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  1. eldrick defenders continue to say its okay to cheat on your wife because someone else has already done it before eldick. I often wonder what all those wives or future wives married to some of you schmucks would think about your convictions on cheating on them. You think they'd say to you that cheating is okay just because eldrick did it first and he is your hero? Some of you people are sick and have no integrity or honor. But its oaky if eldrick does it cause I loves eldrick. Give me a break. The man has no honor and is no role model no matter how much some of you sycophants
  2. May Ole Veej forever more be known as the "The Cheatin' Fijian."
  3. Don't know how you're doing now. I hope you are still following your dream. Along the way there will be many who want to disillusion you, tell you that you are crazy and that it will never happen. If you're still reading Rotella then you will know that you cannot allow any negative thinking to get a foot hold and work to destroy your confidence. Keep trying young man. Remember that life will throw curves at you along the way. The important thing is to follow your dreams. Even if you don't make it as a pro there a many, many opportunities to work and play in the golf world.
  4. Instead of getting her chest enlarged she should of gotten her eyes fixed.
  5. Did you actually meet and or know either Bobby Jones and or Mr. Hogan? "And, unlike contemporaries such as Bobby Jones (a bigot) and Hogan (an arrogant and aloof ass)" That is what I disagree with. As far as I know Hogan was devoted to his wife and by all accounts off the course was a true gentleman, and was very charitable and was devoted to those he considered a friend. Bobby Jones was a gentleman even though he grew up in a different era and time. I will agree with what you state about Nelson because by all historical and known accounts he was a gentleman
  6. This is much ado about nothing. The empty suit of a campaigner and the guy who might look like his son did not solver world hunger, did not stop global warming and neither one walked on water as far as I know. All that occurred was the campaigner in chief wasted another million of the tax payers money so he could go chill with his choom gang and play a round of golf with his peeps. Why everyone has their panties in a bunch thinking this is a great thing baffles me, and a s much as the story in and of itself sickens me, this is really a nothing story.
  7. Mr. Desmond - Where are you from originally? Refute anything I have said about the ME, Brian Terry and president downgrades record of failure. All you do is attack with a nothing argument, just like a progressive American hating piece of trash. You present no facts to refute anything I have said. You sir are an idiot of epic proportions and show such a lack of intelligence that you could be labeled stupid or a progressive demonrat is is pretty much two of the same things. As far as I'm concerned you are nothing and not worthy of any more of my time as you have shown
  8. So you support a man for President who is a bigger failure then Jimmy Carter. A man whose foreign policy has set the ME on fire and is responsible for the death of an American Ambassador and 3 other Americans, a candidate whose DOJ has blood on its hands with the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. You support a candidate that has asked government contractors not to pass out pink slips until after the election, you support a candidate who has failed at everything except lying to the American people. You support a candidate who can't take responsibility for anything he's d
  9. At least Jack is supporting a candidate who is pro-America and is not a murderer or serial liar. Jack is supporting a candidate who is for a strong America and not a candidate that is out to destroy this nation. I guess the goobermint cheese,ows crowd has even found its way to The Sand Trap.
  10. While we're at it.... Ban all metal woods. Go back to playing persimmons and blades like real men and the greatest ball strikers of all time did! 460CC Frying pan on the end of a stick.... Now thats cheating!
  11. Is it the hips sliding first, or the knees initiating the forward movement of the hips? Think about it.
  12. Any updates from anyone. Would love to hear how your projects are turning out. CheeseWedge - Did you find sanding the putter changed the weight much or at all?
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