
  5. My personal opinion with what's wrong with the American handicap system starts with and is embedded in inaccurate Course Ratings! There's other things like how GB only counts Tournament scores. I like that but unfortunately American golf is not exactly set up the way they are so invoking that system would mean many would remain handicap-less or their handicap would be based on 1-2 rounds per year. But getting back to course ratings, I've always thought they were sketchy at best! My old home course is the classic example. The USGA puts a lot of emphasis on distance(as they should) but
  6. I don't reply much here to often anymore, just do some occasional grazing, but this topic definitely raised my attention. My son is at the end of his junior tournament playing career having played State and Regional Junior PGA events over the past 8 years from age 10 to 18. He qualified for the PGA State Championship this coming Spring and then it's a summer golf internship he has worked at the past couple years with his teaching pro and preparing for college golf in the fall. One of the best things I did was to make a decision to limit my involvement in my son's development.
  7. I don't work as a pro by trade but turned pro a number of years ago and lets just say well past my playing prime but have really enjoyed being a sparring partner for my son and a couple of his buddies as they have matured into solid players. As far as Ms. Braman, not a surprising result for a 16 year old in her first pro event ever. My assessment of her game is based on how well she has played against equal competition in junior events, which has been pretty solid. Going up against more seasoned older Pro's was a great experience for her. If she plays in it again in 2016 I think she
  8. I had to work this year during the tournament and didn't get a chance to get out there. Bummer, it's a great tournament on one of my favorite courses in the Capitol area. My son and I played Capitol Hills yesterday in preparation for today's NENY Tour Championship at Glens Falls CC. They do not allow any practice rounds at Glens Falls and not that Capitol Hills is identical but with the big rolling hills and elevation changes I figured it would be about as close as we could get for a practice round. My son is setting 6th in points and needs a solid round to get into the State Junior PGA
  9. I've probably posted this before, oh well, but the idea that people playing from the wrong tees is OK if they simply keep up with the group ahead may be somewhat true on a busy course where congestion is already very high. The problem is when you put a single playing from the wrong tees with a twosome or threesome that are all playing from the correct tees, they are going to slow the group down as a whole. You guy's like math and science here and that's all it is, basic math. It's not a theory, I've lived it in real time on occasion. A few years back when my son was younger and his grandpa
  10. Positive Attitude!!!! Whether it's a warm up session before a round or a full practice session, if I'm hitting the ball like garbage I always walk away shrugging it off knowing it will be better next time or when I get on the course. Pretty much 100% of the time it is. I get it that you haven't been at it for +40 years like some of us have so we've had enough experiences to know and understand that it's more than OK to have a bad range session or be in a slump for a period of time. We're human beings, not robots, and this is one of the hardest games mankind came up with so is it really
  11. Bingo! DVR is the magic box! I record absolutely everything nowadays from NBA playoffs to PGA Tour events. As soon as FOX started their yapping and little sidebar stories at the US Open I would simply fast forward to the action back on the course. Easier to plan your life around it as well. Go play golf on Sat/Sun afternoons then go home and watch the golf action in prime time. I would go absolutely nuts without my DVR at this point! Next to putting a man on the moon, the DVR is man's greatest accomplishment,,,lol!!!!
  12. Yeah the whole thing was more comical than anything. I think in the spirit of this thread the point was he wasn't much of a "Real Golfer" so bringing snacks with him to feed his enormous size was probably not in his psyche and I could have likely given him 35 shots and the match would have went a couple more holes.
  13. I had to chuckle because I ran into this a couple years back. My home course has a members matchplay event that runs through the summer. They setup the bracket then give everyone a set amount of time to get the match in against your opponent. The consensus among the members is due to work and other commitments most people can't take 3-4 days in a row to play a real match play event and it's separate from our medal play Club Championship.. On my first match that year I draw the worst member golfer at our course. I can't remember his handicap but it was in the 30's. They use a 80% rule with
  14. Observation 1: Funny you brought this up. I was going through and throwing out some old Golf magazines the other day and came across a 2012 Davis Love article where he said he loaded into his back(right) heel on the back swing and his front(left) heel on the downswing. There was a little more to it than that but it was a pretty decent article for "magazine instruction" lol! Observation 2: As Tat14 said you may be swinging at it too hard but one thing I would be very observant of is "alignment"! Most tee boxes are built in some rectangular fashion and people tend to want to line up along
  15. A bit of a misconception that draws go a lot farther than fades. The easy answer to this is simply "who" is hitting the shot? For many Ams that hit a weak glancing blow from OTT with open face you may perfect hitting the ball in the middle of the club face but because of the characteristics of that type of swing it will produce very short distance. So many people transition from there to trying to hit from the "inside" which without some swing changes and understanding normally leads to hanging back a little and dropping the back shoulder straight down to get that feeling of coming fro
  16. Please do not take this as a bashing or an attempt to crush your dreams in any way. It's just a real world example to give you a healthy dose of reality. My son is a junior this year and his team lost only one match the entire season. My son and three other seniors that are graduating this year range in handicaps from scratch to a 2. Their #1 player shot a three day total of -9 under par during tryouts(it's his home course) this past fall. Two of the three graduating seniors this year are signed to play D2 college golf. The #1 guy I think got a couple looks but no offers for D1. Th
  17. Colin, Your right that the majority of courses in the Capitol District do max out at 6500-6700 yards. Likely because most of them are older more classic styled layouts that were built well before the clubs and ball became super juiced. In many cases I've found most of these courses to be great layouts from the back tees with a combination of short par4's inside 375, along with some tough +450 yard par4's sprinkled into the mix. But we do have some length in the Albany/Saratoga area if you look close enough: Saratoga State Park at 7145 yards from the black tees Eagle Crest at
  18. Headphones/MP3 Player! Greatest invention ever! My wintertime practice facility(Golf Dome) can get pretty busy and pretty loud. There's a large number of retirees there daily who like to group together and have extensive discussions on how "Hogan did it", along with the "self proclaimed golf guru's" who like to comb the range and coach their associates in great detail, of all their swing faults and how they should be fixing them. A lot of talking, not a lot of improvement going on among them but my headphones do a great job of negating all the noise and hysteria, lol! They're all mo
  19. When I think of Mental Game it has nothing to do with technique, ability, ball flight rules, course management,,,,,etc. It's about fading in and out of focus during the round and allowing my mind to escape from the pressure of the situation I may find myself in. It's like overfilling a balloon. If you keep adding more and more air eventually your going to pop it, just as staying overly focused about every little thing in your game, swing, course management, ball flight rules, while your playing for +4 hours eventually overfills your head and it pops(figuratively of course)! Sometime
  20. Personally I always strive to feel "Neutral" in the sense that neither hand is necessarily in control of the swing. If I ever felt like one hand or the other took over it slowed my swing down and I would become disconnected. For me the feeling of the hands working in unison connected to my bodies pivot has always produced the longest and most accurate shots!
  21. That's exactly how it plays out in my area! There are basically three options in my area: Dick's - Um,,,,NO! Golf Galaxy - They have all the equipment and the ability to do a decent fitting but honestly the "big box" mentality really comes out in there. To them, everyone that walks through the door is a 20 handicap because,,,,,that's what they mostly sell to so they give everybody the usual treatment. Mom & Pop store that's been around since the 1950's - Bingo, every and all good players from scratch to 5 handicap that I personally know are fitted and buy their clubs f
  22. Good Job RFK! You picked a hole that I birdied last time I was out there! Unlike #1 at Capitol Hills that is a very short but tough Par-5 that I enjoy, #12 is much longer at 554 yards from the back tees and this hole just does not fit my eye or my ball flight. I can cut the ball but I just don't do it unless I have no other option. On this hole from the back tees I don't worry about the bunkers, I don't think I could get there, at least I haven't hit them yet, maybe if it was down wind, and then maybe,lol? So I aim pretty much down the right hand tree line and try to draw it
  23. Great choice of holes RFK and as I've told you before this may be my favorite course in the Capitol Area(Glens Falls CC is pretty fun as well and very hilly like Capitol Hills)! I've only played the hole from the back tees which isn't much of a difference here but every yard helps getting to a flatter spot down the fairway. The key to this hole is hitting a solid tee shot down the left side of the fairway. This will give you a nice kick forward and back to the middle of the fairway and if hit far enough will put you in one of the flatter areas. Which is kind of funny to say since there
  24. OK guy's, First dumb question and I apologize if this was already mentioned but: If I don't put the guy's on my bench in play during the tournament do they still get dinged for a "start" of the 10 possible starts? Thanks!
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