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  1. paulballs

    What driver brand do you use?

    Taylormade M2 '17. Although I want to get a Cobra F8 tour length really bad, I just bought the M2 a month ago. :/. Probably have to wait til next season when the price comes down.
  2. I'm sure this is a long shot.... Bought direct from Taylormade. Have had this driver a cpl weeks, used it 2 of 3 rounds and at the range a few times. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Just switched to Cobra irons and would like to give that F8 a try. The M2 is standard/stock and I generally choke down an inch+. Looking for the tour length F8 because it's 1.25" shorter than standard. Head cover and tool
  3. I went back through 30 pages of this forum, didn't see 1 thread about this club. Just looking for opinions on it.
  4. Can I vote twice? 😂 I've just bought my second set of irons this year without being fit. I bought some 2016 TM M2s back in March/April. My other clubs where 10yr old and I felt that the gain in tech was worth the purchase. And now I just bought some Cobra F8 OL.
  5. Have spent thousands of dollars at RBG (including new M2s this year), never one issue. Just because you had a bad experience doesn't make them a bad company. Btw, ever think it was your bank requesting verification, not RBG?
  6. paulballs

    Best Place to buy 2nd hand golf clubs

    Never was a fan of buying used, but opted for some "nearly new" or "excellent" (forget the classification) Cleveland wedges at Rock Bottom a few months ago since I'd already spent way more than I should have in new equipment this year already. They had very minimal wear, just a few marks, and were about half the cost of new. I'll definitely look at used again next time I buy clubs.
  7. paulballs

    Claim Your Achievements Here!

    Have broken 100 many times (never 90), but hadn't played since 2011 until this year. Shot a 98 last week, my low round of the year (sadly) I've had 1 eagle in my life.
  8. We must be related. I can go to the range and hit great shots all day. Get on the course and my irons are crap. I guess it's the fact that on the range it doesn't mean anything. On the course I'm aiming at a particular spot or trying to hit the green and there is a score attached to it. Very frustrating. I played yesterday, very difficult course, lots of water, lots of sand, lots of blind tee shots, lots of blind 2nd shots, lots of dog legs, shot a 112 😏 first 6-7 holes were all double, triple bogey, it was a nightmare. Wasn't hitting my irons good at all. By the time I got to 10 I was hitting my driver very good, high, straight, right down the middle of the fairway. And while I wasn't great with my direction I was making good contact on my 2nd shot at least. Generally a 112 would make me hate life and hate golf, but at the end I actually felt pretty good because I was hitting the ball solid. I do the same thing. If I go OB I'll just drop near where it did, take my penalty, and go on. I say that 99 is legit.
  9. I've always and only every used a 10.5. I've never been fitted for anything, I just buy off the shelf and go. My driver is old, like 9yrs old, TM Burner Draw. I hit it fairly good, of course I have plenty of slices and hooks since I'm not a good player. In fact I bought the draw variation years ago to fight the slice as much as I could. By my eye, I get a good launch trajectory with the 10.5 , and an average drive is 240-50. Been debating a new driver for weeks, but I've bought so much new stuff already this year I kept telling myself no. Yesterday I was at Golf Galaxy and they had a TM M2 2017, 10.5* used. I grabbed it and hit a few balls in the hitting booth. I didn't get on the launch monitor but the ball was coming off the club very good, very straight, and I liked it. Of course that made me start looking around at used M2s online last night, since new is still $300. Found one, ordered, but it was a 12*, and also not the d type. I'd already read up on 12 VS 10.5 a while ago and most stuff l saw said 12* generally gives you more control. How many others have gone from 10.5 to 12 with great results?
  10. paulballs

    A wedge spending decision

    I was hesitant to buy used, especially since I couldn't actually see the clubs, but in the future, as long as I stick in that "almost new" tier, I would definitely buy used again to save money. Congrats on the 1st place tie.
  11. paulballs

    A wedge spending decision

    Probably too late to help, but I bought some used Cleveland RTX 3 CB wedges from rock bottom golf a few weeks ago. I forgot which rating they were, "excellent" or "like new", one of those and yes, those 2 are different on their site. They showed virtually no wear at, we're $55 each.
  12. Regarding that comment, I'm definitely a weekend warrior and I definitely feel like I'm in the minority here.
  13. Well maybe next time I buy a new set I'll give it a go. Unfortunately, I just bought a brand new set of irons this year off the rack. The driver I'm using is the same one I had 8yrs ago.
  14. I posted this because I'm curious how much it actually helps. How many strokes is it actually going to save you? I generally think everyone wants to get better. Right now I'm not even breaking 100 again. I'd like to get back to the Mid 90s, I think I'd be happy there, but I don't see how a fitting is going to benefit me at all. I understand if you get to low handicap you obviously play a lot and have put in alot of time, effort, sweat, money to get there, and at that point why not. But I've seen numerous posts, guys brand new looking to buy some irons, and 9 out of 10 say "go get fit." I just don't see why that's the overwhelming advise, and curious how many people actually do it. By reading here it “seems like" it's a good 90%
  15. I've been an on again, off again golfer for 20yr. The best I ever got was shooting consistently in the mid-90s 7-8yrs ago. Since then I haven't played until this year. Just reading around random threads about equipment, almost everyone says "go get a proper fitting." I've never done this. Only bought clubs straight off the rack. I don't know anyone that has ever done this. None of the guys I've ever played with have ever done it. So how many actually do?

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