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  1. Last week, I shot an 81 with 6 three putts. I am hitting the ball well, but have lost confidence on the greens. The greens that I miss, I am chipping ok, but not converting many putts. I have talked to one of our pros that is a Titleist club fitter, and we will be doing a lesson/fitting soon. I don't know if my issues are physical or mental, but the mental aspect seems to be getting bigger.
  2. Playing over 40 years, and working at courses, changing many cups, I don't think I've ever seen this.
  3. I don't take golf too seriously, and I really enjoy myself when I play, but score is the most important part of the game for me. I can enjoy a good ball striking or putting round, but, for me, the object of the game is to get around in the lowest number of strokes.
  4. I don't mean this in a bad way, but you need to lighten up. Your time on the course should be an escape from real life. You get enough bad breaks in golf and life, and when you get a good break, you should celebrate. An ace is a good thing. Enjoy it for what it is.
  5. Other. Probably hitting it as well as I ever have during the winter, but can't putt it in a 5 in a gallon bucket. Starting to feel a bit frustrated.
  6. I really like the looks of these shoes, but I have read where the material on the inside of the heel has been breaking down in Adidas shoes in a short period of time. Anyone had this issue with Adidas?
  7. Played with them yesterday. Felt firmer, which I liked. The regular CS felt too soft to me. I thought the CS felt weird putting. The x felt solid, and made a nice click. I compared it with a Bridgestone RX, and a Snell MTB. Felt more like the Bridgestone. A bit firmer than the MTB. I thought it went similar distances as the other balls. I liked it much better than the CS just based on the feel.
  8. That wasn't in Wake Forest?I used to play that course a lot when I lived in Raleigh in the early to mid 80s. Back then, it was well off the beaten path. Wasn't that first hole a great one to start on? What a monster!
  9. Mabye they shouldn't have 5pars on tour anymore.
  10. Got a notice on Facebook from mygolfspy that these ball are no longer being made.