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  1. Wow after looking at all your stats it make me seem so short. i hit the ball so high it just does not go long. Driver-240 - 250 3 wood-210 -215 2 Hybrid 180-190 4 Hybrid-165-170 5 iron-155 6 iron-140 7 iron-130 8 iron-120 9 iron-110 PW-90 GW-75 SW- 60 LW- 30
  2. just wanted to say hi from Central Ca. great fourm and lots of great info. I have been lurking for some time but now im going to be more active so ithought I would join. thanks
  3. Before you buy hit some Mizuno's I tried them and loved them. JPX 800 or the MX 200 are great. Very quality golf club.
  4. Well I just purchased a set of JPX 800 and I love them. I had a set of V3 Adams forged and took them back and exchanged them for the Mizuno’s. What a great decision that was. I have never been a Mizuno guy but have heard good things about them. After playing them for about 10 rounds I can say they are great. Love the way they feel and look. My son that started playing Golf this past summer loved them also so he decided to get a set of Mizuno’s as well. We picked him up a new set of MX 200's off Ebay for a great price and he is hitting the ball better than I ever thought he would in such a short time. He broke 90 for the first time after his third time playing them. Unless you just want a newer club I would take a look at the MX line. If I had it to do over , I would have saved a lot of $$$ and go with the MX200 as well. I can’t tell much difference in the JPX vs the MX 200. Maybe a little more forgiveness but not much. I have not hit the other clubs you are talking about but I can tell you I love these. Check them out before you make a decision. PS: when I went to Roger Dunns to try out new clubs they put me on the monitor with the TaylorMade Burner 2.0 vs the JPX. After about 20 shots of each swapping back and forth every 5 shots, he showed me the pattern of the Mizuno vs the TM burner 2.0. The JPX pattern was so much tighter then the TM that It was not even close. I did hit some of the shots on the TM a lot further but not near as tight of a pattern. Every shot on the JPS was within 4 yards. The Burner 2.0 was 15 yards or more. and the feel of the JPX was so cool i just could not pass on them. Good luck.
  5. I have played both the orange and yellow, ive played the yellow about 20 rounds. I think it plays better then the white. I don’t know why but it just seems softer and flies better. I asked Bridgestone if this was possible and he said its the same ball with some color added. I just started playing the Orange and it seems the same as the white. Call me crazy but the yellow plays better for me. Also I have played one ball for three rounds just to see how long I could make it last. Its not as yellow as it started but its not bad. This ball is for slower swing speeds. im at about 95 and I love it. I tried the B330 but did not like it as much as the E6.
  6. I currently have a Taylormade r7 ST 3 wood and a big bertha DDS Diablo 4 hybird I purchased used when I took up playing again about 8 months ago. Since then I have purchased a new set of irons Mizuno JPX 800 and a Calloway tour FT iZ driver I was fitted for both of those purchases. After getting the new driver I started shooting scores in the high 70’s for the first time in my life, I’m wondering if its time to change out my older 3 wood and hybird. I’m not a long ball hitter so I wind up hitting my 3 wood off the deck a lot and off the T on long par 3’s. I hit my 4 hybird more than any club in my bag, many times just to reach longer par 4’s. I hit both of them fairly well 70% of the time so I’m wondering if it’s worth trying out a new club. I hit my sons new Adams fast 10 3W and I hit it a little straighter than mine but not further I hit my 3W about 200 yards. I guess my question is, are the new 2010/2011 clubs so much better than the two models I now have? I have not read much about the TM r7 ST it has a regular TM shaft not an aftermarket. Just looking for some opinions on how much the technology has advanced since the clubs I already have. If it’s comparable to the new driver I have vs. the old Ping G5 I was using, it’s a no brainer. I’ve hit some demo clubs at golf shop off the matt but in my view it’s not a real comparison vs. the course. Maybe its time for a new R11 3 wood and Mashie hybrid??? And maybe not. Thanks for any advise.
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