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  1. ive had the fatso on my taylormade mallet for a few rounds now and although i had a few issues with missing short putts left from turning the club over which was soon sorted by moving my index finger on left hand over my middle and wedding ring finger on right hand instead of index and middle finger the putts are now superb, far better than before and i feel like if i make a putt it does go on the line i put it on every time now ,very pleased i switched also had 5 birdies in last two rounds from 15 feet and more and it will get better and better the more i get used to it :)
  2. these look good but just wished they would do away with the seam,for me personally i dont like it,but i will still keep playing these balls :)
  3. thanks for that i also love mine but ive been tinkering with it and it doesnt feel the same now ,i was trying to get the original swing weight back in it,i will go to a shop soon and see if they have any in which i could swing weight ;)
  4. hi all,can anyone tell me the standard swing weight in a 34 in taylormade monza rossa spider thanks
  5. well ive just tried a rifle 5.5 shaft in a 6 iron and it felt lovely with a great ball flight and good distance,has anyone else used this shaft and if so what was your thoughts please as im very tempted to put them in my snake eyes irons also the true temper black gold felt nice too,my clubfitter said im inbetween reg and stiff
  6. thanks for that,do you think an dg s300 shaft would be too stiff for my swing speed ?
  7. hello all my swing speed with 6 iron is 82 mph,so im wondering what shaft i should be looking for in flex and im also after a mid trajectory with good control not heavy,anyone got any thoughts on this,i tried a project x 5.0 but that felt heavy with no feeling at all to me and like it was very stiff ? maybe the nippon ns pro 950 ?
  8. Lee Trevino’s famous quip: “It’s not the arrows, it’s the Indian.” lol
  9. this may be of some help to you http://www.sstpure.com/index.html
  10. not if its windy lol ,i do live in iceland but in all honesty i got measured at 95mph so maybe i do rip it a bit more out on the course, that does sound like its probably the case either way the v2 regular was spot on for me personally :)
  11. this club works really well for me too,just because its old doesnt mean it cant put one out there
  12. for what its worth my swing speed is 95mph with driver and i use a r7 425 10 deg with a regular v2 shaft and get about 230 to 250 mtrs carry with this set up so maybe you do need more loft and a regular shaft if you are around 95mph,i tried a stiff shaft but got the slice problem when i tried it and had to rip it to keep it from slicing thats why i went to regular so i could swing normally,my iron shafts are nippon ns pro stiff as recommended by the mizuno fitting device that attaches to a club for my kick point etc etc hope this helps ,i know we are all different ,it just looks like our swing
  13. i had a set of ap 2s and got them made the same as my old set of snake eyes clubs,2 degree upright ,BUT ,when checking both specs the ap2s where considerably more upright standard than my set which made a 5 iron 4 degrees upright in the ap2s so i had to bend that back to the ap2s standard spec which was the same as my old set that was made 2 degree upright from new,this may be the problem your having
  14. i heard squeezing a tube of toothpaste until it start to come out the end is about the right pressure,not sure how true it is though
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