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  1. hmm.. I have to disagree with you about them not working on golf balls.. I have found these things to work actually perfectly.. I am a long ball hitter and have a big swing and I have never had an issue with the golfdot coming off.. ever.. actually. I started using these early last year and I am now somewhat of an addict.. I like to have full sleeves of fresh PRO Vs with my mark on it.. my league foursome all know who the SCORPION is..! Anyway, try applying them on the golfball inside your home (warmer is better).. again I have had an excellent experience with these things and quite frankly, it blows away my old way of marking the ball with a sharpie, looks way tougher.. Regarding the clubs.. I haven't gone that way with them but my kids have used them on their ipads for sure and they love it.. Best of luck in 2011! -Albatross (Albert Horowitz)