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  1. I hope they can gap their AP-1s in a way they don't need a PW and two gap wedges.
  2. Used to go before the lottery was in place for practice rounds. No matter what words I would use to describe it, it will far surpass your expectations.
  3. Sub title: How to Play in the Shade
  4. Mabye the USGA just needs to admit that the athleticism of the golfers and the equipment has made some courses obsolete. Those courses are not obsolete to the members. Time marches on.
  5. Robert Trent Jones golf trail in Alabama.
  6. The game was a lot harder with wood woods and steel shafts, too.
  7. I always enjoy watching Hilton Head, and even though the course in Mexico was long, it played a lot shorter. I think the fitness, size, and athletic ability of the golfers has a lot to do with the increase in distance. Back in the day, there were a few guys that could really pound it, now even the shorter hitters are fairly long.
  8. Didn't the USGA recently release the results of a study that said the distance gain from the ball was rather small? Guess Mike Davis didn't bother reading it.
  9. If DJ is hitting it 250, ZJ will be hitting it 200! He might have to lay up on some par 3s.
  10. The funny thing was was that the local stores were the same price as Golf Galaxy. The difference was the wholesale prices. One guy told me they were selling more product than ever, but their profit margins had gotten smaller. The big stores had a bigger buying power which let them buy at lower prices. I guess a lot of small operators don't really see a future in working harder for less money.
  11. We had a couple here, but they closed when Golf Galaxy came to town. If anyone goes to Pawleys Island, there is a good one there. It's called The Golf Center, and, I believe, you take a left at the first light south of Litchfield resort. Very nice folks.
  12. Are these guys still in business? I tried calling, and the phone number on facebook was no longer working.
  13. Where is this? How did they find it, and why did they dig up the green?
  14. My son had his own push cart when he was 10 or 11. He needed more more help on down hills than up hills. I just helped him until he was strong enough to do it himself.