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  1. I agree. I bet it's not the first time he has done this, but it's the first time it's on video. This should not have been done, but I don't see anyone posting videos of someone driving a sprayer with a full tank on a green. He didn't hurt anyone.With all the things going on in today's world, the outrage over someone driving a golf cart on a green is laughable.
  2. To quote Mel Brooks in " History of the World", " It's good to be king'
  3. You own the course, you do what you want. I wouldn't think he would kick himself off his own course. When sand is dragged in after top dressing, it is usually done by a golf cart, or a cart like work vehicle pulling a mat. I have never seen damage caused by these.
  4. Why wouldn't someone just say you might want to check you ball before you pick up your coin? It seems kind of gutless to write an article complaining about cheating, and not call out the cheater when he cheats.
  5. Took a MacGregor Jack Nicklaus VIP to the course, and used it on a short Par 4. Hit a ProV1x, and it felt like a rock. I hit it well, and it probably didn't go as far as my current (Ping G25) three wood.
  6. I am never brave enough to try tough shots when wearing spineless shoes.
  7. Bye,bye endorsements.
  8. It might bother the group behind you.
  9. Played 9 this morning as a single. Played behind a twosome in a cart. They were the first group off. One guy was marking, cleaning, and squatting down behind putts that were barely 6 inches past his left foot. I was walking, and waited on every shot. They barely broke the 2 hour mark, with nobody holding them up. When I play with my regular foursome, we walk, and play the front 9 faster.
  10. Played last Sunday. Was planning on practicing, so did not have my push cart. Was invited to play, so walked the front with 2 other guys. One guy quit after 9, and since I don't like to carry, got a cart for the back. We played through three groups, and caught a foursome on 16 that were playing from the wrong tees. There was nobody in front of these guys. We had to wait on 18 tee while they teed off. We asked what time they teed off, and they said 9:08. It was 2:06. We teed off at 11:00. Slow play is a big problem.
  11. I care more how guys behave rather than how they dress.
  12. Most guys don't putt everything out in casual rounds. After a 20 misses a few 3 footers his mind will be toast.
  13. I don't have time to play with jerks, and a guy that talks like that is a jerk. Start giving some stuff back to him. A lot of guys that dish it out can't take it. Good behavior is as much a part of the game as is a drive down the middle. I wouldn't tolerate a guy like that. Those four hours belong to you as much as him, and he needs to be aware that his actions are taking away your enjoyment of the round. I have been in a situation where I played with a group that had a guy with a bad temper. I just found a different group to play with.
  14. I'll only hit it if I need to hit a long worm burner that I have no control over. In other words, never.
  15. I usually don't listen to advice from anyone. I don't play well with too many thoughts in my mind. If I have something going wonky, I usually try to figure it out myself. I don't like to give advice, either.