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  1. NHL 2017-2018

    As usual, the Hurricanes are no good. Time to start thinking about who goes at trade deadline, and possible draft picks for next season.
  2. Probably should add a sand wedge.
  3. I have been using Martini tees. Don't have to search for them.
  4. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    Our bunkers were renovated this past year, and they used the same kind of sand used at ANGC. It's kind of hard to explain, but they are firm and soft at the same time. The ball rarely plugs, and the club is easy to get through the sand. The biggest issue is that there are not enough rakes, so a lot of players don't rake the bunkers.
  5. read a review on another forum, and the poster compared this ball with the Bridgestone RX. He thought the feel, and playing characteristics we pretty much the same.
  6. Dress Codes: Good or Bad for the Game

    We have a very nice private club in our area that allows members to play six and eightsomes but does not allow mock turtles or shorts with the flat scorecard pockets on the leg. Not cargos, just a flat pocket. It seems strange that they are so loose with some rules, and so strict with others.
  7. NHL 2017-2018

    Another slow start for the Carolina Hurricanes. Missed playoffs since 09, so their golf game should be good.
  8. Dress Codes: Good or Bad for the Game

    I wear golf clothes when I go to play or practice. I am not a big dress code guy, but if a course has dress codes, I will either dress accordingly, or not play.
  9. When is it too cold to golf?

    If it is calm and sunny, I'll play if the temp is in the high 30's. The wind is a bigger factor for me. I walk, so that helps generate heat.
  10. Mabye a putter? Never seen anything like that.
  11. which club is more difficult for you?

    3 wood off the turf, and lob wedge. I have never hit a mediocre shot with a lob wedge. It's either good, or terrible. The 3wood is good off the tee, but the 5wood is my choice off the turf.
  12. What are you listening to?

    Just signed up for Tidal. Listening to Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Gregg Allman, Robert Plant, Marty Stuart. I may never buy a CD.
  13. Green aeration

    We used to punch twice in the spring. Once early spring, and then late spring. We would usually use larger plugs in the early one. We always top dressed and rolled the greens. The only reason I could see to leave the holes open would be if the greens were holding a lot of water, and they were trying to dry them a bit. That being said, they shouldn't leave them open more than a few days. I don't know where you are located, but, depending on the temps, they might be slow to recover this time of year. It is a bit late here in NC.
  14. My brother didn't play, but he said Kenmare looked good.
  15. Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    I feel weird if my ring is off.

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