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  1. So this year the DH group was Sabbattini, Allenby and Ryan Moore. The other two are certain starters did Ryan Moore deserve it or if not he is now guilty by association. Rory / Jason Day quinella. Go lads.
  2. Thanks for the answer. Being about the same dimensions, can understand the barely noticeable:)
  3. wmiller, a majority (Australians) don't really get the relationship people in the US have with guns, the pros/cons have been done ad infinitum in another thread I saw. When you say you carry, in summer in Arizona and you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt, where is you gun? Is it on your belt out in the open or does it have to be concealed under your shirt (even though everyone would know what the bulge on your hip is)
  4. As DB said, I thought the back of the second green was a great spot to see some of the morning groups go through. This was after we put our chairs on the hill to the left of 16. You can just stand around down near 11 green back towards the 12th tee and see plenty. I also enjoyed being near the drives on 13 and watching the second shots in. Augusta do it well, the amount of people viewing is comfortable whilst still maintaining the atmosphere, they know you have paid to get there so you don't need a months wages for a sandwich and a beer. Best of all there are plenty of foreigners thereb
  5. No need to scrap any of the majors however your other idea has merit. Four majors plus a World Open, problem would be scheduling and getting the US based players to go, if they don't it dies. I thought the GFC would hasten the formation of a world tour but that seems as far off as ever.
  6. Malvern


    http://progolftalk.nbcsports.com/2011/03/03/mcilroy-surprised-to-see-words-appear-as-si-essay/ This is your second go at McIlroy, easier to just say you don't like him and move on. This may come as a newsflash, every pro golfer in almost every interview gets asked about Tiger, you can answer with the usual banality for fear of offending the PR machine or actually say what you think. Lack of grace, please, he is a polite young guy with a bit of confidence and a game to match. You got it wrong in the other thread and have not improved,
  7. Malvern


    Presume the OP is referring to this : http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/6267041/27625308 A couple of comments, if you want sportsman to be excruciatingly dull, jump all over them whenever they say anything that hasn't been scripted by their PR and management people. McIroy, Poults, Rose, GMac and Westy have an easy camaraderie and "take the piss" out of each other and anyone who takes themselves too seriously. They would have some fun with the OP. Fowler is a fine player and looks like he is the goods but Rory has won on two tours. He is the better young player at the momen
  8. European : Poults cause he seems to have a good sense of humour and supports the mighty Arsenal. US : Couples, its a tempo thing. Other : Ogilvy, same as above Never really understood the love for Phil. The whole schtick seems so rehearsed.
  9. The reaction you have when you think that's the reaction you should have, what a tool. Forced, fake and the one of the reasons the Europeans win.
  10. The Chinese have rung, they want their money back
  11. Another vote for Yuengling from a foreigner. For our tastes the Coors, Bud, Miller is undrinkable. We asked a barman in Columbia, SC to find us something other than the regular shite, stayed on the Yuengling all the way to New York, certainly pleased our hosts in Philly
  12. Terrible what has happened, seems we can't take a trick with mother nature down under at the moment. Two of my good mates are from Christchurch, they told me about doing earthquake training at school in the 70's which in a typical understated Kiwi way invoved getting under your desk if you weren't first to the door jamb. Never thought they would need it until recently. Few of your boys on sites like iseekgolf.com.au and ozgolf.net if you wanted to talk golf and rugby.
  13. Jetnicks, see you have done the walk already, good stuff. Not sure how much you play away however the hillier the course the more likely I am to carry, it seems easier. Like Riveira, out here in Australia we have kikuyu fairways, pain in the asre to push your buggy uphill through that stuff in the middle of summer.
  14. I don't want a dissertation on S & T, but, Go Badds, Yes he can putt but he looked well in control today, back through and free wheeling like he did before he discovered the experts. Seems like he lives a good gig over there wihout trying too hard.
  15. Kieran, you know the story old boy, you are unbeatable in the inbetween years yet.......... Produce all the evidence you want leading up, as you know it means nothing. You getting to watch much over there, slingbox? All the best, the punters out near Greymouth are up to no good http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/stallion-semen-has-kiwis-raring-to-go-for-hokitika-wildfoods-festival/story-e6frfku0-1226008122105
  16. We have yet to see the typical All Black RWC preparation where the supporters and media demand changes and unsetlle planning. We also have a S15 season to get through assuming the AB's aren't going to be rested again? The greatest chokers in world sport, they put Greg Norman to shame. Go Wallabies
  17. 185m (202 yrds), do you play at La Paz Country Club or on the high veldt. Next thing you will be telling everyone that the All Blacks are a lock for the RWC.
  18. Funny guy Robert, always looks like he has bitten down hard on a lemon. Even polarises us Aussies. Does a massive amount of work for charities here in Oz, has raised millions and is very giving with his time. Different persona on course to off by the looks.
  19. Would it be easier to say you just don't like foreigners (JD aside). Gmac, good man, sense of humour, loves life, smashes it. Think you are on the money, I don't like him, would prefer to cheer for a college clone.
  20. Jeff Overton - didn't like him anyway and after the ridiculous over reaction in the Ryder Cup, no interest. Throw Leonard in on the same basis. JB Holmes, Crane, Furyk - get moving Baddeley, Lehman, Z.Johnson, Cink et al - would prefer not to hear another winning speech from any of them Sport is no fun unless you have some anti heroes, bit hard to find them in golf.
  21. Maybe Schwartzel, the guy is very good. First year in the US, maybe he doesn't play too many tournaments and needs to get acclimatised. The overseas guys seem to play better when they get a house and fully commit. Since you went with two of your own, I will go with one of my countrymen, Marc Leishman, awesome game, designed for the US.
  22. Mate, you never get what you want, you got snow, I played in 41 degrees on Saturday (106 Fahrenheit). Hot wind blowing out of the NW, finally recovered about 12 hours later. Further info from a mate : Apparently it got to 115 while we were out there .
  23. Hi, thought I would get a different perspective on golf and join an overseas forum (we half several in Australia). Been playing for 30 years although only just hanging onto single figures these days. Played a bit around the place including the US in 2009. Looking forward to getting involved and going to The Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne later this year.
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