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  1. That may be one of the most asinine things I've heard in awhile. There is a reason why everyone plays them, two actually. One, the are the biggest ball manufacture in the entire world, and two, they make great rocks and have for decades. Why you would simply overlook them for being the biggest is peculiar to say the least.
  2. The new Pro-V1 is such a good ball, I prefer and like the most the Pro-V1X, I hit it a few yards farther off the tee and don't spin the ball nearly as much (which I needed). I always remember being young and always being like "Man, I wish I could spin the ball back a bunch!". I always thought it was like cool, and then I started to spin the ball a lot as I progressed and start striking the ball well, and now I feel that the amount of spin I put on the ball is just a pain. Maybe it's just that I've been playing on a course the past few years that is relatively soft for a majority of the season
  3. I had searched this thread because I just got a brand new Yes! Tracy for free, and at first I really liked it. I think it rolls the ball great, but after using it for one round and making decent putts, I've found it to be too light. Reading through this everyone said that it was heavy, heavy as a Scotty, and I was thinking to myself "you guys are crazy, these putters are wicked light". Reading the end of it fed my ego. : ) Anyways, does anyone else use these putters at all? I haven't played much golf recently from working too much, and my putting inside 5 feet has always been unacceptab
  4. Take it from someone who will never switch from the Pro-V's, and I've played them ALL! The Gamer is a really good ball for the price.
  5. This is such an easy question. The r5 is really out dated and is not as good a club as the superfast or the d3. I personally play the D3 and absolutely love it. The superfast is a good club, but you're limited to what you can do shape wise (if you play that way). It launches the ball incredibly high, and I, at least, always ballooned it. The options in the d3 are so much better than the stock shaft in the superfast. and you also have the adjustability in the d3. good luck.
  6. I have an original studio design 1 that has the same finish. Just make sure you keep it dry, if it gets wet, get the water off a.s.a.p. I was fortunate enough for my boss to have the oil cloth that came with the original studio designs, and I basically would wrap the putter head in the cloth between rounds and especially in the winter. Don't leave the putter out in the cold or it will rust. I also used baby oil on it, and it worked as well as the cloth that came with the putter. it's a sick looking short stick. hope you enjoy those birdies!
  7. Like stated earlier. Most big companies have an iron set that is very forgiving. With that being said, you just have to hit them yourself and see what you like. If you need a few starting points, here is a few that I recommend to members where I work who are looking for a starting point for a forgiving iron. Ping's g10, g15, and k15 sets are great. Ping really has it going on in the irons department with their fitting guides and color codes systems. They are a company that is really versatile in getting the club combo you really enjoy. Taylormades superlaunches, although tacky looking, are a v
  8. The Penta is a good golf ball, I played it for most of the summer last year, I just don't feel it performs around the greens as well. It has the distance of the X, but the spin of a regular, a hybrid of both if you will, and to me, more control around the greens is much, MUCH more important that 3 or 4 yards off the tee. It was an attempt by TM to dent Titleist's ball market, but from what I see, the players still play the Pro-V's, and the lower handicaps and even the hackers will play them because they're Titleist. When you think golf balls, you don't think TM, they haven't been around
  9. Those clubs are disgustingly ugly. There are only 3 good colors for clubhead in my book. Black, Grey, and Dark Navy, as mentioned, even the Bobby Jones dark green looks good. I have been hating on the R11's since I first saw them, I think they look ugly, especially with the markings they have on the top of the crown. The Superfast 2.0 is the same way with the burner logo half on the crown half on the toe, I find it distracting and completely ruins the club. With that being said. I like the setup of the R11 and Superfast 2.0 as I got a chance to see them in person. They look li
  10. Who cares how someone putt's? If you believe they help you putt better and made more putts, so what? If you want to carry that thing in your bag stick out farther than a driver and weigh down the bag, look almost idiotic with one in your hands on the green, so what? As for the arguement of taking the skill out of putting, that's ridiculous, speed is so much harder to judge when you have on hand up so high and the other one controlling the path and force. you are not making a demise of the way the game is played, you are taking advantage of something that helps you putt better, make more
  11. Whoever says Bridgestone isn't as good as other popular companies is DEAD wrong. I would say Bridgestone outperforms Taylormade and Callaway easily, as for Mizzies and Titleist, I feel they perform about the same. My first set of forged irons were the J33 cavity backs. They had such a classic profile and a pure feel, I would still be playing them if they had some grooves left. I played them for 2 and a half years, and to me were better than any set of Taylormades ( I used a 2006 TP set as well, great club, but not near the J33's), and even Titleist and Mizuno at the time. The MP series really
  12. Yeah, the headcover gives it away. The Taylormade logo is not fully on it and it says that technology company, look fake to me.
  13. I never saw this particular one in either the Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter catalogs. I do believe the shirt is from the FORMortion line. I have never seen them anywhere but on the dudes on the tour, so it could be something they never released to the public, which seems like a bad choice given the amount of sales they would have generated from Dustin and Jason. Anywho....is your name for the Hoegaarden beer?
  14. No the pro isn't a Titleist staffer, he's on Taylormades staff. I work at a private club so its completely different, they can afford them and ever hackers feel like they have to play a Pro-V. Pentas sold really bad, even though the ball is pretty good, Premium Callaways never sell, we only sell a few of the lower end balls because EVERYBODY buys pro-v's,
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