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  1. cbe_golfer

    2015 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    hey..these guys are professionals..why cant they play slow greens like the rest of us?. I dont see spikemarks, divots or pebbles there yet.
  2. cbe_golfer

    2015 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    Hello!! Glad to be here. why are they complaining about the greens?. They look mighty good to me.
  3. cbe_golfer

    Putting - DO NOT Accelerate Through the Ball

    This is awesome. I now realize that the main source of my bad putting is the bad advice about 'accelerating through the ball'. I had no distance control beyond about 15 feet, This feels so right. Thanks Erik.
  4. cbe_golfer

    Will Steve Stricker win a major this year?

    He will. I think he is becoming more confident with the lead. He closed out two tournaments well last year after the breakthrough at Colonial. He'll need that bit of luck to be on his side during one of the majors. I'll be rooting for him for sure.
  5. It takes a lot of revision to ingrain the thought process. The book is also available on Audible ( www.audible.com ) if you want to take it to your car and listen to it every day.
  6. A nice read..but really the only thing I remember from the book is "Take dead aim".
  7. cbe_golfer

    "The Art of the Short Game" by Stan Utley

    I like his sand technique. I dont like the very open stance and wide open clubface. It gives me no confidence. Stan's technique works like a charm for me when I understand the texture and firmness of the sand. The key here is me. I need more experience playing different kinds of beach shots. The technique is just perfect for me.
  8. cbe_golfer

    What Golf Announcers Could Learn from Wimbledon

    I see this a little differently. Part of the ambience of Wimbledon comes from the crowd..I would rather call them spectators. They are truly in the moment and know the difference between a winner and an unforced error. The tone of the applause itself is different depending on what happened during the point. And the announcers in a sense have it made when it comes to setting the scene for the unfolding drama. In golf, on many events on the PGA tour, you have that get-in-the-hole guy fretting himself into a delirium on the back nine.
  9. cbe_golfer

    Happy DJYoshi Day

    I cant remember when I was 27. . It all went away so quickly. Happy Birthday and wish you a great golfing year too.
  10. cbe_golfer

    Thoughts on a New Sub-Forum

    I like the idea. Most of the time, the threads started in other sub forums dont provoke much thought/introspection. They also tend to constitute random ramblings and discussions get sidetracked. I think this sub-forum should be heavily moderated to the extent that if it does not contribute to the idea, the post should be removed immediately. It should be such that the person posting should really have worked on it and not just post some personal untested idea. I like "Editorials" under Pro Shop. I hope I will be good enough to post replies on there in a few years but till then, I will just lap everything up quietly and go to work on it.
  11. cbe_golfer

    What are you listening to?

    Ok. I can never get enough of this one... Cowboy - Kid Rock.
  12. cbe_golfer

    Breakthrough Round!

    Way to go!. Well done.
  13. cbe_golfer

    P Creamer. Is she much heavier?

    The way she sashays..too much temptation for any man. Seriously, I hope she can win tomorrow. Good Luck Paula!
  14. cbe_golfer

    Why is a full shoulder turn so important?

    First you say shoulder turn is not so important. Then you say more hip turn and not restricted hip turn. Wonder where your coil comes from. And this is not just from reading instructional books. Its plain old common sense and hitting a lot of golfballs too. Your theories dont add up buddy.
  15. cbe_golfer

    How good is your dad?

    My dad's pretty good at whatever he does. Sadly, he has never played golf and he lives in India and he has never seen a golf ball in his life yet and so... I guess...about a 5 handicap easily if he had played for a decade. He's an artist in the true sense of the word.

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