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  1. 80 for both! Size XL, fits really nice!
  2. Ping FullZip Pull Over with Fleece on the inside, one black and one white, these are sweeet!!!! However, we never got winter in Florida, so I'm selling them. They were a Christmas gift from my wife. $80 shipped OBO on these.
  3. Thanks for that DevilDog..I'm closing it right now....probably will sell on ebay.
  4. $250 shipped OBO......$225 Shipped!!!! ...$200!!!!! 35" Cover Included NEW Condition, coming from a putter collector, I don't really see myself playing this so I'm basically giving it away. Not looking to lose too much on this putter, so price is pretty firm. I guess I would consider some trades as well, as always I'm looking to try new clubs, but only 2011-2012 models only. Will ship immediately after payment is paypal'ed to CONUS. Thanks!
  5. Surprised no one has made any offers! Still for sale!
  6. Yo yo SandTrappers!!! Up for sale is a Rescue 11 2 Hybrid in Good Condition. Club has been used and it's a 7/10 condition. Gamed it on and off for a year and I'm going back to a 5 Wood for 2012. $75 shipped!!!! Please hit me up with questions on these and I'm always willing to listen to trade offers.
  7. Extremely nice, I am ready for a stiffer shaft and just want some money to go buy some new clubs. I felt that I could really hit these clubs from anywhere, great ball flight and so so spin, plus forgiveness was there.
  8. I am more than happy to e-mail pictures to you once you show interest, I unfortunately don't have them loaded into my computer yet, but I wanted to put this ad up first. This set is in good condition, I'd say a 7 out of 10. No major nicks or scratches, and they are ALWAYS well taken care of, always cleaned after a round. They also have the stock grips, as I haven't played them long enough to change the grips yet. $450 shipped anywhere in the US, I live in the Tampa/Orlando area and is available for pick up in these areas as well. Also, these are 4-AW. Thanks!
  9. I totally agree as far as shirt matching goes, solid colored shirts is the way to go to match the pants.
  10. Also, played Lake Buena Vista last week, pretty easy, some challenging holes but I'm still picking my jaw up from playing Grand Cypress. Played the North and South course, and the conditions and the set up of the course is spectacular. Can't wait to play the new course. $40 for residents on Golf Now? STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Without judging because of the price, would you wear them? What do you think of them? I find the designs to match the name perfectly....LOUD. But hey I actually am going to admit I'd probably buy one and wear a pair if I'm playing someone for money, just to distract them. Your opinions please...
  12. I'm in LAkeland..But my markets are Tampa and Orlando so I travel to both on a week to week basis.
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