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  1. Prague City Golf Club (20kms out of town) is hosting a Euro Challenge Tour event and Albatross GC is rated pretty high but is a little further out. Other than that I have no direct knowledge.
  2. We went to Bandon in November last year and basically ran out of daylight to get 36 holes in. Old Mac and Trails are both very long. So we played Bandon Preserve and Shorty's a couple of times after or before the main course that day. BP is an absolute cracker. So there are plenty of options. If the weather is bad you wont want to play 36 anyhow but good luck trying. Dont forget to try for the Sheep Ranch where you can play all day for $100 I think it was, although there are rumours its closed. You 'll have a great time whatever you do.. Oops... re shoes, nothing better than regular Footjoys will be necessary.
  3. Parred the hardest hole on the course (450 yard par 4) after never seeing the fairway and with one 30 foot putt - to win the match!!
  4. We are doing same in November. Our schedule is Troon Monument, WeKoPa Saguaro, Grayhawk Raptor, Ak Chin So Dunes, Quintero, Wickenberg Ranch, TPC Stadium, Boulders South, Talking Stick Oodham and a round or two at Mountain Shadows.
  5. Golf in the USA makes an interesting contrast with England, the home of snobbery and aristocratic attitudes, where you can get a game at somewhere like Swinley Forest just by emailing them and coming up with the $300 to play. You drive in your little rent-a-Toyota and park next the Bentleys and Ferraris then book your bacon and egg roll before teeing off alongside Commodore Carruthers with his Irish Setter in tow. Swinley Forest began its life when the Queen asked the local Duke did he have a golf course and if not why not. Strange.
  6. For what its worth I also think Mr Spieth played the rules very well at The Open last year when he took that drop behind the bus on the practice fairway. He kind of said to all the officials "this is the line" from on top of the sand dune and none of them checked. I reckon he got a good deal from that.
  7. OK here goes - I had 3 holes-in-one on the same hole in the space of 6 weeks. All with the same club too, 4 iron. No pushover either - 180 yards. All in competition too. They changed the hole after that, it was getting too easy!
  8. We have competitions every day of the week at my club with prizes eg 5 balls for a win, 1 ball for top 10%. This means everyone plays honest golf and the handicaps are quite accurate. We also bet with each other which also produces some degree of true effort . Our system takes best 8 from 20 (based on the slope) and also has a .93 multiplier (i think that's right).
  9. Have had 3 holes-in-one on the one hole. Also broke 90 a few times.
  10. Who, me? Living under par? I dont think so. In my dreams maybe.
  11. In my opinion #5 Magnolia is an unsung hero/beast of Augusta. That green is so @#$%$ hard. But I also like the tee shot which is to a very wide fairway sweeping right and narrowing around those superb fairway bunkers and then a tough iron into the very nasty green which does not need sand protection. It is much like another MacKenzie hole I once played, i think at Hadley Wood in the UK.
  12. Trump's Ferry Point is on my bucket list for my next trip to NY. Nicklaus design, fabulous views, public access, close to Manhattan - why not. Maybe some FBI types lingering in the shadows, what fun.
  13. I recently had a decent heart attack (incurred while waching the Masters on TV!!) and am now faced with a little while off golf. Has anyone had to do this and how long did it take to get back to a normal schedule. And what did you have to do to recover strength etc. in my case I had a stent inserted rather than valves etc so not totally disasterous!!
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