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  1. If you're watching the Players Championship, you know what I am talking about, no relief from a man-made drain around the green, resulting in a bogey. After seeing this, I am now afraid to take relief from any obvious man-made object without breaking the rules. I'd better get creative. Guess that means WE ALL better strive to be better golfers and never need relief.
  2. Just do it. Sell the FW woods and get fitted for both FW woods and Hybrids. After your fitting. The course you play dictates the clubs you use. I used to be a 7.7 handicap before life happened. I am clawing my way back by having only one FW wood and 2 Hyb and no 3 iron. Just do it, it works if you feel it's a better way to play.
  3. To answer your question, simply take either the SC200, SC300, ES12, ES14, or FlightScope Mevo to an indoor facility where you can play or hit your preferred golf balls. Here in San Antonio, TX, that's Golf Galaxy, San Pedro Driving Range, Dave & Busters, certain Dick's and/or Academy Sporting goods, etc (sadly no more XGolf). The Doppler radar systems I mentioned earlier will be able to handle your preferred golf balls indoors. Enjoy!
  4. Impressive! We're the same age. It's a no brainer that I should do that too. I doubt I could afford a personal trainer with the golf fitness knowledge that can work around my schedule. However you're inspiring me to do something, which is way better than the absolute nothing that I am doing now. Baby steps.
  5. Gentlemen Thanks for the discussion. So that rule has not been changed or relaxed. It always felt wrong to me and I always cringe when asked or if I hear someone asking someone else what club they just used. Thanks again.
  6. Good Day Golfers. I don't see a clear explanation on whether it is a penalty to ask a competitor in your group "What club did you hit?" during stroke play. Would I get a 2 stroke penalty for asking? Would he also get a 2 stroke penalty if he told me? What if I peek at his bag to see what club he just hit? Would that be a penalty? Lastly, which version of the 2019 rules clearly explain these scenarios?
  7. Like Vonbonds the fitting showed me that I am longer and more accurate with graphite shafts. I am 47yrs old. So I suggest you get fitted and go in with the mindset that whichever shaft gives you the best result with a controlled effortless 80 to 85% percent full swing, is the one you chose. Just remember to swing it that way when you get on the course or driving range.
  8. DaveP043, Weberd27 and all that are telling me I should be fine. The rules Dave and Weberd posted make me feel much better about it. So now I can save up for some new clubs for 2024 and I have no excuse. Gents, Thanks again. P.S. I checked the conforming database. My Ping i3 are non-conforming.
  9. Yes. I want to play in some Alamo City Golf tournaments this year to get some experience. Then play next year to see how I would place.
  10. Good Day Gents, My best handicap was 7.7 years ago. Now I am a 14.4 because I don't practice like I used to (time constraints and poor fitness). However I still love to play and will play in a tournament when I can. I try my best to follow all USGA rules. However, I play with Ping i3 irons. I can't find them on the conforming list. It bothers me that my clubs wouldn't be allowed in a USGA sanctioned event. Is it silly of me to think this way? Yes I see many others are also playing old non-conforming clubs but that doesn't matter to me. I just don't want to feel like I would be breaking a rule.
  11. The one I have in mind is out of your price range, but I used to buy bargain golf bags. I finally realized how much I ended up spending on the multiple bargain bags as I replaced them nearly every year (I play 50 plus rounds per year). So I bought a Bag Boy Revolver. I LOVE IT! It needs a pull cart or a golf cart but please check it out on YouTube and read web reviews before you decide it is too pricey.
  12. http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B008MAUI1Q/ref=sr_1_1_olp?ie=UTF8&qid;=1432638419&sr;=8-1&keywords;=es12+golf&condition;=used I have an ES12 portable launch monitor. Amazon.com has them at a good price. Much cheaper than a Trackman and yardage readings is within 2 yards of a trackman. It matches the yardages on the GC2 and at TopGolf perfectly (carry distances). Please YouTube the ES12. It is very portable, fits in my golf bag, and you can use it on the golf course during practice rounds. Very quick to just turn it on, toggle to which club you are hitting set it down, hit your shot, and it will show you your carry distance, or speak your distance to you if you take advantage of blue tooth. Good Luck
  13. Dear ScottCarmich, to clarify the intent of my post based on RayG's response, I wanted to show that EVEN THE PROS aren't perfect at all phases of the game, but I knew I had to show the true numbers currently on tour to make that point. I TRULY BELIEVE that golf is a game of misses. http://www.sunriver.com/golf-tips-a-game-of-accurate-misses/ Good Luck
  14. Let's see......... 1. Hit the fairway every time? Tour Avg 60.69% [60% of 14 fairways = approx 8 fairways per round] 2. Hit the green in regulation every time? Tour Avg 65.14% [65% of 18 greens = approx 11 greens per round] 3. Make par every time scrambling? (don't beat me up TST, only working with 3 of the most basic ones here). Tour Avg 58.54% [58% of 7 greens {I am trying to be cute because stat #2 only leaves 7 holes to get up on down on } = 4 pars scrambling per round] Having the skill set to achieve any of the aforementioned stats - priceless. SO If the pro's can't do all 3 all the time, how can the rest of us who earn an income doing something else do it? RayG and Jeremy Boop are both correct. Practice course strategy and don't get emotional about not hitting perfect shots. Be creative, practice a lot, play often, and think your way into a par, or saving par. Case in point. I am sick of getting my butt kick by seniors who can't hit passed 230yards on their drives and make 12 pars per round and score in the 70's 90% of the time. Watch them, get your butt kicked, and learn. They hardly ever play with the $300 plus flashy driver. They play with clubs that won't give them penalty strokes for being 300 yards deep in the crap. BTW Tour Avg drive-287 yds. Driver is used 14 times per round (potentially). Putter is used 36 times per round (potentially). Get fitted for a putter and gain strokes. How many penalties has your putter cost you for lost balls? AGAIN Seniors use a driver that keeps them in the fairway. Just sayin......
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