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  1. My wedge play From 90ish yards I normaly get it with 20 feet but I want to get up and down from 90 yards more often. All about the distance control I also tend to pull my wedges slightly
  2. When I find myself if hard lies in the rough I just open my stance and my club face a small amount. I play it like a flop shot but have te club face not as open I find it easy to control.
  3. hi all, I made this thread for people to share what type of drills they use while on the range. Most of the time I pick out targets and try to hit balls at it. then i try to hit a fade and then draw to the target. I may also hit low and high shots and even use different clubs but hit them at the same target. for example if my target was 120Y away i would hit my PW but then a 3/4 9 iron and a hard 52. Does anyone have any other drills I could use while on the range thanks.
  4. 15th is a wonderful pin placement today!! players hitting on to the narrow par 3 with a 7ish iron with the pin back right next to the water.
  5. Justin Rose is in form. 29 for his back nine yesterday, can see him shooting 3/4 under today. However i think scott will win it
  6. Driver - 285ish 3W -250 5W -230 3H -220 4H -210 5I -195 6I -185 7I -175 8I -165 9I -155 PW -140 50 -125 56 -115 this summer i am trying to get my driver just under 300yds!!! + get my handicap down to 2 (i hope)
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