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  1. I use grass until it goes dormant and then you have to use the mats. The hitting area at my course can only hold 5 golfers max at a time. I have been interested in taking a look at your brush caddy to. C'ya
  2. The course I used to play at had quite a bit of it. Two day tournaments would be flighted after the first round and you could almost pick who would be the flight leaders as they were usually the onces on the tournament committee and 90% of the time would shoot even better on the last day and win their flights. I did get in their pocket at our club championship one time with an 84 and 79. The 79 was the lowest I had ever shot and my first time below 80. Of course how many club championships give you mulligans to use like ours did!!!
  3. Age: 42 Height: 6'5 Weight: 312 Goal: 275 My lack of time to golf has contributed to my back problems which caused me to quit exercising and gain weight! I'm back to exercising so hopefully with some warm weather soon I can get out and play. C'ya