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  1. Newbie Collection Agency

    What Would It Take to Fix the LPGA's Issues?

    I enjoy the LPGA, but agree about 2 items here: 1) Women's sports are not as exciting as men's sports which can limit their popularity 2) Golf is driven by personality + performance. Without both, you can't capture the attention of the viewing public. What I think would rope folks into the LPGA is to bring in some nationalism. I'd love to see Korea vs U.S. in Solheim Cup-style team events. Nothing like a little flag-waving to inspire rabid fans. Position the Koreans as the evil robots versus American "apple pie". The current Solheim cup just doesn't do it. The second thing is that the LPGA has to be a grass roots effort. Those girls must market themselves by making themselves available for every promotional opportunity.
  2. Newbie Collection Agency

    What do YOU look for in a golf course?

    1) Good pace of play 2) Elevations, water challenging 3) Big Greens
  3. Newbie Collection Agency

    Scottish members?

    Add me in, Dumfriesshire, South west Scotland. Oh... and hello to all! New member here.
  4. Newbie Collection Agency

    Recommendations on new irons

    I have just purchased the MX-950, and they are great. I have tried the MX-200, too. Both MX-950 and MX-200 are great clubs, but I picked MX-950 cause it's cheaper. $349. They both very forgiven and solid feel and they are very very easy to hit.
  5. Newbie Collection Agency

    Wilson Profile Power vs Top-Flite Xl

    I bought a new set of Top Flite XL a couple of years ago; it has a driver, a #3 abd #5 fairway woods, 4 and 5 hybrid, 6-9 PW, SW irons and a mallet putter. I am extremely happy with the set and have consistently improved my game. I just broke 100 at the beginning of this season, and am still making great improvement with the set. I play around 10-12 rounds a year, and go the range once every 2 weeks. Wish I have more time, but I take what I can. The set is forgiving enough for a beginner, and in my case easily last 3 or 4 years. I am very happy that I have stayed with the set, and learn how they play, if you know what I mean. I tried different, more expensive clubs from other manufacturers when I go out to the range, and to tell you the truth, I cannot tell the difference. Until I can, I will just stick with my Top Flite XL. I think they are a fantastic deal. I am considering buying a second set (I split my time between 2 different cities) and noticed that the set sold in the US (TGW, Golfsmith) is slightly different than the one I got at Golftown in Montreal. The US version does not have the #5 Wood and the SW. Good luck finding your clubs,
  6. Newbie Collection Agency

    Top 3 golf sleeper cities

    Not another word about the MS Gulf Coast! We'll keep that between us.
  7. Newbie Collection Agency

    Whats your take on the Ping color system?

    Dub, where did you get fit? I'm also in Augusta. Years ago was fit to a green dot. Did not buy the clubs at that point. Recently took another look at Ping and was fitted to a blue dot (same as online/chart fit). Effectively, the green dot was covering up my poor swing (essentially a weak grip). The pro that fitted me (just a quick fit of 30 minutes just to see) said it was better to get a couple lessons to straighten out my grip and swing path, then get fitted to a set of clubs that will last. Another place I went seemed ready to just put in a set to make the sale. Something to think about. As well with Ping, they will adjust the clubs free if your swing changes. Might have to pay shipping costs.
  8. Newbie Collection Agency

    Pebble Beach

    I've had the pleasure and priveledge of playing Pebble 4 times, with the first being in 1983 ($300 green fee) and then once a year for the past three years. The second time I played, they had ariated the greens the day before with BIG plugs. That really sucked! But scoring ISN'T the priority out here. The beauty of the environment rules! Every golfer should be allowed to play PB at least once in his/her lifetime, even though the green fees are outrageous (although discounted right now). Pebble is expensive from the $4 coffee's to the $8 hot dog on the course that the blackbirds will snatch out of your cart the minute it is left unattended! They are VERY fat birds. You will be tired at the end of the day, because carts stay on paths, don't expect to shoot your handicap out here, make sure you go to "Fishwives" restuarant right outside the Spanish Bay gate!
  9. Newbie Collection Agency

    Whats your take on the Ping color system?

    well I just fitted last weekend by a Ping rep and I was fitted for a white dot, which reallly kinda scares me because at static address I am a orange dot which is 3 degrees flat and the whites are 3 degrees upright. I stand 6' tall but I know i lean over way too much @ address so I am thinking I am going to hold off on ordering a new set until I get a couple of lessons....I just dont want to throw away good money if my swing is going to change after the lessons....signed Really Confused NOW
  10. Newbie Collection Agency

    Who's Tiger gonna fire.

    Who said it was an EZ fix? Did I say that it was an EZ fix? Do us all a favor next time your gonna be a retard, don't bother......
  11. Newbie Collection Agency

    My experience with fitted clubs

    For me getting fit for clubs caused a huge improvement in my game. I got my ping G5s fit, they were off the shelve black dots and I had them bent two degrees upright and went from stiff to regular shafts. With my old clubs I used to push and slice miss shots put now I am able to hit a small draw. My swing speed is 89 two 90 mph which puts me almost at the max for regular shafts but my ball flight is much more consistant with the regulars.
  12. Newbie Collection Agency

    Callaway Irons

    i would grab that, that i a great deal, excellen clubs
  13. Newbie Collection Agency

    Bad day help...

    i view golf as a 95% mental and 5% physical game. you have to put the bad days or even the bad shots behind you and settle down for your next shot. and if that doesnt work just drink another beer and you'll feel better. haha

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