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  1. I struggle when trying to take something off a club. I'd rather take less club and go after it a bit.
  2. So if his ball starts right of target and works back hard left, his path is far right of where his clubface is aiming. Didn't mean to simply repeat what was already said, just thinking out loud here to try to solve my own hook. My "typical" shot shape for years was slightly right to left. My misses were usually big blocks. Now the miss for the past couple years is a hook. My hook is almost always very low. It is what I would described as a smothered hook. It never starts right of target, at best it starts on the target line (doesn't stay there long) but usually s
  3. After about 10 years of playnig I'm just starting to be able to do this occasionally. I used to hit down on it severely. Sometimes it would check, sometimes not, very inconsistent. I believe you have to almost pick it off of the turf, forward shaft lean but not necessarily "hitting down." almost like a sweeping motion with a delofted club that allows that ball to run up the face. push the club hands first low through impact and exaggerate not breaking your wrists.
  4. Dug this thread up as I revisit it from time to time when the hook starts creeping in, which it has. Severely. Worse than ever. When I am hitting my best fades I am aligning myself left and also aligning my clubface in the same manner, i.e. my clubface is square to where I am aiming. When I swing I come from the inside and feel like I am holding off the release. Basically just push it to the left-center of the fairway. Sometimes it doesn't fade, so basically it is just a block basically. But it feels great and the contact is solid. So I guess it is more of a feel thing for me.
  5. Seems like the timing falls in place when you only swing back as far as your shoulders go. For me, it felt like a very short swing, but it really wasn't, it was just about at parallel, maybe a little short of parallel- which is probably right about where you want it anyway.
  6. As someone who blocks a lot of shots (seems to only happen with driver though, and a couple of the longer clubs once in a while) I feel your pain. Tiger of course made the term "getting stuck" famous, so now of course everyone thinks they are getting stuck. I don't know if that was the problem for me, but yeah, my body feels wide open- like I was facing the target but arms are way behind, just couldn't get them around in time. Like you mention the strike was solid, but dead right they would go. I tend to have a naturally long swing, so I've been working on only swinging my arms back as far
  7. Welcome to my world (i.e. the last 3 years of my golfing career). Although recently I was able to correct it, and turn it into a block the lands in the next zip code. Hooray. Getting ready to just leave the driver at home when I play, when it's said and done the net distance with my 3 wood is probably longer anyway. BTW - if you're curious how I turned the hook into a block, it was from concentrating on getting my weight to my front foot...done through sliding my hips a little more forward during the downswing. Just can't seem to find that happy medium though. Good luck and post b
  8. I love Brian's comment about how he's built a golf swing that will make him a professional golfer, and how many people do we know that can say that. LOL He stinks, seriously.
  9. Been working on my wing/flip for ohhh...2 years now? Played with it for 5 years so I guess it takes time to fully fix. It just seems to creep back in and it's like starting over. I can't see Erik's video here at work, but if it's the flying wedge one - that has helped a lot. This year I actually made some progress, I think, because of certain drills...last year I just told myself I wasn't going to do it anymore. LOL. Yeah, that didn't work so well.
  10. Almost always windy here in New England too, and the closer to the shore you get the worse it is. I've gotten use to it and I don't mind it as much now...when I used to hit the ball sky high I hated it. But as my handicap has come down, so has my trajectory...or maybe that's flip-flopped.
  11. As you are addressing the ball, try to identify which parts of your body are tense. It's actually very easy to do and probably takes 2 seconds. Then just simply take a deep breath and relax those body parts. I know this sounds silly, but try it, and don't swing until you've identified all those tense body parts and relaxed them. Again, this only take a few seconds.
  12. you can play off any tee and have a propoer handicap. the calculations used to determine your handicap after playing from say...the women's tees compared to the championship tees are different, and rightfully so since the champ tees are harder. An 85 from the champ tees gives you a lower handicap than an 85 from the womens tees, significantly lower.
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