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  1. Join club, get official handicap (which will be 25-30 I'm sure), shoot consistently in the 90s.
  2. I carry an F8 3 and 5h, albeit both are the one length variety. I hit both equally very good, from fairway to tall stuff, and I'm a high handicapper.
  3. Precision Pro. I have the NX7, it was $199.The pro version is $249, has slope built in, personally I'm not good enough for that to matter so went with the mid-range model. You also get free battery replacement for life.
  4. You and I sound alot alike. I can get from the tee to the green just fine, but it's just too many bad shots, bad drives, bad chips, chucked 40yd wedges, 3 putts that kill my score. I've quit keeping score several times after a few holes. And last week I quit altogether on the 5th hole. I shot a 43 on 9 a few weeks ago, which is by far my best 9 ever, but subsequent 9s there have been 47, 47, 53, and today 50. I hit the ball pretty good I feel, just too make mistakes in the short game is mostly what ruins my scores
  5. I'm on an alternating cycle of couldn't hit the ball much better one day to couldn't hit it much worse the next. Last week shot a 43 on 9 holes, by far my best 9 this year. I don't think I could have hit the ball much better, driver or irons. Lost a few shots around the green and a cpl 3 putts, but 43 is a terrific 9 for me. Literally the next day, went to play 9 somewhere else, and it was like my first time out. Fat shots, topping it, driver was wildly erratic. Nothing went right. In fact I ended up quitting on the 5th hole I was so frustrated. Nevermind Id lost 10 balls off the
  6. I admit I don't really know the rules when it comes to lost balls or balls going in hazards. I've only ever played recreationally so I never really learned how/where to actually drop with a lost ball. The way I and playing friends have always done it is ball is lost, drop near where it went out, 1 stroke penalty, play on. But I'm not sure this is even accurate. Next year I want to get an actual handicap and play in my work league, so I will need to know what to do in these situations. So today I was playing by myself. Hit driver, had 110yd to the hole, was on a big up slope. Hit m
  7. This has to be a joke. This sounds like me when I was 12yr old saying I was going to move to Germany and play top level soccer when I was old enough. I was good for the ppl I played with, but did not even have the skill to play for an NCAA team. I did have a scholarship for an NAIA school though, so yes, I had game, but not good enough to play top tier soccer. The guy said his putting sucks, his short game sucks, his wedge game sucks, he's wild off the tee.... And he thinks he's going to play professionally?
  8. My assumption the OP was talking about are ppl that claim to average way above what they actually average. Not one offs, not 2x a round, but 8-10x they hit the ball X-yards. I will say that being fairly new here and at another forum, I see tons of ppl claim to hit it 300+ off the tee. Never in my life have I played with anyone that hit its anywhere near that. Now, I haven't played the amount of golf alot of you have but over 20yrs off and on, hundred of rounds, I've never seen anyone hit it I'll say over 270 for average. Yes, I also have driven the green once, over in fact, on a 340ish y
  9. To start the year I had a set of Taylormade Burner Plus irons I bought new in 2011 ( believe those were 2009-10 models). Only used then maybe 30-40 rounds. Moved states in 2012, had not played since I moved. I also had a set of Adams irons laying around that I never used that was my first real set in 2009. I gave those to a very good friend of mine who had a set that wasn't even as good as the Adams irons. Decided to upgrade to Taylormade M2 (2016 model) this year. I gave the Burners to the same guy I gave the Adams irons too 😂 Played the M2s for a few months but really wanted to g
  10. I used to think I averaged about 240-250 roll out. I'm a high handicap, don't have an official one but it would be probably close to 30. I figured 240-250 was pretty average for most amateurs that were semi athletic and played occasionally. I assumed ppl that played alot more and had mid-teen caps probably drove 270ish+. I just sort of guess-timated my driving average based on distance to the hole from tee to approximate distance left. Never been on a launch monitor to get numbers of any kind. Several weeks ago I bought a set of Cobra F8 clubs which have accros sensors in them. Com
  11. This is a frequent issue. Some rounds its money, other rounds its busted. I keep pulling it out, figure eventually it'll get better. Generally it doesn't til I go to the range the next few days after and magically it's back. Like with most of my clubs I seem to forget what works sometimes. I *feel* like I'm doing all the right things but the shots aren't good. Then when I get to the range and sort it out I know what I was or wasn't doing. So weird.
  12. Bought one after reading a TON of reviews. Seemed that there were more positive than negative, so I took the chance. Took it to the range on a nice, clear, calm day. The readings were all over the place. One shot with a 6i registered 135yd, the next hit virtually the same said 168yd. Hit my driver, said it was used 200, which was totally impossible. Had many more similar discrepancies, sent it back for a refund. Considered a Mevo, but $500. Ouch.
  13. Ordered a F8 tour length a week ago, delivered yesterday, took it to the course today. Never having hit it before I had one of my best driving games in a long, long time. It wasn't really longer than the M2 I had, but it was definitely much, much easier to find the fairway.
  14. Currently Taylormade M2. Making switch to a Cobra F8, ordered, waiting for it to arrive.
  15. Taylormade M2 '17. Although I want to get a Cobra F8 tour length really bad, I just bought the M2 a month ago. :/. Probably have to wait til next season when the price comes down.
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