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  1. Anyone Getting an iPhone?

    I'm not an Apple guy. I admit it. As was stated, the IT profession means that we use Windos. That's just how it is. I didn't know that the browser was that much better, not being an Apple owner or user. Therefore, I don't pretend to know anything about OS X. I did not say that Apple owners are "cult followers". The phrase that Apple has kind of a cult following is not a jab, at least not from me, to apple or it's users. But let's face it, the world's businesses run MS. While it is not the best, see I can admit that, it is a fact. I stand by my "cult following" comment in that apple owners are typically an extremely loyal group and, as has been displayed in this thread, they wioll defend their beloved apple whole heartedly. There is nothing wrong with that and I was not refering to cults. Come on, you're a smart guy too, you surely know I did not intend that to be an insult. If not, you do now. As for the toy comment, I should have phrased that differently. Is the iPhone suited for business? I should not have called it a toy. I should have asked if it were more suited for personal users. My only interest in this conversation is learning a little more from people who honestly appreciate it. It's just a matter of time before one of my customers requests one and based on what my impressions are now I would have to deny that request. As for me doing the research, sure I can. I just thought this was an open discussion and that some of the over zealous Apple fans could stear me in the right direction. Alas, the evil MS user has tainted the conversation..... As for the iPod... I admit that is a superior product than anything else on the market. I have one and cannot even think of running without it. I was just hoping for as compelling of an argument for the iPhone. Perhaps I was not clear as to what I was looking for. Just tell me what makes you so passionate about it. I don't care about the checklist. Up to this point I have found that, in general, products that perform many different functions do not of them extremely well. Are you telling me that the iPhone is the exception and that it does everything excedingly well? That's great, just explain the why and the how. lastly, I didn't mean to come across as hating Apple of the iPhone. I just don't get it. Obviously some of you do. Please enlighten me as to why it's worth $600 (I'd buy the 8GB if I bought one. I have to price it that way. I've filled up my 4 GB ipod too many times.) and I really didn't mean to stir the puddin. I'm an ISTJ if that helps you understand me any better LOL.....
  2. Anyone Getting an iPhone?

    I am an IT professional and understand what you are saying. But I have not heard anything other than hype surrounding the iPhone. Specifically, what does it do that justifies the $600 price tag? I paid $60 for my Q with a 2 year contract renewal. The price point is what I'm balking at. Doesn't Creative Labs offer a very similar device for around $300? If it's just that it's an apple then I understand the cult following. However, it's business that rules my decisions. Does Good support the iPhone? Is this a viable alternative to Blackberry and treo or is this just a wiz bang toy? I make telecom buying decisions for 4 major metropolitan hospitals in a multi billion dollar health care corporation and I simply don't see it. Where's the beef?
  3. tiger puke?

    LMOA...I thought he puked up his lunch or something ..... I knoew there would be someone saying wonderful things about Tiger. I just didn't know I'd laugh so hard.
  4. Anyone Getting an iPhone?

    I'm running a Motorola Q on Sprint's network and it's very fast. I gave up my air card with Sprint for the Q. If the iPhone were an option with Sprint I would consider one. But, I honestly don't see anything, other than 802.11B/G, that it will do that I don't already have covered. My Q plays music, runs Media player, surf the net, runs Good so I can access my work Outlook, has a 4GB mini SD card, syncs with any PC via mini usb or IR and has a QWERTY keyboard. I'm running Google earth and it's as fast as my old air card, which is at least twice as fast as the Cingular air cards my techs are using. I'm not saying anything bad about the iPhone. I just don't see what it does that I can't live without. The camera on my Q sucks but I have a Nikon D70 with several lenses so I really don't have the need for a camera on my phone. I've been following the buzz on these things somewhat and I just don't see the justification for a $600 multi function phone. ...but I'm open to learning about them. I've been wrong before. Especially if they are ever offered on the Sprint network.
  5. "Buying a game"

    Then there are also people who earn well into 6 figures and $600 for irons really isn't much money at all. It all depends on where you are in life. If you are mortgaging your house to buy irons then your comment makes sense to me. However, if the money isn't an object does it really mean anything? I have a good friend who paid over $90,000 for an over and under shotgun. Does that make him a fool? If you have any idea what his portfolio looks like you would understand that this was just discretionary income for him. For me a couple grand in clubs isn't going to make or break me. Does this make me a fool for buying the equipment I want and that will hopefully help me play the game a little better in the process? Or are you suggestion that I should play with my 1972 blades until I get my handicap below 10 (tongue in cheek)?
  6. Anyone Getting an iPhone?

    I haven't really looked at the i phones. What will it do that my Q won't do? I already have an ipod so music isn't an issue for me. What's so wiz bang about these? Obviously I'm missing something.
  7. Tiger's Problem?

    Speaking of swing changes... Is it routine for professional golfers at the top of the game to change their swings 2, 3 who knows how many times before it's over? That's something I haven't completely understood. What was so wrong with Tiger's swing either of the previous times he's overhauled it? Has his strength changed to the point that he can do more or less with what he had prior? Or, is he just a tinkerer and changes things from time to time? Is he even able to go back to one of his previous swings and make it work? Seriously, I don't understand the swing changes at his level. I'm just trying to get a consistant swing...
  8. Tiger's Problem?

    Sheesh!!! Even the great Golden Bear didn't win every tournament. I don't care who you are you will not win every tournament. Just something for the folks that think Tiger is supposed to win every time out..... What if Tiger doesn't win another major for the next 2 or 3 years? Does that really diminish his legacy in any way shape or form? That said, with Tiger playing so much the rest of the season and the way he figured out his game this week we just may be in for something very special. What's he playing? Something like 6 out of 7 over the next 2 months or so? This could be fun to watch if he keeps everything grooving like it was this week and expecially today. Did I hear Rorry say for tiger to "Bring it!"...Looks like he just might.
  9. Yow! $700 690.MBs

    I bought a Nike SQ2 from GPP a while back. I had a very good experience with them. Plus I got one heck of a deal. I would buy from them again.
  10. Scotty Cameron For a Beginner Golfer

    I think you should putt with one before you buy it. For that matter, putt with as many styles as you can to see which one feels right to you. I went through a few putters before I settled in on the one in my bag. You should also look at a good face balanced putter like an Odyssey 2 ball or Marksman or other brand. Then again the Scotty may be the putter you were made for. I just think you should spend some time on the practice green with some before you jump into any putter. On the other hand, as long as it's in very good condition and you keep a headcover on it the Scotty should always be worth close to what you would have in it. So did I answer anything you asked? Cheers!
  11. What is the length of your putter?

    5' 9" and I feel most comfortable with a 34 1/2". It's amazing how a 35" feels awkward and uncomfortable.
  12. Best Odd Looking Driver???

    I haven't lost any distance and I am hitting a lot more fairways and greens since I switched to the FT-i. Plus I think it looks cooler than the other square heads.
  13. What ball?

    I tried the Srixon Trispeed today and I was really impressed with the way I could stop them on the greens. They seem to have a higher trajectory than the Pro V1, e6 or HX Hot. I got good distance but there wasn't much wind to mess with the higher ball flight. I'll give them another try Sunday or Monday.
  14. Interesting Topic... Course Fashion

    I usually wear the same clothes as I wear at my office. Nice Polo and pleated khakis. My trousers are very lightweight so they are not too warm in the summer. I'm not out to impress anyone and don't have a haughty attitude. I'm just more comfortable. If I'm coming home before i go to the driving range I will sometimes change into khaki shorts but I'm usually trying to beat the leagues to try to get out for a quick 9 after work so it's usually trousers and a polo.
  15. My Circa 62 #3...

    The full $110 restoration has gone up to a $145 restoration in the past week. When I last spoke with the CS they indicated it was running about 40 days for restoration then an additional 10 to 14 days if there are CS options. The price increase may slow down work on restorations briefly and speed up turnaround slightly. The putter I sent in was still new. It still had the plastic wrap over the grip. I just wanted to bling it up a bit. I have 2 other Cammeron putters to send in. One is pretty dinged up but the CS says it will be no problem and to send it in. The other is in pretty good condition and may just get a stamp and grip.