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  1. Best Tips You've Heard For Slicers?

    First let me say thanks for all the tips. On my typical shot it normally starts at the target and then goes right. Which is why I can get away with starting it down the left and play a Couples Fade. I should clarify that it is primarily my driver that is the issue. I have always been a relatively straight hitter with the irons. I am sure it's an open face issue and not an out to in issue. Mainly because I have always attacked the left quadrant of the ball. Just looking for some fresh ideas. I was hoping to hear some others thoughts was the reason for the post.
  2. One of the things I do here in PA is interview various Professionals for my blogs, audio books and articles that I write. I am looking to find some different types of questions to ask. And figured why not see what others would ask if they could interview their favorite Golf Pro. So what would you like to see ask if you were watching or reading an interview of say a guy like Butch Harmon. Don't worry about whether you think it's a good one or not. I am looking for some out of the ordinary too. Thanks to all who help with this in advance. If I decide to publish the interview you will receive a FREE COPY of the book or video.
  3. What Are You Working On?

    Been working on getting rid of my slice. Trying to take the hands out of the swing a little more.
  4. I had a bit of a slicing issue last season and would like to get off to a better start this season. I will probably get to a pro soon But it's still a ways off for that. So I thought I would start to work on it indoors in the meantime. I look forward to your suggestions and tips.
  5. Does anyone play The AM Tour?

    For me I would use it to play some of the courses I otherwise would not be able to get on. If you play some of the private clubs for only $100 or so it would be worth it.
  6. I am still a fan of the fairway woods over the hybrids myself. I have an R7 3 wood I hit well and a Callaway 5 wood that I can hit about 220. I seem to hook the hybrids for some reason.
  7. What happens if Tiger....

    I believe that Tiger will be back to his winning ways. In the past when he has made changes with his swing he has long term plans. Although in the short term his swing is not right at the moment. He certainly has shown some flashes of brilliance. But he probably will not be as dominate as before simply because he has shown he is beatable. If Vijay can win as much as he did in his 40's I look forward to the elder Tiger Woods. Bill Bowman
  8. Why does everyone love Freddie Couples?

    The fact that he was on top at the time I started playing is why I think I like him. But I like his laid back style too. Wish I could stay that calm when missing a short putt!
  9. Hello From Snowy Pa!

    Hi, My name is Bill Bowman and I live in Scenic Chester County, PA. I am a proud father of one and love to play a little squash as well. I play on local courses (Glen Mills, White Clay Creek) in the area as well as some of the well known Private Clubs ( E.G. Merion, Aronimink) and more. Hope to share some of my Golf Course Reviews to help you find out which courses you may want to try. My handicap is a 11.6 All the best, Bill