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  1. Pretty close for me except the wedges are a little long
  2. I am 5'9" with a very upright swing. I got fit by a pro and ended up with .5" short and 2 degrees upright. While my swing is probably a little too upright for a purest taste it is my swing and I am hitting the new irons so much better. While I got fit for my irons I have not for others. I choke up a half inch on my hybrid and driver.
  3. Corey Pavin had a pretty good career. I think he was in the 260's average. But, he was great with his fairway woods. I remember his shot into 18 when he won his US Open. I think it was a 4 wood.
  4. I think this will be Ricky Fowlers week to win his first.
  5. Agree with up above, this show is just too manipulated. Especially when the cameras are already staged in a building or office where he is headed so you can see him come in. Plus the guy just seems like a tool.
  6. Glad Luke won, great swing and seems like a class guy.
  7. Like some of you I am not a big fan of watching Poulter on TV, pretty cocky. But, I did run into him in a hotel lobby one time and we was very nice and gracious in person.
  8. Lots of them. For hunting, collecting and just shooting.
  9. For me definitely. I had originally replaced my 3 iron with a 3 hiybrid but the distance gap was too great between my 4 iron and the new 3 hybrid. So, now a I carry both a 4 iron and a 4 hybrid to fill the gap. I hit the 4 hybrid about 10 yards longer the the iron.
  10. Rush seemed to be making some improvements. At least we did not have to see another photo shoot.
  11. Wolf Creek is awesome. Golf Digest described it as "Otherworldly" and I agree.
  12. SM, you are definitely correct. About 2 years ago I could not play at all. But, after loosing some weight, getting into stretching / pilates, light weights and walking ( used to run ) I have been able to start playing again. Hope fully trying this different swing action will help even more. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the input guys. I read the article you mention. I am going to go ahead and order Ballards old book and work on it some more this winter. I am hitting the irons well, just need to work on the driver with this swing. It may not be a classic swing, but if will not hurt my back and I can keep playing sounds good to me.
  14. Driver In comparison to my irons I just cannot get any distance. Have tried multiple drivers, shafts and lofts. Can hit my 19 degree hybrid almost as far.
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