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  1. hooking with woods and hybrids

    I had the same problem (and still hook 'm frequently) and it really took a looong time to find the problem. So whenever I start hitting hooks this is what I pay attention to (this works for me, don't know if it will help you). - grip, obviously - hands, arms, entire body relaxed - keep head still and keep looking at the ball in my backswing - keep backswing compact and hold my right elbow as close to my body as possible (in a natural way) - and finally, for me this was really hard to learn, start the downswing from the ground up. If my hands go first I always produce real bad hooks. As you may have noticed I'm high handicapper and still have soo much to learn. Maybe my list is complete nonsense, but somehow it works for me. Hope this helps. Good luck with the swing
  2. At the beginning of your backswing, when you just start moving your hands, arms and shoulders (keeping the triangle) do you also turn your hips yet? I've heard some people say it's better to try to resist your hips from turning for as long as possible. Others say you have to turn your hips immediately when starting your backswing. What do you guys think? Thanks, KN
  3. My first driver

    Thanks for the advice y'all. I went to check out a new store in my neighbourhood. Because it was a new store they didn't have any "old" drivers so I bought a 2009. The straightest one was the Callaway FT-IQ but I thought it was a little too expensive. It was a tough decision between the Ping G10 and the Callaway Diablo Big Bertha but I bought the G10. All there's left to do now for me is practice, practice, practice, ... and hopefully I can break 100 for the first time by the end of the season. Ciao, KN
  4. My first driver

    Hi, After playing golf (or at least trying to ) for 2 years I think I'm ready to buy my first driver. Obviously I'm looking for maximum forgiveness and straight ballflights. Workability and distance are not that imported to me (yet). I've read Golf Digest's Hot List for 2009. It's a great source of info, but it's not always clear to me what level of playing is needed for a certain driver. So what is a good beginners driver? I want to buy a good driver that I can use for the next couple of years. I was thinking about the TM Burner 09, the Cleveland Launcher or the Ping G10. Personally I think the Titleist 909D2 is the most beautifull, but I heared that's not a good driver for a high handicapper like me. I'm going to try a couple of drivers at the store and that should probably clear things up for me. However, I would like to hear your opinion also. I already have a TM Burner (07) 3-W and when I have a good day I can hit it pretty well (for a beginner). I do have a tendency to hook/draw the ball when I'm having a bad day. Thanks in advance, KN
  5. When do you pick up?

    PAR+3strokes. So on a par 3 I pick it up after 6 strokes, etc ... I don't see the point in continuing. If you hit more than that, on a REGULAR basis, you don't belong on the course and should go practise on the range a little more. No offense, just my honest opinion
  6. Help finding golf balls

    For practise I use mostly lake balls or cheap new ones. I'm still at a stage where I lose too many balls during practise rounds, so high-end balls are too expensive for that (for me anyway). For qualifying rounds I use mainly Titleist PTS SoLo's or Titleist DT Carry. Not that I can feel much difference (remember I'm just a beginner), but somehow using a Titleist ball keeps me more focused and concentrated. I know, it's weird ... probably a mental thing
  7. Your stance

    Do you keep your feet 100% parallel when you set up for a full swing? I noticed mine are not. I also noticed that my left foot turns a little bit during my swing. Btw, I'm a righthanded golfer. Let's say my left foot is square to the target at the beginning of my backswing. By the end of my swing my left foot points a litlle bit more to the target (less square). Is that a problem?
  8. Scored my first Eagle ever!!!!

    Congratulations dude
  9. What kind of putter do you use?

    Here's a link . Actually, it's a face-on putter
  10. Your Home Course Website.

    I recently changed clubs. I now play at Drie Eycken golf club. Before that I played at a small course with only 6 par-3 holes. Now I can play on a 9-hole course with pars 3, 4 and 5. I hope it will improve my playing.
  11. Anybody else at thesandtrap a musician?

    I play bassguitar and upright bass. I don't play in a band anymore because I need my time to practise my golfswing However, I know for sure that someday I'll start playing in a band again. Music is kinda like golf, it's in your blood and you can't deny it. You can try to ignore it for a while but in the end RESISTANCE IS FUTILE