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  1. Visit my youtube channel and remember to click the lower right hand corner 1080p for best quality!: https://www.youtube.com/user/Mindseye1982/videos?flow=grid&view;=0&sort;=p
  2. Retief Goosen 2013 AT&T Pebble Beach Compelete Round Holes 6-18

    compare to my 2012 US Open Tiger Woods video and click 1080p in lower right corner for best quality:
  3. Retief Goosen plays a practice round at Pebble Beach- His chipping if phenomenal and swing is fluid and my videography and editing is probably the top amateur golf round compilation. Please judge for yourself. Yes the camera is shaky and I should have used a tripod but I believe I have not seen anything like it. Please rate your enjoyment and let me know if you have seen anything like it (better than my semi viral Tiger Woods 2012 US Open Video). Some of the camera angles are phenomenal; open topic; enjoy and make sure you view and click the 1080p in lower right hand corner for best quality!!:
  4. I have read 5 lessons many times over as well as Power Golf by ben hogan. Yet a detailed account of his fade has not been accounted for. I do vaguely reacall a source that alledged Hogan said that Lee Trevino has "got it", or understands what ben hogan does in his swing. Trevino has been regarded as on of the best ball strikers of all time, so I do think that vague source does have merit. Anyone who has knowledge I would be much appreciative of a compare and contrast of these two or just a detailed account of Hogans Swing. I have a good idea of Trevino's swing as I believe he conveyed it well in his book own book.
  5. correction my swingweight is E5 exactly in the driver
  6. Ben Hogan did grind his clubs to a negative bounce: while the solution to taking the left side out of play does not lie soley in one place, certainly it was a piece of what made hogans fade so great. I can hit a fade, but am after a specific type fade: the ben hogan fade.
  7. Is there an overall weight restriction on the driver? Please someone let me know- I am building up my grips to get the swing weight down
  8. I fit me: went from less weight and less stiff flex shafts all the way up to what I have now and each change has yielded success. I would like to get away from the stigma of the 48 in driver with another set up. But have to work on other things in my game before I have time to fix the quite functional specs
  9. 1) I would like to take the left side out of play 2) If the greatest ball striker of all time used 5 degree open clubs, I would like to try them. Everyone should want to try them. SOMEONE SHOULD MAKE THEM. I cant understand why it would be soooo hard to accomplish this.
  10. How many balls do pros hit daily when intensly practicing? How do the pros practice? what are they working on when practicing?
  11. Does anyone play a high swingweight? I play an F swingweight driver 10.5 dymo v2 proforce 79g x flex 48 inch driver and smash draws 265-280 on level with varying conditions. Anyone play either a similar length or swingweight?
  12. I do fight a hook and hate to see a hook, conversly when I fade I hate to see a slice. I do fight a hook. I lofted my 7 iron up and flattened the lie so that I could hit a 3/4 shot 155-160 yards; that fade I was hitting was very distinctive and felt very easy to do. I want most of my draw swing mechanics I impliment to produce a fade. You cant talk to a hook. You can give me the most open club and I can figure out how to hook it. The problem is that when I fade it, I do not want to get double crossed, I dont want ot see a hook or even a slight pull when fading. Nike said the make a special order to 1 degree open in their irons and that is as far as I got. I want something similar to Hogans specs. the most puzzling thing right now to figure out is how to get the irons to have a negative offset or sit 5 degrees open at address.
  13. I would like to have my blade irons sit open at address and not just by having a weak grip. I called nike, callaway, and mizuno to ask if they made any sets or could make any sets like that and they all said no! I have a loft and like machine and have opened the lofts and increase the flat lie angle and still I would like the club to sit more open. Is there anyone who can help me figure this dilema out?
  14. I saw this on another site: Quote: Hi Guys, I watched a Titleist Tour Van video. The rep was talking to Bryce Molder regarding grip build up tape configurations. ie +3 at 2", 4", 6" or 4",6",8" etc. Most players cant feel such differences but it sure seemed to be a concern to the better player. Any comments or configuration suggestions?