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  1. Helps if you all post the links ;) http://www.amegolf.net/ http://www.jancraigheadcovers.com/
  2. Also check out the AGA http://www.azgolf.org/tournament/ind...&SubCategory;=1 And see if this group is doing any events in 2010 http://www.golfconnecttours.com/page...060-phoenix-az After that you can check with any course about their men's club
  3. One thing I always have checked when switching or trying out new clubs is to make sure all the lofts are the same (as well as lie, shaft, etc) I don't ever trust the printed specs.
  4. No offense but this doesn't really add value to the conversation
  5. I love Mizuno's golf equipment and I think you'll find many here who respect and love them as well. Heck just read today's review of the MP T-10 wedges and you'll find more here
  6. Certainly a good place to start but I already see a few very high quality clubfitters missing from that list. Problem with finding a certified clubfitter is...who certified them...really it's not that hard to get a certification from a component or shaft manufacturer. So you're pretty much left with what you are doing already, ask in forums, golf shops, etc.
  7. I agree with this statement and is one of the reasons why I've have several of my clubs SST Pured and personally I didn't think it was that much more to spend
  8. +1 for Ping BUT I've also had a good experience with a putter fitting at Hot Stix
  9. I don't know of any places in SF, there is a shop or two in Albuquerque but have never tried them out.
  10. For one, shopping for clubs by stiff graphite vs regular steel isn't a comparison. If you are fitted for a stiff flex then use a stiff flex but don't let people talk you into adjusting your flex based on material, make sense? Graphite offers great damping properties especially for people suffering from tendonitis and such. A past study showed that golfers are still playing a shaft too stiff and heavy for them (which could be another topic) Another great thing about graphite is that the quality has become far superior in recent years (hence the higher cost) and allows the manufactures the ability to manipulate weight, balance points, kick points, tip sections, etc far more than with steel. With steel you can control a lot of that with the steps in the shaft however not as easily as with graphite, creating a truer matched set. I don't suffer from tendonitis but I've been curious about graphite shafts in irons so I've built several demo clubs (and a complete set) to see how graphite shafts compare to my steel shafts and in many head-to-head tests both on the course and with a launch monitor a properly fitted set regarless of material provided great results. Like many products there is poor, good and great quality. Graphite will cost more than steel when matched with equal quality. Common myths associated with graphite irons shafts Graphite shafts are for old people - Not True, as mentioned above graphite shafts in irons offer many advantages when compared to steel All graphite iron shafts are cheap quality - Not True, like steel shafts, they are offered in a wide array of quality. This statement came about because golf club manufacturers will use cheaper quality shafts inorder to save cost and profit margins Graphite shafts are not as accurate as irons - Not True, if you were properly fitted this wouldn't be an issue.
  11. You'll find plenty of courses with good rates, I usually use golfnow.com and also check the newspaper, the Arizona Republic, in the Wednesday or Thursday sports section you'll see a lot of specials.
  12. Amazing! http://sports.yahoo.com/golf/blog/devil_ball_golf/post/Meet-the-guy-who-makes-more-per-hole-than-Tiger-?urn=golf,190463 http://www.usatoday.com/sports/golf/2009-09-17-3467597294_x.htm
  13. In my experience people will learn to hit the clubs they have. For example a guy who's driver produces a lower ball flight will adapt his swing with that club to get the ball up in the air. It is my belief that clubfitting reduces the amount of time a person needs to learn how to hit that particular club and will help develop consistency. Avg score (before clubfitting): 92 Avg score (after clubfitting): 87 I saved strokes immediately because I didn't have as many shots that went OB.
  14. I play golf righty but I've putted left-handed with a claw grip for years and it works well for me. For me putting is all about feel and I like what Big Padrigo mentions, don't get too wrapped up in mechanics. Things that have worked for me are: 1. Getting fit for my putter. To me it just made sense that the club you use for about 1/2 of your stokes should be fit for you and your putting stroke. 2. I also had a putting green installed in my backyard and practiced a lot! My favorite drill is one like Phil uses, to make X amount of putts from certain locations and not quit or go home until it's done. Sometimes I would get this drill done in 30 minutes other times several hours. So like you mentioned, sometimes your hot and other times your not, the idea with this drill is to practice and develop consistency.
  15. The beauty about getting fit for Rifles at a Certified Rifle Center (CRC) is that he/she can get the exact frequency and ball flight built for you. Yes that's a plug for those shops but I'd also say the same about shops who are certified on True Tempers Black Gold shafts. Hope that all helps :)
  16. It's kinda like cutting your own hair, yes you can do it yourself but you generally get better results with a professional :)
  17. When's the last time you have the lofts checked on the irons?
  18. I've been happy with the Canon's and currently have the Pixma780 (which isn't made anymore)
  19. Everardo

    Arnold Palmer

    Love it, pretty much been my staple drink for the past 10 years or so Yup, it's called a John Daly
  20. Use it or lose it. Spanish was my first language, even going through school I had to speak Spanish while at home. Back then I'd get teased a little for my Spanish accent, now though it's the opposite, my family in Mexico say I have an English accent BUT after a week long vacation my vocabulary and Spanish accent improve. Ask anyone who has traveled abroad about how well and fast they learn a language when they are forced to. Like you, my friends who took 4+ years of Spanish can tell me when I've used the wrong tense but yet I do all the talking when we're vacationing in Mexico. Now with regards to Rosetta Stone or any other software I think it's very beneficial only when you use the language on a very regular basis to reinforce it. Finally, yes, listening to TV and radio help, while you may not understand the whole conversation gradually you will begin to pickup more and more words plus you get to listen to the accent and pronunciation.
  21. As far as quality goes many times there are differences, club manufacturers in the past would typically use a lesser quality (tolerlence, model, etc) as their stock shaft. Now though they realize that by using an NV or V2 shaft would actually be a selling point. As the shaft makers don't want to have their good name given a bad wrap so quality must stay good to keep the marketing machine rolling. Take for example the stock graphite shafts using in Ping's, they're actually made by Aldila for Ping using the requirements and specifications requested and designed by Ping. Ping still needs a high quality shaft so that their clubs will perform as advertised but by using their own private label they can save a few bucks per club.
  22. I like to build hybrids at the same length of the clubs I'm replacing otherwise I end up with distance gaps
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