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  1. I'll only hit it if I need to hit a long worm burner that I have no control over. In other words, never.
  2. I usually don't listen to advice from anyone. I don't play well with too many thoughts in my mind. If I have something going wonky, I usually try to figure it out myself. I don't like to give advice, either.
  3. Mabye she should just get a push cart.
  4. Kellerman and Smith don't impress me as guys that ever played the game, so why should anyone care what they think or say about golf? Kellerman is a boxing "expert" that looks like he never threw a punch. Smith, at least, played D2 college basketball, but I would bet neither have spent six hours at the course and walked a couple practice rounds followed by four tournament rounds.
  5. I'm with you, Papa. I think trying to equate golf with the meaning of life and spiritualism is a crock. It's a game, it's fun, when it stops being fun, I'll do something else.
  6. I'm not sure golf can change the way you live. I kind of think the way you live determines how you act on the course. People that are not honest off the course won't be honest on the course. To me, golf is just a game, a diversion from real life, and just like any game, should be played by the rules. I'm always searching, trying to get better, but I don't think golf can make you a better person anymore than can tennis, bowling or boce.
  7. I am a low ball hitter. I carry a 3w and 5w, but the 3 is used for some tee shots. Off the turf, I am much more consistent with my 5. Also, since I can carry my 5 longer off the turf, the overall distance between my 3 & 5 is pretty close.
  8. I worked at a course that hosted the D3 national championship in 1994. There were some very good scores, and some not some good scores posted. We were the home course for Methodist College (now, Methodist University), and, at the time, they had one of the few PGM programs in the country. They were preparing kids to become Golf Professionals rather than pro golfers. Ron Stockton played as an individual, and I met his dad on the practice green.
  9. That idea probably doesn't sound too good to a guy that is a great putter.
  10. I hope they can gap their AP-1s in a way they don't need a PW and two gap wedges.
  11. Used to go before the lottery was in place for practice rounds. No matter what words I would use to describe it, it will far surpass your expectations.
  12. Sub title: How to Play in the Shade
  13. Mabye the USGA just needs to admit that the athleticism of the golfers and the equipment has made some courses obsolete. Those courses are not obsolete to the members. Time marches on.