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  1. Actually we have more in common that what I originally thought. You have some lovely Canon gear (As do I) , and we have similar ideological beliefs about apple products and OSX. It looks like you deal in technology and so do I. Shame we don't see eye to eye on all things Golf. -LM
  2. Was great to see D.A. Points and Bill Murray win. Tears in his eyes I guess.... -LM
  3. It just keeps getting better and better. Tiger Woods.. What a Shi+bird. -LM
  4. Our Famous Mr Woods, in some of his more infamous moments. My personal favorite is the disappointed yet whiny "Tiii-gerrr... Butt..." Looking forward to more priceless moments this year. -LM
  5. Well all you tiger fanboy circle jerkers, heres how he finished up: 71 66 72 75 284 Three average rounds and one flash of brilliance. Whoop de fuc_ing doo. As of this post hes tied with 8 other meidiocre souls for 20th place. So all of you who disagree about his continual steady decline from the top of this game and out of the starshine of greatness - you my friends, as Tiger would say, can "suck it." My Warmest Regards, -LargeMarge
  6. You know what? Youre right, he has no obligation to the public to be faithful to his wife, however as one of the top 5 ambassadors of the game, he has a moral responsibility. -LM
  7. He was a great player - and has god given talent. He had the opportunity to be the best and threw it away. Since he drug himself through the mud, He has no place next to names like Nicklaus, Hogan, and Jones. Now he has a headful of shame and regret and I for one hope he shanks every iron, slices every tee shot, and chili dips every wedge for years to come. God may giveth, and God may taketh away. Perhaps some of you have forgotten - this is supposed to be a gentlemens game. -LM
  8. 6 under 66 is a nice round, but i think its just a flash of brilliance. I doubt he'll be able to keep it up. Rorys going to tea-bag him. -LM
  9. We'll see Deasy - the mind is an amazing thing when it comes to golf. If your heads not right, you wont play well, and mr woods is demonstrating that very thoroughly for all of us.
  10. Its like reading a classic tragedy - watching the fall of Tiger. Guilt and shame are continuing to erode his ability to play the game to the level he was once capable of. I've got 10 bucks that says he loses his tour card within 5 years. See: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20110210/NEWS/110219938?p=1&tc;=pg -LM
  11. I think his ex wife gave him the Lorena Bobbit treatment. That would explain a lot. -LM
  12. I shot a giant woolly bear that was eatin my begonias. Here he is just before I bagged him. Look at that guilty grin!
  13. When i was young and could actually score I used to play NCGA events in california and it used to be pretty bad - over a 4 round event some players (usually claiming about a 15 handicap) would post score 2-6 strokes less than their handicap during the course of a tournament. Occasionally those players would get penalty strokes and sometimes get their handicap index revoked. On events played in Oakland, CA they'd get their tires slashed in the parking lot. -LM
  14. I played it once and I though it was really beautiful and challenging. I had an early tee time so the wind wasnt much of a factor until we hit the back 9. On most shots If you cant keep the ball within 20 yards of where you want to hit it, youre going to be up to your @ss in sand, knee high sea grass, or worse, water. The caddies were great. Bring your wallet full and leave with it empty. -LM
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