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  1. Has anyone played any of these? - 1. Royal Lytham, 2. Royal Birkdale, 3. Spyglass Hill, 4. Barnbougle Dunes, 5.New South Wales, 6. Pebble Beach, 7. Pebble Beach. 8. Pebble Beach. 9 Turnberry, 10. Cape Wickham, 11. St Andrews, 12. Kingsbarns, 13. Royal Melbourne West, 14. Royal Birkdale, 15. Kingston Heath, 16. Pasatiempo, 17. St Andrews, 18. Carnoustie. I could probably have another 3 or 4 PB holes eg 5,9,10,12,17,18. But the beach holes there are the best. Left out St Andrews 1, Pacific Dunes 13,17, Bandon Dunes 16, Bandon Trails 7,13, Pasatiempo 16, Royal Melb 6,17, probably a few others.
  2. Oh really? Well I think its particularly lousy to hide behind semantics..
  3. When you call someone lousy you are abusing them. I dont express an opinion to be abused. So go back to your little golf club and play with all your buddies who do not want to shake hands with anyone they dont know. Unless of course they go to the UK or Australia where they would expect to be handed a tee time as a random nobody.
  4. Well you are a random nobody too, but I treat you with respect and dont call you names.
  5. Calm down. I dont live at my golf club - I share it with others. We have protocols for admitting visitors, we dont admit anyone who simply calls ahead. No need to verbal me about celebrities, you are the one who suggested celebrities deserve special consideration along with golf architects. I did not rank a whole population by their celebs' behaviour - I just dont think that being one qualifies as deserving of a round of golf. And yes I do think that a club which rejects reasonable approaches from an international club golfer is snobby.
  6. Judging by the behaviour of some US "celebrities" of late you would not want them anywhere near your golf club. And, sure, clubs are entitled to have their own protocols. My point is that being a member of the global golfing community should allow some kind of reasonable consideration. Other countries do it - it creates goodwill.
  7. We are not talking "random" people here. Sure golf developed as a members' game but in this day and age people do travel and if they are a member elsewhere and properly introduce themselves why should any reasonable club not allow a travelling golfer to play? You can play at Royal Melbourne and Kingston Heath if you come down under and they are both exclusive but dont snub international visitors like some small-time US clubs do. All I am saying is that its too rigid in America for visitor play at many clubs, a few though are very accommodating.
  8. Yes there are a few of us going to the US later this year but we got a flat out rejection from one of the big 3 LA clubs, still waiting on the others. My experience is that most private clubs will welcome us but a few are quite snobby and insist on their member invitations. I am just never quite sure who to write to, the Head Pro or the General Manager or the Concierge! BTW there are now 4 courses in Tasmania to play - Barnbougle, Lost Farm, which are both on the main island , and Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes on King Island. You will love all of them. I would say the four are comparable to if not better than the Bandon Dunes four - similar architects of course. To play the two on KI we take a commuter flight from Melbourne and stay overnight in the on course cabins. You can go on to Barnbougle from there. Its only an hour's flight.
  9. Interesting. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. Boulders North or South? TS Oodham or Pipaash? TN Monument or Pinnacle? WKP Saguaro or Cholla? GH Raptor or Talon? Also River Verde pops up. Appreciate your thoughts.
  10. Interesting you say Wickenburg Ranch. There seem to be quite a lot of positive comments about it. It was not on my radar at first but now I am thinking it is not to be missed - and it is on the Troon Card. How does it rate with say Talking Stick, Ak Chin, Quintero and Boulders?
  11. One of the Great Things About Golf

    Totally agree. Golf serves the competitive juices. But it is also physically beneficial, offers mental exercise, and most importantly when you retire from work it provides interaction with others. It develops your sense of humour. And partners like it too because it gives them space!! Finally, it offers amazing travel possibilities.
  12. Best Shot of the Week

    I made the pilgrimage to Bandon Dunes recently and generally struggled pretty much on each of the courses. But, but, our last round was at Old Macdonald and we come to the 16th "Alps" hole. Drive goes left leaving a long way across the front of the big dune to the side entry to the green through the gap. So heroically, or foolishly, I said to myself Why not have a crack at the dune? So I did, grabbed the 8 iron and flailed away. Perfect contact and somehow the ball sailed at a majestic height clear over the sand dune. My partner is almost at the green and I hear him shouting. 5 feet from the pin!! I just love Bandon.
  13. Yes I realize that November is not ideal but it's the best fit for everyone in the group. We plan to buy the Troon Card so that will save a lot. Also we want to play as wide a range of courses as possible so one round only at each of Troon North, We-Ko-Pa, Grayhawk, Talking Stick and Boulders plus Quintero, AkChin, and Mountain Shadows. I will book in advance where possible and chance it for the others. Price is not a major factor but you save if you can without compromising the plan.
  14. Not going until late November so this is all pre-planning.
  15. Absolutely worth it. What's $500? 5 golf shirts. The course is brilliant, the scenery is unmatched, go for it. It's history. The memories will be forever. And having played there makes watching it on TV even better.

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