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  1. Could use help we are planning to semi retire in the Arizona area next year can anyone steer us in the right direction as to where to play and live. Need a 2 bedroom villa nice safe area preferably in golf course community. Want to play from Dec to April 4 months Need golf courses that have very active leagues or groups i would rather play an average golf course daily if membership and events were very strong looking to be able to join in as many groups as possible. We are looking for a very social membership Completely open to anywhere in Arizona just do not want to be cold anymore ?? from Canada Any advice would be greatly appreciated If you currently play at a course where the leagues and events are very strong please let me know the name so i can research rental rates.
  2. Be down for 8 days looking to play golf buddy had to back out if anyone is looking for someone to play with or join a group let me know Feb 22 to march1 anywhere in the Orlando area 50 years old 7.5 index Alan