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  1. My experiences with fitting

    Well here is my issue with fitting..... I basically feel if I went to be fitted 10 times I MAY be fitted with 10 different things...Now, don't get me wrong, we all have "tendencies" but doesn't anyone ever wonder if we swing differently on different days...I know I do...some days I hook some days I hit it straight and some days it fades a little...so based on how I am hitting that day is the way I may be fitted....Now, I know there is more to fitting than that but I still wonder if I was fitted 10 times if they would fit me with the same clubs everytime? I am confident enough in my abilities that I know I can adapt to the way the club plays....even though I know that I shouldn't have to do that...but at any rate, this issue will come up soon for me...I play the Wilson Deep Reds...they are getting old and I know I will have to replace them...they are alomst 10 years old now...I have redone the heads but I still know they need to be replaced and I am not happy with the new set of Wilson's I bought with the Fat shafts the DI7's...so I am not sure what I am going to do...
  2. Ok, second conundrum....should I get a new driver the R9 460 or a GPS like Golf Logix or Skycaddie....what would you do oh SandTrap Brethren
  3. Ok, so I have the R7460 with the Fujikura engineered shaft regular Flex 60 I think.... I want to by the R9460 but that says it has an Aldila ReAx shaft of 60.... Am I going to notice a huge difference... Thanks..