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  1. If some of you were wondering what Kaymer was wearing at Accenture Match Play, it's called a Buff. https://www.buyabuff.com/c-231-angler-uv-protection.aspx The specific model that he was wearing was the Angler High UV Buff - Black Fly.
  2. I am also a beginner and I've become comfortable with the Nike Mojo balls. They are an excellent value two-piece ball. I believe Nike has discontinued them, but they are still in many stores and cost half as much as the average ball.
  3. Hi Folks, I've been working on the S&T; swing for a few weeks now. The S&T; swing has brought great consistency to my shots and am happy to say that I am no longer ashamed of my hacking skills. However, being 5'9" and 145lbs doesn't exactly equal huge power or distance numbers. Short of taking steroids and hitting the gym, there has got to be a way to squeeze some more yards out of my swing. I've hit the driving range multiple times the past few weeks and found that I've been averaging about 145yds with my 6 iron. Taking everyone else's driving numbers with a grain of salt, I still believe I could get it to 150-160yds with reasonable effort and adjustments to my swing. Personally, I think I've got to try to bring the belt up and tuck the butt on my upswing. What are your thoughts or suggestions? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. **It shouldn't make too much of a difference, but I'm using TM Burner Plus irons.
  4. I have found this book extremely helpful for me. I've found consistency and confidence in my swing and the game has definitely become enjoyable. I'll soon be taking the new skills from the range to the course. I must also add that I've had issues with my lower back for years and using the S&T; does not aggravate it. Now, I've just got to loosen up my grip on the club.
  5. Take this with a grain of salt: I have very little experience with other sets, but I have found it very easy for me to go from complete hack to executive hacker in six visits to the range. They are certainly forgiving, but keep in mind that the enlarged sweet spot on the clubfaces takes distance off a perfect shot. To balance this out, these club lofts provide a lower trajectory squeezing an extra few yards out of your shot. For example: Burner Plus 3I: 19 PING I15 3I: 21 Burner Plus 6I: 28 PING I15 6I: 30 Burner Plus 9I: 40 PING I15 9I: 41 Now that I got the science out of the way, they are extremely playable and make it more fun for the high-handicapper and weekenders.
  6. OGIO Decibel... I love everything about it aside from the legs. It's like they been kicked in the crotch and have trouble standing easily.
  7. After some hmming and hawing, I had chosen the Burner Plus, but bought them off of eBay considering the fact that I would want to purchase a set of wedges. TM RAC Satins filled out the rest of my set.
  8. 3 wood: 190 3 hybrid: 170 4 iron: 170 5 iron: 160 6 iron: 145 7 iron: 135 8 iron: 125 9 iron: 115 pw: 100 52: 85 56: 75
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