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  1. Chanceman

    Claim Your Achievements Here!

    Have had 3 holes-in-one on the one hole. Also broke 90 a few times.
  2. Chanceman

    PGA Tour's New Slogan: Live Under Par

    Who, me? Living under par? I dont think so. In my dreams maybe.
  3. In my opinion #5 Magnolia is an unsung hero/beast of Augusta. That green is so @#$%$ hard. But I also like the tee shot which is to a very wide fairway sweeping right and narrowing around those superb fairway bunkers and then a tough iron into the very nasty green which does not need sand protection. It is much like another MacKenzie hole I once played, i think at Hadley Wood in the UK.
  4. Trump's Ferry Point is on my bucket list for my next trip to NY. Nicklaus design, fabulous views, public access, close to Manhattan - why not. Maybe some FBI types lingering in the shadows, what fun.
  5. I recently had a decent heart attack (incurred while waching the Masters on TV!!) and am now faced with a little while off golf. Has anyone had to do this and how long did it take to get back to a normal schedule. And what did you have to do to recover strength etc. in my case I had a stent inserted rather than valves etc so not totally disasterous!!
  6. Chanceman

    Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    I was at The Open at St Andrews a few years ago and some dill-pickle from the mid-west called out "in the hole" - the response from the surrounding fans was like "how dare you, this is the Open, please be quiet". Never heard a peep from him after that. So maybe some peer pressure would help at US events. Certainly at the Masters there is much less than you hear at regular PGA events.
  7. Chanceman

    Worst Shot In Major Championship History

    Somehow I knew that would be the response. No doubt others feel the same.
  8. Chanceman

    Worst Shot In Major Championship History

    Well it was the first round and Sergio was the defending champion so I suppose he WAS in contention until about the third try. After that it was a test of character just to keep going despite the embarrassment which he did, so hats off.
  9. Chanceman

    Worst Shot In Major Championship History

    Surprised no-one has mentioned Thomas Bjorn, in 2003 Open when leading by 2 puts his ball in the bunker at 16 and takes 2 to get out, letting Ben Curtis (who??) through to win.
  10. Chanceman

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    Rather Poulter than Montgomerie any day. When asked what he was doing when Tiger won the '97 Masters, Poulter who is the same age as TW, volunteered: "I was working in a pro shop, selling Mars Bars and giving one pound lessons to kids..." (he may as well have said I aint no Tiger..) Montgomerie gives everyone the pip wherever he goes. He played with the Australian Cricket captain (who is like off plus 3) and would not acknowledge him until he had birdied the first 4 holes and Monty had all pars.
  11. Dont have time to read every post on every thread. But not a shred of actual evidence of what? I just said there has to be a reason for Tiger's miracle recovery. I know some think he walks on water but actually human bodies are all similar.
  12. Tiger has had a self-described "miracle" recovery from his last back operation. There has to be a reason.
  13. I love Augusta National. When you go there the course is the attraction, I can hardly remember which players I saw, but I can recall every hole in all their beauty. But I do have one quibble, re Sergio's little episode at 15. Ok he should have been smart enough to see that the green was so quick, and the hole was so far forward, and the bank so shaved of grass that the shot he played was too ambitious. But, that bank is ridiculous. Surely some healthy grass would not be out of place to catch the errant backspinner like on 13 for example which caught Reed's ball.
  14. Chanceman

    Is Bubba a HOF golfer currently?

    I do object to "opinion" being declared "fact". But here's an immutable fact 15>14 and 16>14 and 17>14 and 18>14. And your response is......dont worry I know already.
  15. Chanceman

    Is Bubba a HOF golfer currently?

    I didnt think Majors were the criterion any more? Its all about the depth of field and "domination" these days.

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