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  1. Update.... Had these irons on loan for a few days and after a session on range played 2 rounds with them.. A dream to hit, lofts appear to be similar to those on Ping Eye2 iron so had to move up a club on most shots. Shafts are excellent, Japan Reg flex appears to suit my ageing 3/4 swing very well. Downside - grooves apparently are non-conforming 😭 Could seriously improve my game with these old irons.
  2. I acquired an almost mint condition set of Ping Eye 2+ Irons in a 'Garage" type sale . The shafts are JZ and still have original labels (red) which I believe indicate they are Stiff.though they do not state so on the label. The shafts are labelled Asia and I wonder if anyone knows if the Ping Asian shaft is different to the European/US spec. I had a set of Pings many years ago, can't remember the exact shaft but would have been stiff, however, on trying these newly acquired irons they do feel a little less firm than my originals.I know some other Asian steel shafts have softer tips and w
  3. Trying to persuade owner to let me try, hope to do within next couple of days, will update for interest.
  4. Anyone have any experience/infomation on these Japanese irons ? I suspect they were quite expensive originally and maybe in the Honma category.
  5. Fakes/Copies of clubs ( and almost anything you can think of !!) are a fixture in this part of the world and buying used golf equipment is always going to be a bit risky. When someone appears with new equipment in the bag here, its not unusual for the first question to be " Is it genuine or copy? "
  6. I suspected also. Picked up set when on holiday in Thailand 3+ years ago.. Strange thing is, I shoot much better scores with these than with my Ping G15s (Definitely not copies).
  7. This TM Burner Iron head appears to be same as Burner HT but has no 'HT' stamped under the 'Burner' stamp.Have tried to identify among all the TM iron historical pictures but not successful. Anyone more info please ? thanks.🙏
  8. Anyone have Bridgestone J815 Driver..... I am needing info on settings please.
  9. Just to add another 'dimension' to this interesting topic conversation.... I also much prefer heavy putters but also prefer to play with 'blade' like putter. I have experimented with adding weight to head/using Superstroke counterweighted grip etc. etc. but never really found satisfactory end result - in terms of better performance stats. However, 6 months ago I tried something slightly different and filled the shaft of my much loved and almost vintage Teardrop TD21 with sugar and fitted a scotty Cameron 80 gram grip making the overall total weight of the putter 594 grams.. Improvement for
  10. I'll definitely be watching less if cover is as bad as the Fox Sports US Open was. Now the R & A have sold the broadcast rights to Sky Sports in the UK from 2017 I just hope they don't sink to the same abysmal level as Fox Sports.
  11. I am an 83 year old veteran with playing handicap of 17. In addition to understandably losing some distance from some years back my iron play had got pretty poor and it was suggested that I try a set of hybrid irons. I got hold of a used set of Adams Idea Tech V3 and while the full hybrid graphite 4/5/6's improved my long shots significantly, the 7 - PW were poor performers for me as far as fell and accuracy goes. I still had a set of McGregor VIP Tourney's from my early days and decided to clean up the 7-PW and re-fit with the newish NSPro Zelos7 lightweight steel shafts, the result
  12. Been away from the forum or a while due to some problem with signing in which is now resolved. Just want to say that after spending some time on other golf forums, Sand Trap is just THE BEST
  13. I have been informed today that the Yellow straight slot puts the lie 'toe up' and increases the loft and the White straight slot is normal. Also told that not possible to decrease the loft. Not sure if this is correct, hopefully another member may yet respond who can shed more light. I agree with you the info by Nike is not too helpful, I contacted them by email on 2 occasions but they do not reply ( maybe they dont have the answer also !!! ). I like mine because it gives me more tight dispersion than others I have tried and distance is slightly better also. Just wish I knew more ab
  14. Just acquired a Nike Machspeed Str8 Driver and if any member using one of these clubs, would appreciate clarification of what is setting for lower trajectory.... Apart from Left and Right adjustment and Upright, do I assume that Upright will increase trajectory and Neutral - at the bottom end of the adjustmen diagram - is the normal trajectory ? So how to get lower trajectory setting ?
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