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  1. When my wife and I are traveling and get paired up with two men. You see the looks on their faces (thinking oh shit we have to play with lady!). I just smile and wait till she tees off and watch the looks after her drive. And then she proceeds to play better than them during the round. priceless!
  2. I think unsolicited advice is rude and never appropriate. I have 4 fusions in my back and do not have the most beautiful swing (short backswing and short follow through) and am not long off the tee. It never fails when I play with strangers that I get some "helpful" advice that I should turn more and I'd hit it further. I nip it in the bud by saying Yes I do mind and I take lessons with a teaching pro if I need help. Usually the rest of the day is fine
  3. Sounds eerily familiar high 84, low 77 avg 80.2 only 1 T score though
  4. Ah, your tournament season. I thought you were done playing for the year and though there can't be snow up there yet!
  5. So why is "your season" over??? It's August?
  6. I’ll chime in here. I’ve been retired for 10 years now and love to play golf. My wife and I joined a private POA community here in Hilton Head area. We live to play golf and together we play 500 rounds a year. So the idea of not joining a private club was out of the question. Way too expensive playing that much at public courses. We have 36 Tom Fazio courses and I have never gotten bored playing every day. What I like about it above all else is the practice facility. You can work on your game anytime. And as David related to there are weekly games, 3.5 hour rounds and great guys, to golf with along with a great group for couples golf. We have a lot of FIPS at our club (former important people). None of them care how much money you have or what you did in the professional life they just enjoy playing. We have all the amenities but like David said, I’m just interested in golf.
  7. Jim Ludden

    Jim Ludden

  8. since I retired 6 years ago when I moved to Houston. Since moving here I play basically everyday. I average 330 round per year and this year my goal is 365 with I am on track with 246 rounds ytd. I haven't got tired of it yet. I think I'm addicted
  9. I've had recent pain in the top of both of my shoulders. It just started last month kind of intermittent. I'm thinking it is the number of rounds I play that is starting to take it's toll. So far since I retired 6 years ago I have exceeded 300 rounds per year
  10. some folks may still want to use tape Phil, not everyone is as enlighten as us. And true, a kit could be construed as a "air" kit which would include a gun. On a side note i just hate to have these sitting around doing nothing. I bought them and just didn't care for the grips
  11. Funny that i found this thread as i have had the exact same issues with my new Pure Grips. I don't wear gloves when playing and was absolutley dissapointed when I first played these. Hot and humid in Houston of course and these slipped the first time i tried them. I tried wiping down before each swing to no avail. I know use the "Tommy Two Glove" approach with rain gloves and it is fine. I played two rounds with them and then took them off and went back to Golfpride half cords. It's nice that i use air to put grips on and off so it was not a big deal to change out and to save the grips. if anyone is interested ive got 2 sets for sale one midsize and one regular
  12. New 13 set of mid-size PURE GRIPS. Include solvent and double sided tape
  13. I should just put 7- to 8.5 for mine as I tend to never break out of this range:(
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