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  1. Saw Lyle Lovett last Saturday, so Lyle Lovett and other assorted Texas singer, songwriters.
  2. Saw a tee shirt in Western NC. Vegetarian: Old Indian Word for Bad Hunter.
  3. That may be true up north, but there seem to be a lot of guys using them where I play. The Kangaroo seems to be very popular. They are expensive, but the factory is about 1.5 hours away, and the guys can take their carts there for repairs.
  4. I like the Martini tees. They don't give me any atvantage, but they are real durable. Been using the same tee for several months.
  5. Don't students get a good rate at Finley?
  6. I went to NC State, so I am proud to participate in any activity that pisses off the pointy headed folks at UNC.
  7. Almost 62. I carry hybrids to replace my 3&4 irons,and I use a push cart rather than carry. I ride a bit more often when it is hot. Still play blue tees (6700), and hit it as long as I ever have. My 88 year old father still plays, so I have been blessed with good genes and flexibility.
  8. Rio should be kicked out of the Olympics.
  9. Pinehurst's holes, for the most part, are framed by trees that really don't come in to play. That is a look I prefer to Oakmont's. That being said, Oakmont is a great US Open course. It really seemed to test every part of the player's game. I really liked the lush green look, along with the natural looking fescue areas, vs the burned out look of Chambers Bay and Pinehurst.
  10. I don't know what his choice of car had to do with his behavior, but if he had a problem with you,, there is no excuse to be rude to your daughter. I know if I was playing with a golf pro, I would welcome any help with rules. Some people feel rules and etiquette don't apply to them. This seems to apply on and off the course.
  11. Tim Clark shot a 61 in a US Open qualifier at my course. I believe he was still at NC State when it occurred.
  12. Thanks for offering to bring your fitting kit to NC, but after paying for wood floors, a bathroom remodel, and college tuition, I don't see an expensive putter in my near future. Mabye someday.
  13. I would pay for an Edel because, after reading this forum, I know I would be properly fit. Unfortunately, there is not a fitter close to me. Putting is the weakest part of my game, and that is the only club I have never been fit for. I have to believe that I would benefit more from a custom fit and custom built putter than I would from the newest driver that is supposed to hit it "20yds. past the previous driver.
  14. Same with me. Hit a bunch of line drives. Prefer a hybrid.
  15. Great opportunity for other clubs to be put into the Open rota. Mabye some Irish courses?