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  1. Well worth the experiment just as Release earlier
  2. I feel you. I was very lucky to have been gifted a sleeve of Kirkland balls from Costco and I bought an old Titleist D2 driver. Seems to have solved my problem. I broke 80 today for the 1st time in years.
  3. A golf buddy handed me a sleeve of Costco Kirkland golf balls to try. I played them today. I'm a 12.7 handicap but that ball is going to make it go lower because I scored a 79 (1st time in years I broke 80)! It spun and checked very well on wedge shots and had good carry distance with the driver and approach irons and even sand shots (not much check from the rough). Obviously, I'm impressed with the Kirkland golf ball. The only con is that my wedges chewed it up so I used 2 balls during the round.
  4. The on course experiment did not go very well with the regular flex shaft and the 8 degree club head combo. I did hit it between 260 and 270 yards like my launch monitor said, but I only hit 3 out of 14 fairways, and lost 3 balls. Punching out of trees and hitting out of rough is not what I practice during the week. I will try a stiff shaft with the Ping i25 head next because being "distance drunk" today clearly forced me to sober up when it comes to dispersion.
  5. YOU SIR is "why I am chasing" the 14 degree launch angle. Iacas took the time to show me that higher launch angles WILL produce longer carry at my swing speed. I switched to the one plane swing to do like you say and hit up instead of the 2 plane hit down like VJ Singh. Sadly I don't have the swing speed like you but I am FOR REAL concentrating on that smash factor for my slow swing speed. I can't use my launch monitor during play tomorrow but I will let you all know how it went.
  6. LOL!! Man you nailed it. Tomorrow, I take it to the golf course for the 1st time to see if I can bring the driving range to the golf course. PLEASE wish me luck as this driver is affordable. More to come... I test it on the course tomorrow
  7. Mr. Iacas, Inspired by your post, I tested 2 drivers that I have always wanted to test. Ping i20 with stiff flex shaft and Ping i25 with a regular flex shaft (Graphite Design YS-6+ R). My ego took a hit when my launch monitor showed me my carry distances are better with the regular flex shaft. The loft was set to 8 degrees so I know that if I hit a 10 degree driver, I would get somewhere around the carry distances my launch monitor showed me. I included my shortest carry (more typical) and impact pattern. My longest was 270 carry, 104 swing speed, 155 ball speed. I plan on trying a driver at 12 degrees with both shaft flexes next. Thanks again for the inspiration. Shout out to Ben at Polo Field Used Golf Seller and Fitter (Brackenridge Park 1st Tee) San Antonio, TX
  8. Saevel and Iacas I watched so many pro swing analysis videos using Trackman and GC2 where the launch angle of these bombers where "always" around 14 degrees. What you both said is making me rethink the other trend I see with these pros which is the 8-9.5 degree driver heads they use. Iacas Thank you for taking the time to explain launch angle vs swing speed. I was compelled to think 14 degrees would be optimum launch for carry and roll. Now I understand why faster swingers can have 10-12 degree driver heads. I'm trying to avoid the dreaded ballooning and lack of roll that I experienced with my old 2 plane swing. So I'm shopping for a driver that works well with my current swing. Thanks again gentlemen for your time!
  9. Good Day Club Fitters and those knowledgeable on this subject. Question. My driver is 8.5 degrees and set to neutral. If my attack angle is 4 degrees up, then shouldn't my launch angle be close to 12.5 degrees? My swing speed has decreased from 111 mph 14 years ago, (I blame my age and lack of fitness) to 102 mph. So I'm researching driver lofts. I want my launch angle to be between 12 -14 degrees to get the optimum carry and roll distance for my swing speed. (Yes I know shafts play into this as well, so I will comb this sight to see member reviews on shafts). I recently switched to the Byron Nelson 1 plane swing (as taught by Tom Saguto) to shallow out my driver to achieve a better attack angle. Yeah I know (just go get fitted) but I still want to do my research before dropping all that cash. Thanks in advance for your time.
  10. If you're watching the Players Championship, you know what I am talking about, no relief from a man-made drain around the green, resulting in a bogey. After seeing this, I am now afraid to take relief from any obvious man-made object without breaking the rules. I'd better get creative. Guess that means WE ALL better strive to be better golfers and never need relief.
  11. Just do it. Sell the FW woods and get fitted for both FW woods and Hybrids. After your fitting. The course you play dictates the clubs you use. I used to be a 7.7 handicap before life happened. I am clawing my way back by having only one FW wood and 2 Hyb and no 3 iron. Just do it, it works if you feel it's a better way to play.
  12. To answer your question, simply take either the SC200, SC300, ES12, ES14, or FlightScope Mevo to an indoor facility where you can play or hit your preferred golf balls. Here in San Antonio, TX, that's Golf Galaxy, San Pedro Driving Range, Dave & Busters, certain Dick's and/or Academy Sporting goods, etc (sadly no more XGolf). The Doppler radar systems I mentioned earlier will be able to handle your preferred golf balls indoors. Enjoy!
  13. Impressive! We're the same age. It's a no brainer that I should do that too. I doubt I could afford a personal trainer with the golf fitness knowledge that can work around my schedule. However you're inspiring me to do something, which is way better than the absolute nothing that I am doing now. Baby steps.
  14. Gentlemen Thanks for the discussion. So that rule has not been changed or relaxed. It always felt wrong to me and I always cringe when asked or if I hear someone asking someone else what club they just used. Thanks again.
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