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  1. That is just not a socially acceptable word to use. My son was a stick boy for a minor league hockey team, and I told him that what he hears in the locker room, stays there. Do you use the F word around your wife and kids? Do you use it in your professional dealings? Please delete my account from your forum. I certainly don't need any advice from you on how to be a parent.
  2. I'm sorry, but words do matter. Just because Crosby uses that word, I wouldn't want my son to use it. There are words referring to race and gender that are unacceptable under any circumstances, no matter who gives them power.
  3. I believe the Open Championship and The PGA does a 4 hole playoff. I like that format much better.
  4. I bought Ping G30s in August of 2014. They replaced my G15s, which replaced my Eye2s which I bought in 1986. I bought the 30s with graphite shafts to help with some arthritis in my thumbs. I disliked the graphite so much, I sent them back to Ping, and had them replace the graphite with steel. Had I known that, I'd still be playing the 15s.
  5. I've had some shoes that were a little wider than what I usually use, and my foot moved all around inside the shoe. My foot is far from cramped in a medium width shoe. I kind of feel like that just because it works well for you, does not mean it will work for everyone. My son goes barefoot a lot, and I wear shoes a lot. I hate wearing flip flops. If I wear sandals, I wear Keans, and they have a fair amount of structure. It's just my preference.
  6. I wear FootJoy Versaluxe. I have no idea what kind of drop they have, But they are comfortable. I ordered a pair of Trues several years ago, and could not get past the looks. They never made it out of the house. My foot is a bit narrow, so I doubt they would have worked. It sounds as if a lot of guys really love them, but I really don't think the barefoot style would benefit me.
  7. I have very rarely heard anyone get yelled at, but if it happens it is usually not because of one bad hole. If you are holding up a group, and there is open space in front of you, it doesn't matter if you finish in under four hours. Let the faster group through. Yelling might be poor etiquette, but so is not allowing a faster group to play through.
  8. Played Ping since 1986, and customer service has always been great. I will never consider Mizuno after reading this. I once cracked a TaylorMade driver that was out of warranty, and they replaced it for free.
  9. $500 is two and a half months worth of dues for me. Plus, however much it cost to fly from coast to coast.
  10. Between buying an Edel putter without a fitting, and buying any other putter off the rack.
  11. What is the difference? My local Golf Galaxy has Edel putters, but they are not listed on Edel's website as a fitter. The guys that work there seem to be good guys, but I'm not sure I'd trust them to fit a hat, let alone an expensive putter.
  12. is buying an Edel putter without a fitting any different than buying any other putter off the rack?
  13. I've had a lot of nice putters, but lately, I've been using an old bronze Ping Zing that has green stuff on the back. I don't know why, but my speed control has been better with this putter than it has in a long time.
  14. I used Superfeet insoles with good results. I used them in various styles of shoes.
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