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  1. August of last year took up the game. My first time out I shot a 134 and then brought that down to the 120's over the next couple of weeks. The thing that brought my scores down to 100 after a couple of months was leaving the Driver at home. I was hitting maybe 2 fairways a round those first couple of months. The driver is now back in the bag because I have managed to tame it considerably more than I used to, though I still only use it on wide par 4's or par 5's. I've been out about 10 times this year and now shoot low 90's after 4 months(I watched a lot of the Golf channel and read a lot of books over the winter that helped, I also worked A LOT on putting). As another poster stated something that also helped me at first was not aiming for par when I was shooting an 8 or a 9 on a par 4. I was trying for Bogey or double bogey on a par 5.
  2. About 1-3 every round, 2 typically out of bounds and one in the rough that I somehow just cannot find.
  3. Another vote for Gigagolf. I love my set, only my putter is not from them. As for grips take a look at what the sites offer then go to a dicks/golf galaxy or someplace and try them for youself. Get what is comfortable. I have the stock true temper steel shafts that Giga offers with the irons and am happy with them. I did upgrade the wood shafts.
  4. Love Winn Grips. I play the medium firm 5xi BRD on both woods and irons. I also use medium Winn Medalist grip on my putter. I don't play with a glove and there is no slipping or rotating that I've noticed during my swing.
  5. A good golfer is someone who has fun on the course and is respectful of the rules/etiquette/other players. Someone that no matter what their skill level, I would enjoy playing with. I consider a talented/skilled golfer to be someone who consistently shoots under 85.
  6. Currently switching back and forth between the Callaway Big Bertha Diablo and the Callaway HX Bite. I lose a little bit of distance with the Bite's but of course they help me stick the green better. I really do want the try the Callaway Diablo HX Tours that are coming out in March as it will combine my 2 favorite balls.
  7. I will definitely be giving these a try. I love the original callaway diablo ball, except of course for the lack of spin. My only problem if I like it will be what to do with my old Diablo's and HX Hot's.
  8. $100.00 - Taylormade Pure Lite Stand Bag $205.00 - Gigagolf TRX MR Control Irons 3-PW $112.00 - Gigagolf TRX TI Driver $107.00 - Gigagolf TRX Metal 3 Wood & 5 Wood $48.00 - Gigagolf SGS Wedges 52 deg & 56 Deg $89.00 - Taylor Made Daytona Rossa Classic putter Total: $661.00
  9. Good Afternoon Everyone, I recently had my putter cut down from 35" to 33" and I have had better success with it, but of course now it feels a little off weight-wise. Where is the best place to put the lead tape? I use a TM Rossa Classic Daytona putter. I feel like putting it on the bottom of the putter head would interfere with the stroke if it nicked the ground. On the other hand the only other place I can think of is on the back cutout which will block part of the alignment line. Is there a specific place for the weight that works best for the stroke? Thanks!
  10. Driver - 210 (nasty slice on about 30% of my drives that takes this average down) 3 W 230 5 W 210 3i 120 (this is an average right? still working on getting the 3i to work for me :P ) 4i 170 5i 160 6i 150 7i 140 8i 130 9i 120 PW 110 52 Deg 100 56 Deg 90
  11. My first post might as well be my goals for the year. Took up golf again in August after having not played since high school, about a 9 year stretch (very sad now that I did not play all those years. 1) Tame my driver - increase fairway percentage, currently at about 25% 2) Increase the accuracy of my pitches/chips/ 3) Break 85 - It's a stretch right now, but I'm determined.
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